Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 3


(What is the result?)


Reese’s POV


“Yes ” I replied and his lightened pleasurable face dropped


“I haven’t met a v@gin this far ” He said and sat well on the bed


“What I really need is a baby, I must have one , I have all the money in the world but I may never have a baby cus of the disease the doctor said I have ” He said softly. Story from Topster Stories.


“I’ll bring the doctor to text you after two weeks” He said and stood to leave


“Sir, what if I get pregnant?” I summoned little courage and asked


“Get pregnant first and I will give you the world , but if you did not , I don’t even care if you are v@gin or


not , I’ll make like hell to you and sell you away to dangerous people ” he said and left


I stood up and cleaned myself up


Two weeks later !


I noticed my stomach began to storm, I began to feel a little heavy , it seems I’m pregnant but I did not want to believe it , he said he has low sperm count , so I can definitely not get pregnant but I’m having the clear symptoms of it already


Giving birth for a baby for him will give me my deliverance from slavery , it will reshape my life.


How I wish this feeling and symptoms I’m having are that of pregnancy for real


I had dressed myself waiting for the doctor coming to text to see if I’d got pregnant or not


Whatever the doctor says will be my fate


After few hours , Miguel and a man dressed in suit entered , with his style of walking and the briefcase he carried , I need no one to tell me that he’s a doctor


The doctor dressed himself and made me lay to the bed. He carried on the text on me while my heart beats hoping that the result is pregnancy for real


He start to pack his equipments after he was done with the text


“What is the result?” Miguel asked the doctor



Claiming her innocence


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