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. Episode {10}



****At the club house****



Justin Pov



I entered my favourite club house and smiled at myself.



It seems like years to me.



I walked past many couples, some are just chatting, some where making out on the couch, some strippers were dancing and rolling down the polls.



I shaked my head and entered the VVIP room.



Hey man”. Someone said as I sat down on the couch. I turned around and saw my long time friend.


Jayden!!!”. I called in suprise.



Is this really you man?”. I asked again still finding it hard to believe.



It’s me man”. He replied and I hugged him.



Where have you been man?, I nearly killed myself when mom told me you ran away”. I said and cleaned the tears that rolled down my face.



He is actually my best friend then.


We love each other and share everything together.


We share our girlfriend’s then.


We were the school playboy and also hottest guy.


My mom is his mom and also his mom is my mum.



Well I ran away when my mom told me am getting married to a girl then due to my waywardness “. He said.



Well you should have just stayed and married her maybe she is just a bitch that needs your cock desperately”. I said and smiled.



Can’t believe I will see him again.



” Cock you say,.


I mean she is a psycho path”. He said and my mind went to stacy, Stacy is a real psycho path too.



What are you thinking of?”. He asked and I laughed.



I have a psycho path in my house too”. I said and he burst into laughter.



I would love to meet her and also …”. He said and winked at me.



I laughed and hit him playfully.



I looked around and noticed some bitch staring and fingering themselves.



Hey man I need to f**k”. I said to Jayden



I will follow you home then”. He said.



I ignored him and called a bitch.



Immediately she came to me and sat on my laps.


She started grinding herself on my d**k.



” Hmmmmn”. I moaned slowly. she Zipped down my trouser and brought out my already hard joy stick.



She ran her throught it and slowly placed her mouth on it.



Yeaaaahhhh”. I moaned as she moved her mouth around it I grabbed her hair and pressed her head downward.


She played with my balls as she did wonders on my d**k.



After a while I realeased into he mouth and she licked and swallowed it.



Yummy”. She said as she licked her hands.



I grabbed her and placed her on my laps.



I shift her panties and entered into her.



She began to moan as I ride her mercilessly. { Follow them to the bed room


to know what happens next }










” Jayden we are home”. I said tapping him gently.



He opened his eyes and looked around before alighting.



It seems like years”. He said as he stared at my house.



It’s been years mister “. I said to him as he walked ahead.







Ahhhhhhhhh”. I heard Jayden scream asbi ran into the house. I entered the house and also fell down.


I wanted to stand up but the floor was slippery.



“SNAKKKEEE”. Jayden yelled as I looked at the direction he pointed at.



Stacyyyyyyy”. I shouted as the same crawled towards me.



Stacyyyyy”. I yelled but got no reply.







Am dead”. I muttered as I hit my head on the floor. I blacked out.











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: Goodness Ade



Justin iyaff faint now .



Jayden iyaff fall down



Stacy is at work









{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}



Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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