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. Episode {17}



Cassandra POV



I entered the house and noticed every where was silent.



JUSTIN!!”. I called but got no response.



STACY!!”. I called again but got no response.







“Maybe I should check the kitchen”. I thought and head towards the kitchen.











What the hell?”.



How did it happen , I spent just 4 weeks with Grandma and all this is happening?”.



Ahhh,ehhhm”. I heard and turned to see mom staring at them.



You are back !!”. Stacy exclaimed with a smile on her lips but it wiped away when she saw mom.



Mom!!”. I called with a smile displaying on my lips.



Cassandra”. Mom said and opened her hands, I jumped into her hand and wrapped my hand round her.



Welcome mom”. Justin muttered.



Welcome back Mrs brown”. Stacy said blushing heavily.



Hmmmn, I see you guys are actually busy before I interupted “. Mom said and winked at Justin.



I saw that too”. I replied.



Cass just shut up okay??, You are a baby and babies are meant to keep quiet when adult talk”. Justin rapped.



I don’t have time for you”. I replied rolling my eyes.



Stacy I see you are in love with a player”. I said and earned a deadly glare from Justin.



Yes,i see you are inlove with my son , always remember he is a player, but nevertheless I support you guys and also I will be grateful if you….



Mom that’s enough and also welcome back once again “. He said and before I could talk he dragged stacy out of the kitchen and ran upstairs.




I turned back to mom and saw her laughing.




I think they are in love and not attracted to each other “. I said and smiled at mom.



You are just a young child, stop this love talk and pack your bags and mine upstairs”. Mom said.



Oh no, mom can you just go back ?”. I said.



She took a flip-flop and head towards me.


I took to my heels laughing real hard as she ran after me.



Justin POV



I dragged stacy upstairs to avoid more talks from mom and Cassandra.



I opened the door to my room and led her in.



Hey, Everything mom said down there are things of the past. I love you and won’t plan on playing you.


You are before anything else and I will always try to love you more than you love me”. I said to her.



Before I could react again she shut me up with a kiss.



She kissed me so passionately that I almost loosed it but calmed myself.



I love you also Justin, so much and would always stand by you no matter what happens”. She said looking into my eye.



Never knew I would fall in love with you STACY DIEGO”. I said to her smiling widely.



Me too”. She replied and kissed me on my lips.



My bad, come on sit here” I said to her.



Dumbass trying to be perfect”. She said hitting my hand.



Well don’t you want a perfect bofy?”. I asked her.



I want a perfect bofy like you, a handsome one and to top the list a caring one”. She said as she sat down.







You know staring too much means you will swallow me alive “. She said. I licked my lips and pulled her to myself.


I love your lips”. I said before kissing her.







Ouch”. I screamed.



Sorry”. She said with a smirk.



Bad of you”. I said to her and lay on my bed.



Come on join me in bed or don’t you trust me”. I said to her. She was just staring at me.


Come-on”. I said again.



No thanks, I will just take a nap in my room “. She said and stood up.



Acting like a V-M”. I said to her knowing full well she won’t be able to decode what I said.



What do you mean by V-M?”. She asked me.



Stacy to your room now”. I said to her facing the other side of my bed. I heard foot step and before I could turn around.


She sat on me and started tickling me.



Hey, hoooo, stoopppp, I …will…te….lll…you”. I said in between laughter.



Now” she said.



It means Virgin Mary”. I confessed.



I have a corrupt boyfriend”. She said and kissed me.










. T.B.C









{ She’s a psycho


He’s Grumpy}




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Goodness Ade

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