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Episode {21}



Justin POV



I entered the guest room angrily and locked the door.



Why did she say that ?


She have no right to judge me.


I ignored other bitches and focused on her.


I love her so much but she is not meant to say that.




I stared at the box in my hand { it looks like a car key}.



I know fully well that it’s too early to propose to her.



But I love her and do not want to lose her.



My phone beeped and I was forced to check the message.



I clicked on it and saw it was a message from mom.



. You should not force her into things she does not want.


She is not like other girls out there.


She is different and special.


She is Stacy Diego.


And if you are planning on proposing now.


You are making a great mistake because it’s too early


So I advice you, you make it like a month or so before proposing and also try to be more romantic .



I stared around the room and the bathroom to see if mom is there but I one was there. .



“ How did mom know all this ?”. I said with a suprised face.



“Mom is a mind reader “.


And I only told one person about the proposal stuff which is Cassandra.


Well she is the talkative.



I lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling.



I think I was too harsh on her the other time.



I will make amendment tommorrow.



For now I need a good night rest.



Stacy POV



I opened my eyes slowly and met with a blue eyes staring into my eyes.


An oceanic blue eye staring into mine with love and nothing else.


I turned around and faced the other side of the bed knowing full well it was Justin staring at me.


He left me alone angrily yesternight and went clubing now he is expecting me to smile at him.



“ who knows maybe he f**ked yesterday?” “ who am I kidding


He actually went clubbing why won’t he f**k some whores?”. I thought and fight back the tears in my eyes.



I felt him wrap his hand round my waist as a stupid feeling overwhelm me.


“ What am I still doing in this room ?”. I thought and stood up from the bed.



“ Hey babe”. He called and held my hand.


Everywhere was warm but his hand sent shivers into my system.


I hate the fact that his touch is having effect on me right now.



“ Justin just let me go “. I said and tried to free my hand.



He held it firmly and pulled me to himself.


My legs became jelly immediately he pulled me into his embrace. Feelings I feel for him alone overwhelmed me.



But I would not fall for that right now. I struggled and tried pulling out of his embrace.



“ Let me go “. I said but he refused.



His cologne filled my nose as he pressed my head into his chest.



“ Stacy am sorry okay


I should not force you into things you don’t want to do.


And yesternight I slept in the guest room ,I did not hit the club. Stacy I love you and I won’t force you into things you don’t want anymore “. He said.



All that kept ringing in my head was when he said he did not hit the club. I felt so happy immediately but cautioned myself from wrapping my hands round me.


I smiled with my head on his chest.


He just gave me a peace of mind.



I raised my leg and hit him on his forbidden zone.



“ooouuuuchhh”. He yelled and moved away from me with his hands on his forbidden zone.



“ Next time you listen when I tell you to let go “. I said and smiled at him while he glared at me.



“ I hate you Stacy “. He said limping to the bed. “ awwwwn

I love you too baby”. I said and smiled before exiting the room.


2 months later



“ mom I will come visiting today “. I said to her on phone as I applied a little make up on my face preparing for my date with Justin.



“ yes, I will come along with him “. I said and end the call.



I started calling my mom a month ago due to Justin’s pleas. I ignored the fact that she refused to call orcheck on me. She ignored the fact that I am doing all this because of Owen. And also my craziness led me to this



“ Bae are you done ?”. Justin asked wrapping his hands around me from behind.



I smiled sweetly as his sweet cologne filled my nose and the air.


I turned around and stood up from the chair wrapping my hands round him too.



“ Let’s go now, am so ready and can’t wait to see the suprise”. I said before he claimed my lips.



I wrapped my hands round his neck as his hands roam my body.


His hand stopped below my ass and squeezed it lightly.


I gasped and he used the opportunity to slip his tongue Into my mouth and


I sucked on it.



Our toungues danced to the rythm of the kiss before he finally pulled away from the kiss.



He placed his forehead on mine, as our nose touched each other



“ We should be on our way before it is late “. He said adjusting his blue shirt.



I took my time and stared at his outfit.



He is dressed in a white round neck and blue jacket.


With a black ripped jean and white sneakers.



We are actually wearing matching outfits.



But mine is a white armless gown and blue jacket. A pink sneakers and also a pink Gucci bag.



“ Stop staring and let’s go “. He said and pulled my hands as we made our way out of the house.






“ Wow it is beautiful “. I said and covered my mouth as I stared at the beautiful table decorated with rose and so many food.



This is the best date ever he made this so remarkable.



I love Justin so much this past month are the best month ever.


He shows me what a caring boyfriend is.



“ come on sit down and enjoy the moment”. He braoke into my thought but I ignored and did what came to my mind.



I placed my lips on his and placed my hands on his chest.


He returned the favour by wrapping his hands round me.


And sucked on my tongue and lips.


He broke the kiss and stared into my eyes.



“ I love you”. He said with sincerity and truthfulness in his voice. “ I love you too”. I replied as he pulled out a chair for me.


“ Let’s start with the cake “. He said and gave me a knife staring into my eyes.



“ What!!!





I took the knife and cut out a small part and placed on my plate and did the same for Justin.



“ hmmmn yummy”. I moaned as I ate the cake but stopped when my teeth touched something like metal.



“ what’s this”. I minutes and spit it out.



.I looked closely and wiped my face.













“ wake up from this dream “. I shouted as Justin knelt before me.



“ it’s real Stacy “. He said again and took the ring and grabbed my left hand and slipped it in.


“oh my God”. I said using my hand to fan my self and hitting my hand.



I looked back at Justin as tears rolled down my eyes.



Can’t believe some still loved me not minding my craziness.



“ Awwwwn


A cry baby “. Justin said with a mocking voice.



I hit him before kissing me.



















{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}



Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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