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Episode 5


(Damn butt)


Reese’s POV


“I’m scared ” I said


“You did not have too , you see , what I have for you is true Love. We all know that what Miguel is doing is wrong, Once I kill him , all this will be over ” He said


Not like I have a choice , Miguel will do something worse if he finds out that I’m not pregnant


“I’m in” I finally agreed and he smiled


“That’s my baby” He said and blew me kiss


“Take this ” He handed over a very small chip to me


“What’s this ?” I requested



“Fix it in your ear , it will help us converse anytime you are not with Miguel , I’ll tell you how to carry out our mission , just trust me , huh?” He said and I nodded trying to trust him. Story from Topster Stories.


He stood and came back minutes later with Miguel


“For real ” Miguel exclaimed happily as he approached me


He jumped up for joy and ran towards me


He sat very close to me and hugged me.


“Aw, can’t believe I can ever have a baby, I’ll take good care of you from today henceforth. I’ll show you all the love of the world , I’ll make you my wife but I won’t force you, thanks so much for having a baby for me ” He said romantically and I was just wondering how romantic he is


Many cruel rich Mogul aren’t always romantic


“You can go doctor ” He said and the doctor left


My bad, I even forgot to ask for the name of the doctor


I feel sorry on one side for Miguel, he really needs a baby, see how happy he is thinking I’m pregnant not knowing that Miguel only deceived him


To be sincere , Miguel is cute and loving , he was still smiling looking at me not knowing what I’m thinking


“Cheer up Reese , common” He said and pulled me up


He winked at me and pecked me


“Let’s swim at the pool” He said smiling


I try to be free with him but I’m just feeling guilty that Miguel deceived him and is planning to kill me


I really do not want anyone to be dead just because of my freedom


We went to the pool after we had dressed in our swimming kit


We dive into the pool , we began to swim , he was trying to play with me , splashing water to me while I keep doing the same and chuckling


He ordered for yellow and red balloon, he gave me the yellow balloons and he took the red


How in the wold did he know I like color yellow ?


He threw his to me while I caught it , I threw mine to him and it didn’t reach him


“You loosed ” I said unconsciously


“I admit ” He said and dived deeply into the river as he shouted “search me”


“For real, if I find you, I’ll spank your damn butt” I teased and dived inside the pool searching for him.

Claiming her Innocence


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