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In the other room, Natasha was trying her very best not to die of laughter. Maria was something else entirely.


She behaved like a total clown and was so very lively to be with.

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“Make I tell you something,na my poppy send me come here oh. They say this Bikroft children rich die. But no wahala, make we dey gbege dey go.” Maria said, throwing out colourful clothes out of her bag.


“Maria,have you ever acted masquerade before?” Natasha asked her as she stared at the stunning colourful clothes on the bed.


“Masquerade kwa? Which one be that one? Abeg, make we dress go out go meet our husband. Sebi you hear wettin aunt Linda say.


Make we come dey go..?” They were interrupted by the gentle knock on the door.


Natasha opened the door, recovering from her laughter. Aunt Linda’s face appeared at the door.



“You girls should get dressed. Arnold Bikroft is ready to welcome you now.” Aunt Linda said and left.


” Hurry up,I don’t want to be late.” Natasha said, pulling off her clothes.


Soon,all the girls were dressed. They all went into the large living room,where a young handsome man was seated.


Arnold stood up in admiration at the wonderful sight before him.


He started from Cindy who stood at the left side. He took her hand and turned her around.


Becky twisted her body in turn, making sure she made body contact with him.


Arnold checked out the girls one after the other and nodded in agreement. Only Maria had him thinking she was actually hired as a maid…a local maid.


“The competition starts tommorow afternoon. With cooking. For now,aunt Linda will take you on a tour around the house and the compound. Feel free and have a good time.” Arnold said smiling.


The girls all smiled seductively at him,each trying to please him.


Arnold caught Becky’s hot gaze on him. She was already have s£x with him..with her eyes!


The girls were taken away and almost immediately, Gerald walked in. He had been listening.




“Listen bro. That was too much. You had the other girl’s back side smacked. Remember what I told you. You are not allowed to have s£x with any of the girls until I’ve found the one for me.” Gerald said.


Arnold smiled and raised his hands up. He noticed a little wound on Gerald’s left cheek. “And what’s that?”



Gerald touched the spot. “Oh,this? It’s nothing. I got slapped by one of the girls. She was angry… crying. I tried to touch her but she slapped me.” Gerald said angrily.


Arnold laughed. ” Man,you are so funny. Have you forgotten who you are for now? Look,my man. You are a gate man…as far as this game is concern…you are a gate man. Get that into your head and maintain your f**king league.” Arnold scolded.


” But that girl is going to leave this house as soon as possible! I’ve disqualified her already!” Gerald said angrily and left.


Arnold laughed, falling into a sofa.








“Who’s there?” Arnold asked as he woke up to a sound outside his door.


It suddenly snapped open and Becky walked in. Arnold was startled. She shouldn’t be here! Not for any reason.


He quickly stood up from bed and climbed down. He was about, buttoning his shirt when he caught the sight of her.


Becky was wearing nothing but her panties and bra. Arnold stared on, feeling his prick rise in anticipation.


In a flash,Becky was in front of him, going straight for his brief which came flying down in a minute. “I’m gonna make you feel so good and you will be forced to believe there us actually no need for a competition. The best is already standing in front of you…” Becky whispered to him, huskily.


Arnold groaned loudly and fell back into bed as she took him into hey perfect experienced mouth.



Arnold was trying to get hold of himself but Becky was just all over him in the next minute.


She stripped herself completely and sat on him, riding him as if her life depended on it.


She sucked his tiny br**st and was moaning heavily now as Arnold played with her br**st.


Arnold couldn’t believe a girl could be actually this bitchy! She was f**king him so hard.


Arnold turned her over and devoured her mouth with a wet hungry kiss.


Becky wrapped her legs around him and pushed in farther into her. “Fuck me…oh.. please f**k me. Yeah! I’m the best….baby!”


They were so engrossed in their lustful s£x that they did not notice the door had opened and someone had come in, watching them in anger.





“You slut! You slutty bitch!” Cindy shouted as soon as Becky came inside the room.


” What the hell!” Becky shouted back as they bumped into each other. ” You think you are fast hun? You think so!” Cindy was really mad.


Yesterday night, after witnessing the s£x scene, she had gone back to bed, boiling with anger that stayed with her through out the night.


“Oh, you must have seen me walk into Arnold’s bedroom?” Becky said and laughed into her angry face.


” Baby girl, now you will understand that I’m really here for business. ”



” You should get disqualified. I’m gonna tell Aunt Linda right now! ” Cindy threatened and turned to go but Becky’s laughter stopped her.


“If you dare do that, honey. Then we are both out of this competition cos you will have to also explain what you were doing in front of Arnold’s door last night! ” Becky threatened back.


Cindy groaned angrily into Becky’s face and stormed out of the room. She was gonna show her she isn’t the only fast finger here.


Valerie came out of the bathroom, going straight to her bag to dress for the day.


Becky stared at her as she lifted up her puppy from the bed, kissing and playing with it. “Haven’t you got any brain at all? Put that dog away from this room! ” She yelled.


” Look. I’ve tolerated you enough. What’s your problem? ” Valerie asked. She hissed and took her cloth to the dressing room.


Becky hissed back and git ready to have her own bath too.


“Oh,Maria! What are you still doing in there now?


Arnold is going to call you out very soon. Please, be fast. ” Natasha voiced out.


She was selecting her dress for the cooking competition.


Maria was busy blasting igbo songs from the bathroom. She finally came out, still singing happily.


“Today na today! Everybody go no say I be better cook!” Maria boasted.


She was very good at cooking and she knew this was her only chance of winning.


Natasha only smiled and rushed into the bathroom to have her own bath.


Natasha knew she had nothing to fear. She was always good at anything she does.



Aunt Linda had bought a lot of food items for the cooking and they were all in the kitchen.


“So girls,I’ve decided to make everything easy for everyone. Two girls in a day. The next day,two girls will cook their own food and the third day,one of you girls remaining will cook her own food. Great,right?”


” Yes!” They chorused.


Cindy and Becky were the first to cook theirs while the rest of the girls visited the gym.

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Natasha did not feel like sweating this wonderful morning so instead,she strolled out to the compound to enjoy the fresh morning breeze.


She went to the back garden and saw Gerald, standing and staring into the pool,lost in thought.


Their previous encounter rushed into her mind and for a second,she felt guilty to have slapped him.


She brushed off the guilt and approached him.


“You aren’t even supposed to be standing here. This is not your duty post.” Natasha said, standing beside him.


Gerald turned to look at her, annoyed. “And what’s your business with mine if I may ask?” He threw rudely at her.


Natasha breathed in she turned to face him. She couldn’t take it anymore. She knew she had hurt him.


“Okay fine. I’m sorry for what I did. I was angry. I’m not a bad person. So please,don’t get the wrong impression of me.”Natasha said.


Gerald looked away. ” Whatever.”


“Show me where the library is here. I heard there is a library.” Natasha asked.


” The next building after the second hallway.” Gerald responded, walking away.


Natasha stared at him as he left, feeling strange. She shrugged and went into the next building.














©Anthony Kerry




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