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Episode 6



“For the winner of natural look, let’s applaud Valerie! ” Aunt Linda announced.


Valerie blushed as she fanned herself with her hands even though the AC was on.


“Oh my God! Thanks so much!” Valerie said, hugging the lady.


Maria’s clap was the loudest and out of the corner of his eyes, Arnold was watching her keenly.


They were all sitting in the living room. Once the natural look was over, Becky ran straight into her room and spent hours, repairing her make up.


“Oh Maria. I will so much deal with you. I deal with you to the extent that you will quit this competition!” Becky ranted to herself in the mirror.


She heard laughter behind her.


She turned and saw Cindy standing in the door way. “I’m going to give you an advice my dear. Quit before they quit you. Like…you are getting everything wrong. You don’t look good without makeup. You don’t even Know how to cook. Just quit it!” Cindy said sweetly.



Becky shot up,her face a mask of anger and irritation. “And how dare you speak to me in such manners! Do you girls even Know who I am!!” Becky screamed


” Yuck! I don’t care. Like…read my lips. I. Don’t. Care.!” Cindy said,hissed and walked to her bed.


Becky watched her as she walked, thinking about what to do to her. Smiling suddenly,she sat back down, happy at her scheme.






That night,Becky sneaked into Cindy’s stuff and found out she had already gotten an outfit for tommorow.


She opened a little box and pulled out two insects them dropped them into the clothes. Smiling, she quickly went back to bed, laughing hard inside her.


By tommorow,Cindy would dance a free disco dance!!


The next morning, Valerie made her own food and also passed but when the winner was announced,it was Maria who won. She felt on top of the world!


Natasha was happy for her. There was a chance she would be the winner even though so local, Arnold had started paying her some unnecessary attention.


Gerald was dumbfounded when she saw Becky walking toward him with a bunch of clothes. “And…what are those?” He stammered. Hope it isn’t what he’s thinking!!


“Such a question. No. They are money. You see me bringing dirty clothes to you and you are asking me what they are.” Becky taunted, dropping the clothes at his feet.


” So ..what should I do with them?” Gerald asked stupidly.


” Use it and build a very big house!”Becky shouted at him,hissed and walked back majestically into the main building.



“Oh God! Oh God!, This is not happening…no.’s not happening..this has to stop.. right now!” Gerald was still fuming when he saw Cindy walking towards him with a larger bulk.


Chai! I’m finished!


“Hello! I will be so nice with you. So I brought this little clothes for you to wash them.


Please don’t scrub hard so the fabric won’t get loose. Hurry up please. The sun is very high. Hmm.” Cindy said, winked at him and left too.


” God..just take my life!” Gerald felt like crying. He thought he was going to faint when he saw Valerie coming with her own.


“Don’t give me that look. Mine isn’t so large.


Just help me wash them. I will do the spreading.


My hands hurt else I would have washed them myself. Thanks in advance.” Valerie said and left.


Dropping to the chair beside his door, Gerald felt like collapsing.


Looking up,he saw Maria coming with her own clothes. Now he thought he would really die!


But Maria stood instead, watching him and looking at the bunch of clothes on the floor. “Bros,na who drop all these one here?” She queried.


Gerald stood up, stopping to reason her question. “The girls…. aren’t you here to


give me your own too? Just drop them there!”


Maria laughed. ” Shoo? Make I drop my cloth? I dey craze?


Why I go allow man wash my clothes for me? Infact all those people wey drop cloth for you here dey mad.



Them they craze. Their village people don dey pound fufu for their head. Their ancestors don dey collect rituals from their brain.


Aunty Linda talk say make we carry clothe come give you. Me I no no why she talk like that oh.


But as for me,I go wash my clothes by myself. Thank you.


Inanu??” Maria said and went back with her clothes.


Behind her, Gerald smiled, applauding her silently.


He quickly sat back down when he saw Natasha approaching with her own clothes. “Are you here to drop yours too? Just drop it there.”


“And why should I? God,this girls aren’t serious.


Why should they really drop these clothes with you just because aunt Linda said to do so?


They’ve got no shame at all and you…don’t you dare wash these things! I’m getting it back to them right now.


They should wash their clothes by themselves!” Natasha was really furious and it amazed Gerald.


Gerald smiled looking at her. “Are you angry because they asked me to wash their clothes?”


” Yes I am! They shouldn’t have! I’m getting it back to them right now!!” Natasha yelled.


” Yes oh!! Now now now! This girls no get sense!” Maria said, rushing towards them again.



Bending down,she packed a armful of the clothes while Natasha packed the rest and together they marched back inside the house.


“Oya!! Where Dem dey!, Shameless she goats!, Una pack clothes go give man!, A gate man for that matter! Chai,una brain don knock!” Maria yelled at the girls and flung the clothes on them.


They were all in the living room, waiting for their clothes to get washed.


“Yuck! That stinks! How dare you!”Becky shouted, pushing away the clothes.


“You girls aren’t getting this. How could you give your clothes to that guy!” Natasha said, bewildered.


” Oh really? Why are you do concerned about him? Maybe you are beginning to fall for him!” Cindy shouted


” You dey craze. If she fall for an,shey na your papa she fall for? Abeg make una carry una self go wash una clothes joor. Shameless people.”


Maria said and quickly exited the building before they would gang up and beat her.






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