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By : Anthony Kerry




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Gerald stood at the gate, feeling funny in his gate man uniform.


Ugh! This whole idea of his brother was some how annoying and irritating to him but it was actually the best. It was actually the best thing to do.


Just three days ago, the six selected girls for the competition had started preparing and today, they were all coming over at the great mansion of Bikroft family.


One of the wealthiest family in the whole wide world.



Gerald’s actually the second son of the family and had just returned from England where he went to school.


There father is late and everything has been transferred unto him and his elder brother, Arnold.




They are both handsome, dashingly handsome and great.


Gerald is almost thirty while his elder brother is Thirty two.


He paid his Aunt who is their late father’s sister to act as the coordinator.


Gerald stood at the gate, breathing and breathing out.


He was restless because he doesn’t know what to expect.


The girls might end up being disqualified after the game might have come to an end.


He was still contemplating on this, when the first girl arrived, dragging her luggage with her.


She knocked at the gate looking so beautiful.


Gerald quickly opened the door for her and she came in, smiling seductively and looking around the big compound.



Her name is Cindy. Tall and beautiful with a very curvy build. She’s twenty four years old.


She has just returned from Canada where she went to spend a nice vacation with her parents.


Cindy is here to do anything to win the heart of the son of the great Bikroft.


“Wow, ma’am. You look s£xy.” Gerald greeted. Cindy turned to look at him.


” Are you talking to me? ” She asked, staring up and down at him. Gerald nodded.


Cindy stared up and down at him, hissed and catwalked farther into the compound.


She turned sharply.


“Where the heck is the way here, running mouth?” She fired at him.


Gerald quickly pointed to the right building and watched her go as she swayed her hips.


“Wow. This is beautiful.” Gerald laughed to himself.


Not quite long, the second girl arrived. Gerald almost choked. He almost wanted to ask her if she lost her way.


“Oga open this gate na. Wey you dey there dey look like mugu. You no go open am! ” The girl shouted, kicking the gate.


Gerald stared at her, from her rainbow coloured hair, down to her rainbow coloured toes.


She was wearing khaki shorts and big sandals.


Her top was lemon whereas her khaki shorts are orange. “Is this where you are coming to?” Gerald had to ask. She is not looking only funny, she looked so dramatic.


“Se no be Bikroft mansion I dey so? Se no be their estate be this! ” She shouted.


Gerald quickly opened the gate and she rushed in like waterfall.



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Maria sauntered into the compound, laughing and admiring the building. Gerald’s mouth was hanging open as he showed her the way.


He burst out laughing. Incredible.



Minutes later, the third girl arrived. This one was looking like a princess with her puppy hanging on her left shoulder. Her ring Bob hair in red matched



everything she was wearing. This one looks adorable but unfortunately for Gerald, she was actually a spoilt brat.


“Carry my bag inside. Oh! I’ve been walking from up there with many things to carry. Hurry up! Lettuce doesn’t like sunshine! ” She said, referring to her puppy.


” You say? ” Gerald asked again, making sure she heard her tell him to carry her bag.


“Hurry up! Take my bag inside!” She said in a totally different accent. She must have grown up in the states. Gerald thought and wondered where her aunt picked the girls from.


Gerald had to swallow the insult as he pulled the bag inside. She smiled and came in, robbing her palms on her puppy’s fur.


Her name is Valerie. The only daughter of Mr and Mrs Benjamin, one of the share holders at Bikroft enterprises. She’s twenty two and very pretty.


She also grew up in the states and had come back few days ago for this great competition.


Gerald showed her the way and watched her walk away.



The fourth girl arrived, looking so hot and s£xy. Gerald immediately hated her. She was actually half naked. Is she in the right state of her mind? What guy is gonna marry this?

Gerald opened the gate for her and watch her come in.


She actually smiled seductively at him, showing off her chewing gum.


“You are the gate man here?* Uh uh! You are looking good!” She said and laughed.


Her name is Becky. Aged twenty five.Sexy looking and very bossy.


Very cunning and full of determination. She’s gonna do anything to win! Becky isn’t here to compete!, She’s here to win!



The last girl arrived. Gerald blinked and blinked again when she knocked so angrily at the gate. She actually had tears in her eyes.


“Won’t you open the goddamn game, you dummy!” She yelled at him. She pulled her luggage to her side and stood staring angrily at him.


Gerald knew she was the last girl and here was the most beautiful out of them all.


She looked very slim with curvy hips and br**sts that needed no f**king bra.


Perhaps she wasn’t wearing one right now!


Stop it, Gerald! That isn’t what you look on a woman. It’s nit about being beautiful. This is about character! Gerald chidded himself before opening the gate.


“Move out of my way! I hate all of you! You men are wolfs!” She cried.


Her name is Natasha. Aged twenty three.She’s an only child of a single mother,Mrs Asade who owns one of the largest supermarket in town. She’s also very famous and influential and this had made her daughter worthy of this super competition.


She looked like a queen even despite the tears in her eyes.


“What the hell are you staring at!” Natasha yelled at him


” I’m sorry for staring at you but you were crying.” Gerald said and made the biggest mistake of his life. He reached out his hand to clean her face only to be greeted with a thunderous slap.






“Welcome girls.” Aunt Linda said, beaming a smart smile at the beautiful girls as they lined in front of her.


“Thank you.” They replied.



“As you all know why you are here, I don’t need to talk too much rather than to wish you girls luck.


Also remember that if you take the first position, second position and third…. You


are going home with money even if you don’t win.


So, feel free and be yourself. Make friends with each other and wish each other luck.


And also you can call me aunt Linda. ” Aunt Linda said and smiled again as the girls nodded.


She stepped aside and allowed them arrange themselves into the big hall.


They were shown to their rooms. Cindy, Becky and Valerie were given a very large room with three king seized bed. The space of the room was so much breathtaking.


Natasha and Maria were given another room opposite the other room. It was equally extra great for two people.


“I can’t believe this is actually happening. Hmm.


What need is to to compete when I’m actually the best here?” Becky asked, walking all over the room in admiration.


Cindy scoffed, coming down from bed. “I beg your pardon? Gosh. You’ve got no manners at all. Who do you think you are talking to?”


Becky glanced around,as if searching for something. “Excuse me, peacock….did


you just talked back at me? I don’t blame you,idiot. Because you see me here competing with you? Hun,let me tell you darling. I’m not here to compete. I’m here to win.” Becky said, going closer to her.


Valerie only watched them, hoping they would fight and get disqualified.


“Do you want to get disqualified so soon? Just back of. You’ve got no powers.” Becky said again and walked past her to her bed, smiling evilly.



They were yet to know her. But as time goes on,they would read the hand writing on the wall.




















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