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Episode {23}




Very short episode do not complain.


I repeat do not complain



And also there are some errors in it.





. Justin’s POV



I lay on the bed and thought about the suprise Owen has for stacy.



“It’s not her birthday


Why will he want to surprise her ?”. I thought rolling on the bed uncomfortably.



Maybe I should just follow her out.



My mind was battling with me seriously.



I stood up from the bed and slipped my leg into my flip flop.



I was about stepping out of the room when I heard Stacy scream my name so loud.



I rushed downstairs and botted out of the door heading towards the gate.



“ Maybe she saw the suprise already”. I thought as I walked hastily towards the gate.



I opened the gate and saw a car driving off roughly.



I looked around, trying to see maybe Stacy is around or in that car.



I came out of the gate and walked around.



“Stacy am here, where are you ?”. I said still staring around but got no response.



“Baby”. I called again but got no response.



“Stacy am not in for joke.


Come out and let’s go inside ”. I said again but got no response.



I looked around and saw something shiny on the floor.



My heart skipped a bit as I stared at the Ring on the floor.



“Is that not Stacy ring ?


Our engagement ring?


She is in trouble, that’s the reason she called me ”. I thought as my ripped apart.



“ I should have followed her here.


What happened to her?”. I thought and raced into the house.



Nothing must happen to Stacy or I will blame myself for it.



I rushed into the room and dialed mom’s number.



It began to ring but got disconnected.



“Thats weird”. I thought and rushed towards my closet.






“ The cops said they only search when it’s 24hrs!!!”. I yelled as I got into my car cleaning my tears.



It’s been 2 hrs and Stacy has not found.



I called her mom already and she told me Owen is also missing.



My mom and Cassandra is no where to be found.



Am confused and sad right now.



. Stacy POV



I opened my eyes slowly and saw myself in an unfamiliar place.



I closed my eyes and tried remembering something.



I gasped and opened my eyes instantly.



“Jayden!!!!”. I muttered and clenched my fist.



I sat upright and my mouth dropped open.



“I am in an aeroplane”. I yelled and looked around to see am the only one on board.



“ Why am I in an air plane ?”. I said aloud.



“Because as from now on you are my wife ”. Someone said from behind making me turn back to see Jayden smirking.



“You bastard.


How dare you?”. I said as a tear dropped down my face.



I won’t be able to see Justin anymore.


I won’t be able to see my family any more.



“ why are you doing this?”. I asked in tears



“Because Justin took something precious away from me ”. He replied.



. Cassandra POV



“cass are you sure the plan will work ?”. Mom asked me



“Mom it will work just chill and try to act normal”. I replied as Charlotte stared at us.



“ are you sure about what you are saying?”. Charlotte asked.



“ I hate her so much and don’t even know what Justin saw in her”. I said faking a disgusting face.



“ Charlotte I want you for my son.


It’s either you or nobody”. Mom said again.



“ I though you guys were on her side but good thing you are on my side. She will definitely be in Mexico by now with her new husband”. She said.




“WHAT!!!!”. I yelled same time mom yelled.





I thought you want me for Justin ”. She said touching my hair lightly.



“ we were just happy”. I said trying my best not to bite her stupid hand.



We need to tell Justin this before its too late.











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