Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Short episode



















“ Stacy what are you still doing in there ?”. I yelled but got no response.



“ Stacy , St..a..c….y. I yelled again but got no response.



I stood up from the bed and moved towards the bathroom.



“ Stacy “. I called knocking on the door. “ Stacy”. I called again but got no response.





She was there standing before the mirror bitting her lips.







“ Stacy “. I called.



Stacy POV



“ ahhhh”. I screamed when someone touched me.



I turned and saw it was Justin.



“ why did you scream that way?” Justin said.



I looked at myself and back to Justin.


So I was imagining rubbish.


I had actually imagined myself having s£x with Justin.


Oh no we just started dating and I don’t want to rush things.



“ Nothing”. I replied and made my way out of the bathroom.



Justin followed behind as I walked to the room.



“ Here”. Justin said giving me a yellow shirt and black top. { They are actually his}



“ thank you”. I said and went into his closet to change.



I was done and came out of the closet to see Justin on the bed busy with his phone.



I got into bed too and slept at the extreme end.


I don’t want that imagination become a reality.



I was still lost in thought when I felt a hand wrapped round my waist.



“ Hey what’s wrong ?”. He whispered into my ear.



I turned around and met with his eye.



“ Nothing “. I told him and removed the hair on his face. “ You are so beautiful”. He said and smiled.


“ I know that”. I replied staring at his pink lips.


I want his lips but I don’t want to ask him.



“ Stop staring and just tell me you want my lips “. He said with a dirty smirk plastered on his face.



“ I want you to kiss ….



He did not let me finish before he claimed my lips.




We kissed each other slowly but passionately.



He licked my lower lips and I opened my mouth.



He slipped his tongue Into my mouth as I sucked on his tongue.



Our toungue danced to the rythm of the kiss.



The kiss got hotter and I knew it’s gonna go to the next level.



He continued kissing me and got on top of me.



He moved from my lips to my neck. He kissed and sucked on my neck.



“ Awnnn”. I moaned as he gave me a love bite.



He kissed me down to my collar bone and also sucked on it before slipping his hand into my shirt and carressing my br**st. .










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