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Episode {18}



. Mrs Brown POV



I sat on my bed and stared at the clock It’s 8:25pm.



” Hmmmmn”. I sighed as I cuddled my pillow.



I miss my husband so much and also the time we spent together.


He is such a caring man, he is so perfect in all aspects untill death took him away.


Death is so cruel, he took the most precious thing from me.


It made me a young widow.



Mom”. I heard and turned to see Cassandra staring at me.



What are you doing here ?, Are you not suppose to be in bed?”. I asked her.



Mom, why are you crying?”. She asked.



I touched my face and noticed it was wet from tears.


Have been crying but did not know I was crying.

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You know am having issues with my eyes,so ….



Mom I heard you talking about Dad”. She said and moved closer.



Did I say everything aloud?”. I asked wiping my tears.



Of course you did mom and I have to tell you this.


Dad won’t be happy where ever he is if he see’s you crying.


You have to be strong for me and for Justin.


You have to be a dad we do not have and also the mother we have and which is you.


Stay strong for us mom.


I also miss dad but I have to be strong, even though am just 6yrs. Mom I love you, I don’t want you to fall sick due to the way you cry every time “. She said and hugged me.



I hugged her back.


She is so wise and beautiful


I love her so much



Mom do you support Justin and Stacy?”. She asked pulling out of the hug.



Of course I do”. I replied her.



I support them and am praying Justin do not play her heart.



What do you do about Charlotte?”. She asked again. Charlotte can be a devil sometimes.



” I don’t know , but we should lay low “. I said to her.




Mom I have a plan “. She said and smirked evily. Oh no, whenever she smirks she is up to no good.


Stacy POV



“Justin am going to my room “. I said getting up from his bed. I yawned and stretched myself.


“Come-on I need you in my arms this night “. Justin said pouting his mouth.



“ Grab a pillow mister, am going to my room and that’s final”. I said and fixed my leg into my blue fliflop.



“ fine am hitting the club “. Justin said making me stop dead on my track. “ Tell me you are joking “. I said.


“ Do I look like am joking ?”. He replied.



“ okay, but I need to take my bath and also grab my nightie “. I said and he smiled.



“ you can use my bathroom, and also one of my shirt “. Justin said and winked at me.



“ PERVERT”. I said and went into his bathroom.






I stared at myself in the mirror.



I wore Justin’s blue big hoodie and also no panties.



It reaveled my ass alittle.



Well I don’t care.



I was about to pack my hair when someone wrapped his hand round my waist.



I turned around and met with Justin.



“ you look yummy in the hoodie”. He said licking my nose. “ hmmmmn”. I moaned as he licked my lips.


“ f**k!!”. He cussed and claimed my lips.



I placed my hand on the dressing table and kissed him back.



He stopped kissing me and moved to my neck. He sucked on it hungrily.



“ huuummmmnnn”. I moaned again.



I threw my head back when he licked my collar bone.



He pulled my head back to him and claimed my lips again.



I shivered when his hand touched my br**st.


He raised the hoodie and pinched my nipple.



He stared into my eyes and carresed my lips.



He lowered himself and took one of my br**st into his mouth.



“ oh my God!!”. I moaned as his mouth did wonders on my br**st



Am unexperienced feelings took over me as he licked and sucked my nipple.


He palmed the other br**st and pinched my nipple.


I love the way my body react to his touch.



I was still enjoying the new feeling wen I found myself on the bed.



He removed his top and came to me.



He removed the hoodie leaving me naked.



He stared at my body for a while and I was forced to reach for the duvet.


He slapped my hand and pinned it above my head.



“ you have a great body”. He whispered.



I blushed as he said so and raised my head to claim his lips.



I kissed him for a while before he started kissing me down to my thigh.



He kissed my well shaved pu**y and spread my thigh.



“ Stacy we have a long night “. He said and winked at me.



He lowered his mouth to my pu**y and licked it before he started sucking my clit.



“ jesussss, haaaaa,fuccck, hmmmmn


Justin….. Haaaaa”. I moaned so loud and grabbed his head pushing it


into my pu**y.



I felt something gush out of my pu**y like urine.



“ hmmmn, yummy”. Justin said as he licked his hand and my thigh.



He removed his short and pant before climbing into bed.



I stared at his joystick pressing against my thigh and gulped down nothing.



“ Are you sure iystour first time?”. He asked with concern laced in his voice. “ Yes, but I will be fine”. I replied him.


“ okay”. He said and positioned himself at my entrance.











“ haaaaaaa, Justin pull this f**king thing out of me now !!!!”. I yelled as he increased his pace.



“ hmmmn, f**k, Justin , oooo”. I moaned as he rode me faster.















Phew hope I tried??



All those small pikin hope goody did not spoil you?








{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}



Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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