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Chapter 9 {$£M!-F!ÑÂLË}













Author’s POV




I guess we are all dead afterall” desmond said.


we can still save them before it’s too late” seunnzzy said.


alright then let’s gear up” desmond said then went to where the weapons are kept.


He opened the box and bring out some rifles and loaded it up then strapped himselve with the cartridge belt and filled it up with cartridge.


he picked two pistol gun and then hoystered it beside him, and lastly grabbed a shotgun.


i’m ready” desmond said.


i’m coming as well” philip said.


no way, there’s only one shield left and i’m taking it” desmond said.


i’m still coming, my daughter is out there and she needs my help, i can’t just sit here and do nothing” philip said.


whatever you say it’s up to you but first where’s my wrist watch?” desmond asked.


i’m not giving you back, are you trying to put up another prank?” philip said.


if you want to save your daughter i suggest you give it back” desmond said then philip think for a while before he agreed.


if you ever do something crazy again….i’ll kill you myself” philip warned.


copy that” desmond replied then philip handed the watch to him.



Mr Johnson, are you still there?” Seunnzzy asked.


yeah…we are here, we are coming” philip replied.


wait….one problem, how do we get there without a portal?” desmond asked.


There’s one last mini ship, you can take it” seunnzzy said.


I can’t fly a ship, can you?” desmond asked facing philip which he nodded negatively.


you don’t need to….you can remove it from manual and switched it to automatic, all you need to do is set the coordinate” seunnzzy said.


alright then, what are we waiting for?” desmond said as they are ready to go.


if we’re to do this, we are going to need a plan, a good one” seunnzzy said.


don’t worry, i’ve got you covered” desmond said.


really?, cause it was your plan they followed which landed them in this mess” philip said.


oh, i guess even my plan is not perfect” desmond said.


we don’t have much time to argue, we’re running out of time” seunnzzy said.


just one last request seunnzzy, and it’s because i can’t find it anywhere” desmond said.


what is it?” seunnzzy asked.


do you happen to have any explosives?” desmond asked.


yes, it’s the box beside where the guns are” seunnzzy replied.



good” desmond said the went to open the box then he found the explosive then he took five.


don’t you think you’re overloading yourselve” philip said.


you want to save your daughter or not, cause if you do then you must follow my way” desmond said.


fine, let’s go” philip replied then they went to ship and entered.


Alright seunnzzy, what do we do?” philip asked.


above you on your left, pull the lever and it will switch to automaticc” seunnzzy directed and he did then the ship went fully activated.


what next?” philip asked.


Input the coordiate of my location” seunnzzy instructed and he did exacted.


strap yourself for the ride then push the activation button” seunnzzy said and they strapped themselves and the ship take off.


woww, this is so weird” desmond said.




They took Junior and the rest to the general and when they were dragging mary also to him the collar around her neck fell down.


she opened her eyes immidiately and realised what is happening then she get a grip of herself.


Her eyes turned bloodshot then she started fighting the two chronicom with her.


The first one tried to stab her with the sword but she was quick to dodge it then took the sword from him and strike them both dead.


The commader was heading back to the building then he turned then he see mary running away.



Don’t let her get away, capture her immediately” the commander said then about twenty of the chronicom ran after her.


Mary ran as fast as she could and the chronicom are gaining in on her cause of their robotic side.


The chronicom bring out their guns and started firing at her.


The first bullet hit her which sent her to the ground but fortunately for her she wasn’t hurt cause of the shield.


{Warning: shield in critical level 35%}


oh Great” she said then she keep running until she got to some abandoned house then she shielded herself in.




Who’s responsible for what we teach our children?


Is it the internet or the stars on television?


Why? Oh why? Why? Oh why? Oh


Oh, so little Mary turns sixteen


And like the movie she’s been seeing


She has a lover in her daddy


She can’t tell nobody ’till she makes the


evening news


For there is fire on the mountain


And nobody seems to be on the run


Oh, there is fire on the mountain top


And no one is a running, oh yes


One day the river will overflow


And there’ll be nowhere for us to go


And we will run, run


Wishing we had put out the fire, oh no


For there is fire on the mountain, yeah,






Can’t you just stop being a jerk for one day?….this is a serious issue we are dealing with” philip said.


what?, i’m just singing…..besides it’s possible we’re all going to die so at least i should have one happy moment” desmond said.


if anybody’s going to die i’m very sure it will be you” philip said.


Nah, i don’t die first, i die last cause i’m very hard to kill” desmond said.


we are here….just keep you head together” philip said as the ship landed safely on the ground and they both came down.


where is he?” desmond asked looking around.


according to this radar he should be somewhere around here” philip said and they started to the direction of the radar.


When they get closer to the location desmond held his rifle firmly.


get behind me, remember you don’t have a shield” desmond said as they walked stealthily.


When they got to the location seunnzzy came out of hiding and heaved a deep breathe.


i’m glad you guys are able to make it” seunnzzy said then the chronicoms appeared and started shooting.


take cover, we’ve got company” desmond shouted then he started shooting back.


The chronicoms shoot at them continuously as they move closer to them, then desmond bring out a bomb and throw it at them.





The bomb exploded which kill few of the chronicom and injured some then desmond came forward and finished them off.


you can come out now” desmond said and they did.


i’m glad you’re here Mr Johnson” seuunzzy said and desmond move closer to him and grabbed him by the neck.


heyy, are you crazy?, what are you doing?” philip said in surprise.


it never occur to you that this might be a trap” desmond said.


of course not, and if you’re not being crazy you’d know as well” philip said.


Maybe then why is he the one still here?, how come he get to be the one to come back?” desmond said.


Mr Rolland, i can assure you i never wanted any harm to come to any of you” seunnzzy said.


oh please, or maybe you wanted us here as well you could deliver us to your boss as well” desmond said.


Let him go now desmond” philip said pointing a gun at him and he scoffed.


suit yourselve but i’ll be watching you” desmond said.


Mr Rolland, i will never betray any of you” seunnzzy said sincerely.


i’ll be the judge of that, now lead the way” desmond said then they left.


They followed seunnzzy as he lead them to where they are and when they got to where the building is they stopped.


” that’s the place” seunnzzy said pointing to the building.


is there any other in?” desmond asked.


i don’t know” seunnzzy replied.


Then i guess i have to find out…..wait here” desmond said.


i’m coming with you” philip said.


No….stay here and think of another way in” desmond said then he left.




The commander junior and the two others to the General’s chamber just as ordered.


where’s the last one?” the general asked.


She got away” the commander replied.


how?, how is that possible?” Ruzzy asked.


i don’t know how but as we speak our men are after her” the commander assured.


Activate the cerebrum program, we can’t afford to waste anymore time” General Ruzzy said.


They activate the collar around their neck and they woke up.


What happened?” Joseph groan.


Bisera, are you okay?” junior asked.


i’m fine, what the hell is this around my neck” bisera said.


i can’t feel my powers” Junior said.


Me too” joseph said as well.


That’s because the device around your neck made it dormant” The general said.


You must be ruzzy” Junior said.


Ahh…I see Seunnzzy has told you all about me” Ruzzy said.


Why haven’t you killed us yet?” John asked.



That’s because i realised there’s a way we can both be of help” Ruzzy said.


you must be crazy if you think we’re going to help you” JUnior said.


I don’t think you have much of a choice, Activate the compliance simulation program” General said.


Yes sir” the commander said then he activated it and they all snapped out of consciousness.


Don’t fight it…….All you need is to comply and your compliance will be rewarded”


Are you ready to comply?” the general asked.


Yes, General” They chorused and ruzzy grinned widely.


Now tell me, how did you create a portal to get here?” Ruzzy asked.


i did sir, i can create a portal” Junior answered and the general was surprised.


really?, show me, commander….you can unlock their abilities now” Ruzzy said then the commander did as ordered.


Now show me” Ruzzy said then junior did his trick and a portal appeared.


Incredible” Ruzzy exclaimed.


Now we can go home” the commander said.


Are their anymore of you out their?” Ruzzy asked.


NO sir, i’m the last of my kind” Junior replied.


That’s perfect, apart from the four of you here, anyone else with special abilities?” Ruzzy asked.



Just the girl that escape” Junior replied.


are their any reinforcement out there?” Ruzzy asked.


yes, just two but they are completely human?” Junior answered.


i guess we have nothing to worry about” the commander said.


Tell about the girl that escaped….her abilities” Ruzzy asked.


According to her she’s the demon slayer” junior answered.


I guess now we know why the device doesn’t work, it’s because there’s something else inside” the commander said.


is she going to be so much trouble that none of you can’t handle?” Ruzzy asked.


No sir” Joseph replied.


Good cause their something i want you all to do for me” Ruzzy said then turned to the commander.


Commander, how many of our men are out there?” Ruzzy asked.


Sir, 800 or maybe less” the commander answered.


we are not losing anymore men, gather them all and informed them to pack their things cause we are going home.






The chronicoms kept shooting at Mary as she used pillars as shield, she realised she’s been trapped and can’t stay there any longer.


i’m sorry Dad, I love you mom” she said then she came out of her hideout and threw the sword at one of them and he fell down dead.



The rest of the chronicom turned at her and they started shooting but she skillfully slide to one of gun, picked it up and fire back at them.


She was able to kill seven out of thirteen until one of them fires at which sent her to the ground.


{warning: Shield in critical level 0%……Shield offline}


” aaaggghh…damnn” mary exclaimed as she touched her wounded leg.


One of the chronicoms pointed his gun right at her forehead and was about to shoot then a bullet hit him right on the head.


The rest see this then they fire at the direction of the gunshot but instead they got shot in the head and they fell down dead.


Mary raised her head up and see desmond coming towards her and she smiled.


Desmond confirmed if they are dead then move over to Mary.


Hey kid, you alright?” Desmond said.


I never thought i’d say this….but i’m happy to see you” Mary said.


Well i’m surprised you’re still alive, c’mon let’s go” Desmond said then helped her up.


Careful aaarrgg” she groan holding her leg.


oops sorry,i thought you said you heal fast” desmond said.


yeah but not that fast, i need to rest and concentrate before it can work” Mary said.


how long are we talking about?” desmond asked.


fifteen minutes” she replied.


well we don’t have that time, it means i’ll have to carry you” desmond said.


i’m not a kid that you need to carry” she said.


well to me you are, now shut up and let’s go” desmond said then carry her on his shoulder and they left.


They haven’t gotten far when they spotted seven more chronicoms heading towards them.


These people are like cockroaches, they keep coming out” Desmond said then dropped mary behind a big rock.


Stay here, i’ll be right back” desmond said and was about to go.


Desmond, please d……”


Just shut up okay, i’m not that kind of person,i’m not leaving without you” desmond interrupted.


Actually, i was going to say please don’t leave me” Mary said.


Then i’ll be back” desmond said then he went after the chronicom.


The seven chronicom saw him and they started firing at him, desmond was able to shield himselves behind the rocks.


He targetted them and made to shoot at them but he got hit instead but luckily the shield protected him.


Thank God, 90% i see we still have a long way to go” desmond said then he bring out a bomb and throw it at their position.


The bomb took off which killed two among them and injured others, Desmond used the opportunity to come out of hiding then he finishes them up.



Crazy people” desmond said then he went back to Mary and they left the place




Seunnzzy and Philip were at the ridged looking at the building from afar then they heard footsteps and see Mary and Desmond.


Mary” philip said then went to hug his daughter.


You’re hurt” philip said.


don’t worry dad….i only need a few minutes to heal” Mary replied.


I thought you said she was captured” Desmond asked.


Yes, she was but i don’t know how she escape” Seunnzzy said.


He’s right, i thing the device don’t work on me that much” mary replied.


Alright, we got to figure out how to get in” Seunnzzy said.


Guys, Guys,…what’s happening?” Philip announced and they all came to the ridge and saw the chronicoms leaving the entrance of the building.


what’s happening?” Mary asked then they were surprised to see Junior and the replacing the chronicoms at the entrance, no chronicoms is in sight just the four of them.


what’s happening?, what are they doing?” Desmond asked.


I think now i do” seunnzzy said.


what do you mean?” philip asked.


They are controlling them” seunnzzy replied.


controlling them?……how is that possible?” Mary asked.



i don’t know but i think it has something to do with the thing on their neck, and if they can control them then they can go to Earth” seunnzzy said.


we need to get rid of that thing” philip said.


But how?” Mary said.


I have one dirty crazy plan” desmond said.


let’s hear it” mary said.


since the device is powered by electronics, we can shut it down using this” desmond said bringing out his small EMP.


seems like your toys aren’t useless afterall” philip said.


but one problem” desmond said.


what is that?” mary asked.


for the EMP to work i need to get closer to them” desmond said.


give it to me let me do this” philip said.


Nah, don’t worry i got this” desmond said.


Be careful” Mary said then Desmond stood up and run fast toward them junior and other see this.


Joseph sent lightening at him but he was fast enough to jump away, John bring out his gun and started shooting at him and he dodged it as well.


Junior levitated himself up in the air and create a big Fireball then throw it at Desmond but unfortunately he was unable to dodged it and he got it which sweep him off the ground.




















{World In Danger}





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