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. Episode {12}






I was silent throughtout the drive home from the hospital.



Did I make the right decision by sending her out? What if something bad had happened to her?” I thought.



I sighed and relaxed my head on the sit as Jayden drove home.



Hey are you okay?”. Jayden asked.



Sure”. I replied staring outside the window.



Don’t think about her okay.


She is definently a bad fiancee for you….



Give me a break man”. I said calmly. He shrugged and continued driving.



I was still looking outside the window when Jayden suddenly stopped the car.



I looked at him and noticed he was wearing a suprised look.


I followed his eye and noticed something lying in the middle of the road.



It’s a girl”. Jayden said and made to come down. I held him back immediately.


What are you doing?”. I yelled.



She looks helpless”. He said as I rolled my eyes.



So……?”. I asked getting annoyed.



Am trying to see what’s wrong with her”. He said and before I could protest he ran out of the car.



What’s wrong with him?!!!!”. I yelled in anger and held my aching head.



Damn Stacy”. I yelled as my head ached the more.



Gosh”. I muttered as Jayden carried the girl to the car.



Wait don’t tell me we are taking her home”. I said to Jayden as he dropped her on the back seat.



Yes we are”. He replied and I resist my self from hitting him.



I stared at the girl and hissed loudly.


She lay there like a lifeless body.



I hissed again and faced Jayden.



The idiot winked at me and I sent him a deadly glare.



Before I knew it we were home.



I came down Immediately and rushed into the house.



I rushed to my room and turned on the light.



I removed my cloth and entered into the bathroom.







I came out of the bathroom and almost screamed at what I saw.



Jayyydeeeen!!!!”. I yelled and almost immediately he ran into my room.



What the hell is that?”. I yelled pointing at the girl laying on my bed.



Chillax. I already occupied the guest room and you do not expect me to put her in your psycho girlfriend room “. He said.







Get out “. I said.






Get the hell out of my room!!!!!”. I yelled.


He looked at me for a while and went out of the room.



I looked at the girl laying on the bed and hissed.



I looked at myself and noticed am still in towel.



I went to my closet and wore a short and baggy top.



I moved back and dropped my towel into the bathroom.



I looked at the girl and went closer to her.


I sat on the bed and stared into her eyes.



She looks pretty but not as Stacy.



I used my hand to remove the hair on her face as she moved her body.



Maybe she fainted.



Jayden is a doctor. He must have treated her.



I rubbed her cheeks and smiled at her face.



I was still rubbing her face when someone suddenly burst into the room.



” Justin…..



She trailed off when she looked towards the bed.



I looked at her face and noticed some unexplainable expression.



” What do you want?”. I asked breaking into her thought.



Who is she?”. She asked and I scoffed.



What’s your business with that?”. I fired back.



She looked at me for a while and stormed out of the room.



“What’s wrong with her?”. I thought and removed my hands from her face.





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