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Episode {22}



Justin POV


I was so happy when she accepted and even kissed me.



Mom, Charlotte, Stacy’s family came out of their hiding place and started clapping.



Stacy unlocked from the kiss and stared around as she opened her mouth to talk but nothing came out of her mouth.



Charlotte ran into her hands and Stacy returned the favour by wrapping her hands round the little girl.



“You are so lucky” Charlotte said as she pulled away from the hug.



I saw Stacy mom coming towards me.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from



“ Thanks for making my daughter happy”. She said and hugged me.


I hugged her back and smiled as Stacy hugged her brother and the remaining family.



“Its my duty to make her happy”. I said as I pulled out of the hug.



She smiled and Pat my shoulder before walking away.



“ Thank you Justin”. Somome said from behind.



I turned and saw Stacy walking towards me in tears.



“awwwwn, wipe your tears”. I said to her as she jumped into my hands.


I wrapped my hands round her as her tears soaked my shirt.



“ Hey nobody touched you, so why are you crying ?”. I asked her as she cried loudly.



I rolled my eyes as she increased the volume of her cries.



“ I love you Justin ”. She said cleaning her tears.



“ Well I love you too” I said before kissing her lightly on her lips.



She stared down at the ring again and smiled.



“I love you ”. She said again



I smiled at her and hugged her.



“You guys should hurry up and quit the lovey dovey stuff” my mom yelled making the others laugh so loud.







Stacy POV



I stared at the ring on my finger and smiled.



“I can’t believe am going to be Justin’s wife So Justin actually planned a future for us.


He loves me not minding my imperfections.”. I thought as tears rolled down my face.



He loves me and I love him too.



So Charlotte is now my sister in law.



Mrs Brown is now my mother in law.



It feels good to be in love.



I was still thinking when Justin entered the room.



“ Stop making it seems like I did a bad thing by proposing to you ”. He said wiping my tears.







“Stacy do you mind having your own car ?”. He asked all of a sudden touching my lips lightly.







“Am so lucky to have this man in my life.















. I have a surprise for you come outside alone .







“Why does he want to see me alone ?”. I asked Justin.



“ It’s a suprise am not meant to ruin it ”. He said. “But….




“You don’t want to kepp him waiting right ?”. He asked and lay on the bed facing the ceiling.



I kissed him lightly on the lips before going out of the room.



I opened the door and stepped out of the manison staring around for any sign of Owen.



I moved out of the gate and looked around for any body but I saw none.



I turned back to enter in to the house when I saw Jayden with an injection and smirking at me.



“Juuustttinnn”. I yelled and tried running but it was too late he injected me






















{ She’s a psycho




He’s Grumpy}




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