Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Blind in love


*Part 12*


Sizwe:And way too gullible.


Kristen:(Laughing) Totally.


I felt like confronting them but I held back. I went home. I am going to make sure that they feel my pain. Kristen asked to meet me him at the park. I went there we sat on the swings.


Kristen: Hey beautiful


Nancy:(Smiling)Hey handsome


Kristen:I want to show you something.


Nancy: What?


He gave me a shopping bag with a lingerie.


Kristen:Wear that tonight.


I just left ..just like that. I planned to use this as my revenge.


Simon:(Sitting on the swing) Hey


Nancy: Hello


Simon:I’m not here to fight I just want to hangout with you.





He pushed my swing and for a moment I forgot my problems. Simon always knows how to make me laugh. We sat down on the grass.


Nancy: Where’s Thando


Simon:I don’t know.


Afterwards I went home and went to Kristen’s house.


Kristen:What’s in that bag?


Nancy: Nothing


I wore the lingerie and cuffed him on the bed.


Kristen:Foreplay huh


I blindfolded him and took a knife.



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