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It was almost getting dark when Gerald came out of the gate house, looking worried.


He was worried sick. What if Natasha falls into his brother’s bed?


He was really so much in love with her right now to risk her spending one night in his brother’s room.


Breathing in,he stood up and walk across the compound.


He was startled when he looked up and saw Natasha standing at the door way.


Even in the dark,she looked so beautiful.


“I… couldn’t sleep. Mind if I join you?” Natasha whispered.


Gerald smiled and offered her a hand.


Natasha took it and they both went went to the back garden.


They sat on the swings there in silence. Gerald suddenly breathed.


“What are you thinking about?” Natasha asked, turning to look at him.


“You.” Gerald said, smiling at her.


“Me too. I couldn’t sleep…..” Natasha was saying when Gerald suddenly stood up


and lifted her up on her feet. They looked into each other’s eyes.


“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Gerald asked,his breath ragged.


” Yea! I want a kiss! A kiss! Please kiss me…oh kiss me Gerald!” Natasha said and threw her arms around his neck.



Gerald gathered her into his arms as their lips met in a fierce… hungry wet kiss filled with passion and love!!





Maria woke up suddenly and noticed Natasha wasn’t in the room with her.


She turned on the light. “Nathy? Nathy ohh!!” She called, thinking she was inside the toilet but no one answered her.


She came down from the bed, putting on her robe. “An an, na where this girl go?” She asked herself, heading out of the room.


She walked outside the main building and stepped out into the compound. She looked around the dark places but there was no one in sight.


She was about going back in when she heard a laughter from the back garden of the first building.


Tiptoeing,she went over to take a look. Her mouth dropped open as she watched Natasha laying so relaxed in Gerald’s arms.


“Chai. This girl no get sense oh. If to say na another persin see am nko? See them.


I no even no say he don serious like this oh.


Ehh!” Maria whispered, peeping at them.


Silently,she walked back into the house.


” I’ve not felt this happy in a long time. Thank you, Gerald.”


Natasha murmured against his chest.


Gerald looked down at herself and something suddenly came into his mind.


No. No. No. Gerald,this is wrong. You don’t Know this woman yet so well. Why are you falling so easily?, First things first.


You have to be sure she’s real and the right woman for you. Do not start any romance with her right now…not now…



“Gerald? Are you listening to me?” Natasha asked, lifting her head from his chest.


“Oh. Yes. I was just thinking about about something.” Gerald responded.


” Something? What’s that?”


Gerald breathed in. He looked at her and moved a little away. Natasha stared at him, wondering why he did that. “This is wrong.


You and I Know that this is totally wrong. What if we get caught?


This is the only means for me to take care of myself. What if I lose my job?


If Oga sees me with you or if anybody else sees us,you Know what it means. I’m going to lose my job and you will also get disqualified. Then what happens to me? Where do I feed from now on?” Gerald asked.


Natasha stared at him, amazed. ” Come on,I don’t care if I get disqualified or not.


All I know is that I’m in love with you and you don’t expect me to just ignore you.


Look,I can’t get disqualified without a prize.


And as for your job, if you lose your job… It’s nit going to be a big blow cos I’m going to give you half of my money.


Infact, I can tell my mom to employ you in one of her cosmetic company if you want.


I don’t like this work for you after all! You are way too much than this. ” Natasha said to Gerald’s amazement.


He almost smiled. What s nice thing to say.


But he remained adamant for reason best known him. “Thanks for all the kind gestures but I still maintain my stand that this is wrong.


You know what you are here for. Get over with it first. ” Gerald said firmly.



Natasha’s reaction was amusing just like he suspected. “No! Dont tell me that! Because I won’t give up ” with that, Natasha turned and ran off.


Gerald watched her as she left angrily and finally smiled with a little laughter.




The next morning came, shinning bright and clear.


At eight, aunt Linda called the girls into the living room. They wondered why she had to call them so early in the morning especially when they were even yet to have their baths.


“I’m sorry for calling you out so early in the morning. I have to rush off to somewhere so I want to say this before I go because I might not be back till tommorow. ” Aunt Linda said and the girls nodded.


Maria yawned so loudly that everyone turned to look at her. She stared equally back at them. “An an, wettin happen? This one wey everybody dey look me like TV, shay make I no yawn again? Abeg oh.


Madam face front!


Even early in the morning, make up sit down dey eat popcorn for your face. Na wa ohh! ” Maria said, referring to Becky whose face changed immediately.


The rest of the girls laughed silently.


“You must be mad! Aunt Linda, did you just hear her!” Becky screamed.


Maria stick out her tongue secretly and looked innocently at Aunt Linda. “An an, aunt Linda, na lie I lie?” She asked.


Aunty Linda suppressed the urge to laugh. ” It’s okay, Maria!


Leave Becky alone. And Becky that’s enough. Let’s get back to business. So this is what I was going to say. Everyone of you will spend a night each with Arnold. I wish you best of luck! ” Aunt Linda said and rushed out, leaving the girls.


Natasha was dumbfounded. She thought she dud not hear her well.



Oh no she did because right now,the rest of the girls were all jubilating!


“Oh my gosh! This is what Ive been praying for! Finally I can get to spend a free night with my man! “. Becky jubilated.


Cindy sneered at her. “You are not the only one, remember?


So let’s hear word and allow the rest of us to jubilate too. ” Cindy said before stalking off.


She couldn’t also wait to spend the night with Arnold.


She wanted to show him how good she is in bed.


Becky left too,so happy. She would get her new panties and bra to impress him the more. She would take the first night.


This is going to be awesome!


Natasha sat still, almost in tears. A night with Arnold? That would mean sleeping with him?























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