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Episode {20}







He slipped his hand into the shirt and caressed my br**st.



He pinched my nipple and continued kissing me.


His hand hovering round my body as he continued kissing me. He reached for my shirt and helped me got rid of it.



My br**st reaveled itself as he got rid of my shirt. He stared down at my br**st and licked his lips.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com



“ You look so beautiful”. He said and traced his hands on my nipple.


I bit my lower lips to prevent me from moaning. He stared into my eyes and smiled at me. The way he stared made me love him more and more.



Strange feelings I did not feel for others came on me as he kissed my lips again.



He palmed my right br**st and took the nipple of the left one into his mouth.



He licked and bit my nipple slightly before he covered it with his mouth.



“ oh my God “. I moaned as he bit my nipple.



He sucked on it hungrily staring into my eyes like a baby sucking his mother’s br**st.




He sucked my left nipple so well that I moaned softly as he rubbed and pinched the right br**st.



I reached for his shirt and helped him unbutton it, he pulled the shirt over his head and threw it on the floor.


I used my finger to trace down the tattoo on his chest staring into his eye as I bit my lower lips.



“ I love the tattoo ” I whispered.



He resumed kissing me and reached for my short.


He pulled it down revealing my black pant.


He traced the edge with his fingers before pulling it down and fliging it across the room.



He separated my legs with his hand and stared at my pu**y.


He brought his hand forward and used his thumb to rub my clit.



“ ooooohhh”. I moaned loudly as he rubbed it softly.



He removed his thumb and insert 2 fingers into my pu**y.



“ f**k, hhhhhmn,


Oooh”. I moaned loudly as his finger moved in and out of my pu**y.


After sometimes I felt my walls tightening against his hand.



“ Am going to cummm”. I yelled as my cum gush out and splashed on his hand and my thighs.



He licked his hands and my thighs.



“ you taste so good “. He said and used his mouth to blow some air on my private part.



He climbed down the bed and removed his trousers and breifs to reveal his hardened length



He sat still and pulled me up.



“ I want you to suck my d**k”. He said.



“ I can’t “. I replied.



Why would I suck something he has used in screwing those bitch? Just imagining it makes me want to puke.



“ why ?, Is it something new to you”. He asked.



“ Justin am serious I can’t , something you used in screwing ladies about and even put in their ass hole, Do u expect me to put that in my mouth ?”. I asked him.



“ I understand just forget about it “. He said and started emwearing his cloths back.



“ what are you doing?”. I asked him.



“ Something I should have done before now “. He replied and picked his car key and exiting the room.



“ What the hell!!


Don’t tell me he is going to a club.


His he such a s£x freak.



But I can’t put his d**k in my mouth , like he screws a lot of woman”. I thought and climbed down the bed to wear my cloth. .
















{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}



Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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