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EMILY: episode 15


SETTING ( 8.00am ,Jane is in her house feeding baby Naomi when Emily barged in looking a mess. She was in her pyjamas, her hair was covered in a net and she wore no makeup)


JANE: Emily! What’s chasing you! Are you okay!



EMILY: No, I’m not. I’m not okay, Jane, I’m not!


JANE: Okay! Calm down! Have a seat let’s talk about this.


EMILY: My parents..


JANE: what happened to them???


EMILY: they’ve put me in trouble


JANE: What trouble? How!


EMILY: Obed is no longer talking to me. I’ve called him over two hundred times since yesterday but he won’t pick up


JANE: you must have done something. What did you do?


EMILY: long story. Long story my dear but please can you call him and see if he would pick up, please?


JANE: but i need to know what’s going on first before calling him! Did your parents ask him to stop seeing you?



EMILY: No, I called him while I was with Tyson and he saw him



JANE: wait let me get this right. You called your boyfriend while you were with another guy? What exactly came over you and why were you with Tyson anyway? I thought you said you were never going to see him again?


EMILY: I honestly can’t say what came over me but please call Obed for me please


JANE: hmmmm! Please pass me my mobile


(Jane started ringing Obed and luckily, he picked up and she put it on loud so Emily could hear them)




OBED: Hello?


JANE: Hi dear. How have you been?


OBED: Busy mama, I’m great how’s the family especially baby Naomi?


JANE: we are all good. Baby Naomi is having her breakfast


OBED: very lucky human! What’s up?


JANE: all is well. Have you been speaking with Emily?


OBED: erm yep! Yep! I think we spoke last about two days ago or so


JANE: Hope she is fine because I haven’t spoken with her lately


OBED: hehehe Jane, quit the game. This is Obed yeah?


JANE: how do you mean? I’m serious I haven’t spoken to her.


OBED: that’s a very poorly thought out lie. You can do better, Jane. If Emily is not right there with you, she must have just finished speaking with you.


Otherwise, I see no reason why you would be calling me this time of the morning when you should be busy with Naomi and other mummy duties.


So cut to the chase and tell me what she has asked you to find out from me.


JANE: erm, erm….


OBED: look at you! Hehehehe


JANE: why have you not been taking her calls?


OBED: because I’m hurting and I can’t speak to her at the moment. Emily broke my heart, not because she left me for another man. But because of how she went about it.




If she had called me and told me that she would like us to call it quits, it would definitely hurt but not this much.


Emily decided to call me while she was in a hotel with another man just to break me into shreds?


Come on! That’s wickedness!


JANE: No way! In a hotel with another man? No! Emily never did that!


OBED: what are you talking about? She told me with her own mouth that she was in a hotel. I saw it with my two eye. It was a video call!


JANE: Wait wait! I don’t get it! Jane called you from a hotel where she was with another man. I don’t believe it


OBED: I wouldn’t believe it either if I didn’t see it. I noticed the environment was strange because I very well know her room. But this was a totally new place so I asked.


Emily told me she checked into a hotel in Lekki that morning to catch some rest. We carried on talking and after a while, a guy in boxers walked and before I could even ask, Emily cut off the call.


I called over and over but she didn’t pick up but rather switched off her mobile at some point. Four hours later she started ringing me..


JANE: Obed, I’ll ring you back


OBED: no worries. Cheers! Bye!




JANE: Emily, what did I just hear???



EMILY: it wasn’t a hotel! Oh my God how do I even explain myself!


JANE: but you told him you were in a hotel?


EMILY: ye..yes I did. But the thing is..


JANE: the thing is what? Who was the guy that walked in?


EMILY: it was Tyson


JANE: heyyyyyy! You went to a hotel with that playboy???? Oh my days! Emily you disappoint me!!!


EMILY: can you just stop! I’m trying to explain myself!!!



JANE: okay, I’m listening


EMILY: this is what happened. lately, I’ve been so lonely no where to go, no social life at all and you and I haven’t been speaking as often. So I was off work yesterday and Tyson came around


JANE: how did he know your house?


EMILY: my parents gave him my address. So he asked me to come over to his house instead of being all by myself in the house.


I explained to him that I was going to be talking to Obed all day and he said he would give me all the privacy i needed, which he did!



So when I called Obed and he asked where I was because obviously the environment was different. I told him I was in a hotel because I can’t just tell him in was in Tyson’s house!


We carried on talking and I think my mum tried to get in touch with me but my phone was engaged or something, so she called Tyson and asked him to pass me the phone.


Tyson walked in without knocking so I had to cut the call.


JANE: sorry, but can you see how stupid that was? All of a sudden, you Emily, the girl who is so much in love with her own company, can’t spend a day alone?


I don’t believe you girl! I think that guy must have been telling you things that you love hearing and you started enjoying his company.


Why didn’t you go to an eatery then? Why his house!


How would you feel if you called Obed and he answered you from a lady’s bedroom? How would you feel!


I’m not sure how you are going to explain this so it makes sense to him but I…i honestly don’t know and Obed is too smart. He doesn’t buy into cheap lies


EMILY: Can you please call him again and tell him that I am here?


JANE: hmmmm! I’m even ashamed to speak to him but I’ll try (Jane called Obed again and he picked up)


OBED: hello?


JANE: hi dear. Sorry I had to cut you off then I just needed to confirm what you told me. I have just done that and trust me, it isn’t what you think. Emily is here and would like to explain things to you please?


OBED: Jane, Emily was there when you called me earlier. Stop playing this game it’s doing my head in.


I do not want to speak to Emily right now. I will do when I am able to do so.


Besides, I am driving and wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the authorities.


Emily has someone she can talk to now so…



JANE: come on Obed don’t do this! Let her explain herself maybe it will make sense to you.


OBED: let me get this! You want her to explain the hotel, the guy or the boxers? What the f**k is she going to explain to me! Pardon my language but honestly, I’m not with it!


I’m losing and it’s still too early in the morning to be using bad languages. Please tell Emily that I will speak with her when I get my acts together. For now, she should stop calling my number!


JANE: Please Obed???


OBED: have a good day, Jane. Love to baby Naomi. Cheers bye! (Drops the call)


JANE: that’s the thing with guys like him. They love with everything in them but once they withdraw their love, it is gone forever


EMILY: what have I gotten myself into


I’m going to send him a long text to explain everything that happened.


JANE: maybe you should do that. I will try all I can to speak to him. I understand he is very upset at the moment and do I blame him!


Emily, you need to promise me one thing, stop seeing that Tyson abi tiger of a


guy! Just cut him off totally!


Avoid seeing him!


He is not the kind of guy you resist. He is the kind of guy you flee from!!!


EMILY: I promise you, Jane! I will give him back everything he bought me.


JANE: I thought you returned the flower?


EMILY: He didn’t take it and he also bought another flower and a big teddy!


JANE: playboy alert! They spoil you with gifts until you are finally in their web,


then they smash and disappear!


But na God pass them.



This is what you are going to do. Bring everything he bought you to me. Give me his address I will drive down there with Naomi tied to my back and drop them to him! I don’t want you seeing that guy again. Let me deal with him directly.




EMILY: Thank you so much! I wonder what my life would look like without you in it! I will bring them over this evening but I need to go take some documents from our family house.


JANE: Okay. Say hi to your parents and please don’t panic. Obed will come around. He loves you genuinely.


EMILY: thank you.


(Emily drove down to her parents’ house and they were not so happy to see her looking not so great…)


MRS PETERS: why do you look like you are about to go into labour?


EMILY: good morning mum. Good morning dad


MR PETERS: is everything okay? Tyson came looking for you here last night.


Where were you because he mentioned you were not in your house.


EMILY: He is an idiot! Why was he looking for me? Do I owe him?


MR PETERS: i guess he was just looking out for you. That shows how much he loves and cares for you.



EMILY: ladi! Ladi! La! Mum where is my driving licence?


MRS PETERS: What do you need it for? I have it


EMILY: my boyfriend paid for a cute puppy for me and I need to go pick her up. I would need a form of ID and I haven’t got my passport on me



MR PETERS: instead of thinking on how to come back and marry the woman he claims to love, he is busy buying you puppies!


Do you see exactly where this is, going! Do you see it????


You are about to become a joyful mother of puppies!



MRS PETERS: hian!!! He is buying you puppies? Listen, a puppy isn’t going to marry you, a puppy isn’t going to give you children and we are definitely not ready to have doggy grandchildren!


This boy was born abroad and he thinks like them! They make dogs everything! We are not going to watch this happen! Tyson and his people are coming next week so better tell your Mr dog supplier! Mtchewewww!


EMILY: I have heard you mum. Can I have my licence please?


SETTING ( Obed is in his manager’s office as he had requested to speak to him yesterday )


MANAGER: Good morning, Mr Sampson. You wanted to speak to me. Is everything okay?


OBED: not really. I need another holiday


MANAGER: But you’ve just had one!


OBED: I know but my girlfriend is being pushed around and basically persecuted for hanging around for me.


I need to go get married to her and bring her here with me as soon as I can


MANAGER: why would they do that to him, bunch of dumbnuts! When do you want to go?


OBED: if possible….


To be continued

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