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. Episode {16}



Justin POV



Just get out of my house”. I said to jayden camly.



She f**king forced herself on me, why would you send your bestman away all because of that bitch”. He said



You just called her a bitch!!!!”. I yelled at him.



Yes and I would do that again”. He said.







Get out of my house”. I said to him.



Fine I will, but remember am gonna come back for you”. He said.



Just get out”. I said again and head towards Flora room.



I tried opening the door but it was locked.



I went to my room and took a spare key.



I went back to her door and insert the key into the door knob.



I opened the door and saw her laying on her bed.



I wanted to go out so I won’t disturb her but something caught my attention.



A mask that looks like Flora.



Why on Earth will she wear a mask?”. I thought and moved towards her.



I tapped her lightly and almost immediately she jumped up.



You!!!!”. I said as I stared at Charlotte.






Before I count 5, get the f**k out of my house”. I said to her.









“Justin pls…”






Fine I will go”. She said and went towards the closet.






Am trying to pack “.








Nest time you don’t dare me “. I said and moved toward her. I dragged her by her hair and made my way outside.


Ahhhhhh,Justin u re hurting me plsssss”. She screamed but I refused to answer.







Now get out”. I said to her.



You will pay for this !!!”. She yelled and ran out.



Bitch”. I muttered and made my way inside.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from





I stood at the door to Stacy room.



I am afraid to knock on the door.



I gathered up courage and tried knocking on the door but the door flew open and I found myself laying on the floor.



I looked up and saw Stacy staring at me.



She eyed me and walked away.



Wait she actually ignored me ?”. I stood up and followed her.


She entered the kitchen and I did the same.



What do you want?”. She asked.



You”. I replied.



Am not a bitch and if I could remember vividly you said I should get out of your room, why are you still following me around?”. She asked again.



I moved closer to her.



Am sorry, I was just annoyed and did not listen to you the other time, am sorry okay and I love you so much, so much and won’t loose you for anything in the world”. I said truthfully.



Who cares?”. She asked



I don’t love you anymore and I don’t care about what you do or say anymore “. She said.



I know you still love me, stop denying it”. I said to her



I don’t love you anymore JUSTIN BROWN”. she said



I felt my heart break at what she said but no I won’t allow that weigh me down.




I moved towards her and before she could protest I placed my lips on hers.



Stacy POV



I actually lied when I told him I don’t love him anymore.



He kissed me all of a sudden.



I grew weak and dumb.



I felt some things jumping in my stomach.


I felt some knots tightening in my stomach as he kissed me.



I actually returned the favour by wrapping my hand round his neck.



He bite my lower lips softly, I moaned into his mouth.


He slipped his tongue Into my mouth and I sucked on it.



I f**king love this man here,I love him with everything in Me. Every single thing in me.



He unlocked from the kiss and stared into my face.



I LOVE YOU”. he said and licked my eye.



LOVE YOU TOO, you are a bae”. I replied him and kissed him lightly on the lips.



“I thought you said you are not in love with me, I don’t love you anymore “.


He said mimicking my voice.



” You are such a dumbass”. I said and hit him lightly on the head.


Ouuuch”. He said and removed his forehead from mine.



That served you right”. I replied and stick my tongue out.



He grabbed me and kissed me again, I wrapped my hand round his shoulder and kissed him passionately.



Ahhh,hem”. Someone coughed from behind making us turn to see. I looked back and opened my mouth to talk.


You are back!!!”. I exclaimed.















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{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}



Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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