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. Episode {14}







Fuck”. I yelled and kicked my bedstand. I just broke her heart.



I just rejected her.



I just proved her right that am a player.



Did I do the right thing?


Did I do the right thing by following Jayden’s advice?



I sat on my bed and buried my head in my palms.



I messed up big time.



I scratched my hair frustratedly.



I was deep in thought untill a hand touched my back.



I looked up and saw Flora the weird girl we saved the other night.



What are you doing in my room?”. I asked feeling irritated.



Hmmn,nothing “. She said.







Out”. I said calmly and buried my head in my hand.






GET OUT!!!!!”. I yelled and pushed her.



Ahhhhhhhhh”. She screamed but I don’t care.


Jayden rushed into my room.



Char… Flora wats wrong with you?”. He asked.



My leg , he pushed me”. She cried.



I rolled my eyes and went out of the room.



I paused when I got to Stacy room.



I heard her crying and cussing.



Am sorry, I just wanted to make sure you pay for making me break my head. Just like Jayden said”. I muttered and went my way.





Flora and Jayden’s POV



Jayden stared at his back as he left.



You almost blowed my cover”. Flora said to Jayden.



Let’s get out of here, who knows maybe he has a secret camera here”. Jayden muttered and dragged me out of the room.






Charlotte…sorry Flora. Remove your mask”. Jayden said. Flora smiled and removed her mask.



” You look good.



Well that apart, you have to drug him and have your way with him”. Jayden explained.



How will I do that?”. Flora asked.



Come closer”. Jayden said something into her ear and smirked evily.



Nice plan”. …























Haaahaaaahaaaa”. I cried again and jumped on my bed pulling my hair roughly.



I just want to die”. I said and cried again.



I hate him.


The idiot is my first love.



I hate you JUSTIN”. I said and cried more.



I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling.



I never knew CRAZY STACY would fall in love.

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I thought and smiled out tears.



He rubbed it on my face.



He threw my love back to me.



Maybe am too crazy for his liking.



I want to forget about him.



I took my phone and plucked my earphone.



. That should be me in your hands



. That should be me making you laugh



. That should be me. This so sad .



I listened to the song and dozed off.











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CRAZY BABYSITTER { She’s a psycho ,








He’s Grumpy}


Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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