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I woke up the next morning prepping for class, I grabbed my bag and walked to school with Louise. Louise had design class while I had sewing class so we parted ways. The population is much so they had to split us into various classes. I learnt how to peddle, but I made sure I didn’t do it for long due to my health. It was lunch break and I texted Louise to meet me at the cafeteria. I sat down on a chair close to the window so I can view the world from there. “Aaliyah!” Louise dropped her tray on the table smiling.


“Thought you weren’t coming” I grinned.


“I’m sorry, I was caught up in class” she said rushing her food into her mouth. One thing I’ve come to know about Louise is that she is a foodie and would kill just for a meal.


I ate my meal in silence but smiled when I saw Harvey walk in.


“You okay?” Louise asked and I shook my head positively. She turned her head


because she was sitting opposite me and saw Harvey taking a seat with his friends.


“You know him?” She asked.


“Yea, he is a friend” I whispered.


“He is cute, do you think he has a girlfriend?” Louise asked with a wink “And if he doesn’t?” I talked slowly. “Then we could be…”


“You just met him” I snapped.


“And? life is short so we should follow our heart before it is too late” she advised.


How ironic, life is indeed short but for me it’s just three months and nothing more.


“Hi Aaliyah” Harvey walked to our table dropping his tray on the table.


“Hey” I replied.


“Louise, this is Harvey and Harvey this is…” I introduced.


“I’m available” she interrupted me.


“Hi Miss available” Harvey stretched his hands for a handshake


“Hey mister nice guy” she replied taking his hands seductively and I rolled my eyes.


We talked for a while, Louise was busy flirting with Harvey.


“So Harvey, you got any girlfriend?” Louise asked and I choked on my meal.


“Easy Aaliyah” Harvey gave me water to drink.


“Thank you” I replied.




“Louise!” I interrupted.


“What?” She snapped at me adjusting her glasses.


“No worries Aaliyah. Louise I’ve got no girl in my life, I’m still searching for the


one” he said glancing at me.


“Awwww” Louise pouted.


Harvey is such a fun person to be with. I noticed a guy sitting not far from our table, he looked really lonely as he sketch something which I guess is a design. I didn’t see his face clearly.


“Why are you looking at him?” Harvey asked me looking at me weirdly.


“No-thing” I stuttered.


“I got you right!” He laughed and I released my breath.


“I heard that guy is such a loner, he talks to no one and treats everyone like trash” Louise added sipping her juice.



“Ryan Pierce but we prefer to call him Ryan fierce, he has been in this school for five years now and although he is good, he never wants to leave” Harvey whispered.


“Five years!” Louise and I exclaimed loudly and had to bring our heads down


when people started glancing at us.


“Yes” Harvey replied.


“I thought this is just two years program” I muttered.


I looked at the guy, he looked so sad and fierce at the same time, he must be so mean.


The bell rang and we all retired to our various classes. I had styling class and luckily Harvey and I was in the same class although Louise was in sewing class. I walked to class with Harvey and we even sat down close to each other.


“Good day lads and less” a British teacher said as he walked into the class.


“Good day” we all replied except Ryan fierce.


After the class, Harvey walked Louise and I back to our hostel “Thanks Harv” I said and he smiled.


“Always at your service, ma’am” he prostrated.


“Awww” Louise winked at me and I pinched her.


“Ouch! That hurts” she adjusted her glasses and I smiled. Who knew French girls could be this annoying. We went to our room, I had my bath and change into something comfortable.


We lay in bed but I was uncomfortable, I wanted to come outside to see the city from our hostel.


“Louise” I whispered but no answer.


She must be fast asleep, I slipped out of the bed and wore my fluffy slippers and strolled to a balcony not too far from our hostel, I could view the city from there. I released a sigh and let the air in. I was opposite the boys hostel so I could see what was going on the balcony. I looked towards that place and saw Mister Fierce watching the stars, he looked so lonely, well I should mind my business, I’d be dead in three months so I shouldn’t worry about all these people. He stayed there for a while and later walked inside.


I spent a few minutes there before walking in too because I was feeling sleepy.



It was time for foundation class, I was late, I overslept and Louise didn’t even


bother waking me up! I walked with a fast pace and accidentally ran into someone


and my books fell to the ground.


“I’m very sorry” I apologised.



But he just didn’t care and I was grateful he didn’t. He was about going when I suddenly had a flashback.


“Hey! Ain’t you that guy I ran into at Teez mall” I asked and he turned back to look at me.


“Guess you are still stupid, running into people like your some sort of crazy person” he commented and left me standing. His words are so harsh, I picked up my books and rushed to class, I walked in silently so I won’t be noticed. After that class I went for design class, fortunately Harvey Louise and I were in the same class for the first time but unfortunately Ryan was there also, he looked at me and faced the teacher while I just rolled my eyes.


“It’s time for project!” The teacher announced and some students just groaned.


“Oh you lazy students, so I’m going to be paring you guys with someone so… Hey


you” he pointed at Harvey.


“Me?” He asked.


“Yes you, write the names of everyone in the class and send it to my office” he ordered and Harvey nodded.


“So the project is simple, whoever you are paired with both of you are expected to come up with a fantastic design that would blow my mind” the teacher said and I sighed.


“This is gonna be exhausting” I muttered to myself.


The class was over and we went for lunch break, Harvey, Louise and I shared the same table.


“The worst thing that could ever happen is if I get paired with Ryan, it’s even worse that cancer” Louise said and I giggled. “You have no idea how cancer works” I replied.


“I do, most people who’ve got cancer live for years before they die but a second with Ryan I’m died” Louise said and I laughed.


“It’s I’m dead” Harvey corrected and we burst into laughter.


“Of course I know that I’m just joking” Louise said.


“I stayed in America for ten years so I’m a pro in English compared to some of this


French speaking freaks” she said firmly.


“Okay” I smiled.


“But seriously I pity the person who is going to be paired with Ryan” Louise said glancing at Ryan who was still busy sketching. “Enough of Ryan!” Harvey exclaimed.


“Aaliyah” he called out to me.


“Yes” I faced him.


“We are going out tomorrow” he said and I felt a tingling in my heart.


“Wha-t-we-ar-e?” I stuttered.


“Yes and Louise is invited” he added.


“No I’m going to sit this one out” Louise scratched the back of her head.


“Why? Oh c’mon Lolo, please it’s just a friendly outing, right Harvey?” I turned to Harvey.


“Yes and who better could show us Paris than a French girl” Harvey added and I nod.


“Fine! I’ll tag along” she agreed and I punched her arms.


I like them so much, they make me forget that I’d be gone in three months.


After lunch break, we retired to class. Harvey had already submitted the names to the instructor and he asked us to come back to design class so he could call the names out.


I took my seat close to Harvey but Louise was kind of far from us.


“Gina Deeks and Freya Grant…” He started off.


“Joseph and Ashley…Sonia and Harvey…Louise and George…”


I was scared on who he was going to pair me with because he already paired my friends with someone else.


“Garet and Aaliyah…oh sorry Ryan and Aaliyah” he corrected and I felt cold, I can’t believe I’m being paired with the devil. I looked at him, he was busy with his phone. Damn! I think I’m going to die before the three months elapses. .










[Broken vows]


by berlie







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