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. Episode {11}



Stacy POV



I was laughing so hard when I heard him screaming my name.



I laughed and rolled on my bed.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from



” Who is homeee”. Someone yelled



Who is that?



I rushed downstairs and saw a familiar guy staring at me.



He looks familiar. I brushed the thought off and stared at Justin.



Wait did he faint or what.



I rushed to him and shaked him but he was not responding.



I looked at the boy standing



Justin, I was just joking I swear”. I said as tears roll down my face. He pushed me away and tapped Justin.


JB get up “. He said and placed his head on his lap.







Bloood”. I screamed and fell down.



You caused it”. His friend yelled and took him outside to his car. I ran after them in my night wear and entered the car.


And Cassandra told me not to play pranks anymore”. I thought as I stated at Justin.



Doctor how is he?”. I asked immediately the doctor came out. He looked at me for a while making me feel uncomfortable.


Mr Jayden he needs to see you”. He said.



































Justin am….



Out”. He said with his back resting on the wall.



Justin am sorry”. I said as tears roll down my face now.



Get out now and start going home !!!!!”. He yelled this time but I refused to go out.



I went down on my knees and started crying hard.




Jay can you please call the security”. I heard Justin say. I looked at him in suprise.


He actually wants the security to take me out.



Before I could stand up a pair of strong hand carried me.



Shhhh, let me down “. I yelled but he was not listening. He threw me out of the hospital.


I hate you “. I yelled at the security man.



I turned around and noticed everywhere was dark.



I gulped nothing down.



Am a fighter



I will just walk home myself.



And as for Justin and his stupid familiar friend.







It started raining all of a sudden.



I Giggled and jumped up.



” I love the rain”. I yelled so loud and started jumping.



I started dancing to an imaginary song.



” How I wish I am here in the rain dancing with Justin


How will it feel”. I thought and remembered a songby the band Perry.



If die Young



. Bury me in satin



. Lay me down on a bed of roses.



. Sink me in the river at dawn.



. Send me away with the words of a loved ones.



“Ehhhhhh”. I heard and turned around.



I saw some guys running after me.



” What a bad day”. I said and took to my heels.







I jumped on my bed panting heavily.



I checked the time and it’s 6:am.



My mind went to Justin



He does not want to see me anymore.


He hates me now.


Maybe am too crazy.


I really made a mistake.



But why did he go to a club.



He should have called me to dance for him. I thought and burst into laughter.



Am so crazy.



STACY DIEGO you are so crazy. I yelled and quickly covered my mouth.



I lay my back on the wall as I sat on the bed and dozed off.



. Jayden POV.



I smiled as Jayden chased the girl out of his ward.



You will be alright man”. I said to him as he nods his head.



Do you think I made the right decision by sending her out?”. He asked and I became annoyed.



Yes”. I said and rolled my eyes.



I actually came back to take full revenge on the idiot.



We do share our girlfriend’s.



But the idiot kept his girlfriend away from me.


He drilled my girlfriend so hard


And he thinks he will just go Scott free.



Hell no, I must drill his fiancee.



The crazy girl”. I thought and smiled.



J- man who is Stacy to you?”. I asked ” My fiancee”. He replied and I smiled.


Hope you won’t mind , I will be staying with you for a while?”. I asked knowing full well he will say yes.



You are man nigga, my house is your house, everything thing I own is also yours”. He replied as u smiled.



To me for some payback.















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{ She’s a psycho , He’s Grumpy}


Written and edited by : Goodness Ade

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