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Chapter 4












Seunnzzy’s POV




I arrived at the location where John is according to what I’m seeing on my radar and the place seems to be a Catholic Church.


” Of course, where else would he be” I said to myself then head over to the church.


I entered the church and realized there’s a service going on which makes it hard for me to detect him.


The only way to find him is for me to wait till the service is over, so I looked for a spot at the back and sat down.


Twenty minutes Later the service ended and the congregation started trooping out one after the other.


I had to wait outside in other to see him among the crowd, I waited till the last person went out but John isn’t among them.


I checked my radar once more and realized he’s still in the church so I went in then I saw someone sitting alone.


I knew it was him so I went closer and as I got closer I saw him covered in a big cloak which conceal him from head to toe.


As I got to him I looked around the church then sat gently beside him.


Good morning Mr ThankGod” I said then he looked at me in surprise.


Who are you?” He asked then looked around.


My name is Seunnzzy and I have a preposition for you” I said.


How did you find me? Where are others?” He asked looking around.


Be rest assured that I mean no harm……I come in peace” I said.



No, Nothing come in peace as long as it’s from the agency……now you go back to your organisation and tell them to leave me ALONE” he said.


Perhaps if you give yourself a break you will realized that I’m not from the organization” I said then he took another look at me.


You see….. I’m not” I said.


What do you want?……you all want something” he said.


That’s right……I also want something but it’s more like what we can do for each other” I said and scoffed.


really, what can you possibly do for me?” He said.


Look Mr ThankGod, I know what you’ve been through, I know all that has happened over the past years”


I know you will do anything for your kids which is why you should know, there’s a war coming……if we don’t act fast everyone will be caught up in it” I said the he looked at me.Story from Topster Stories


What are you talking?” He said.


There are some creatures who are very adamant to destroy the Earth, they are getting closer and If they successfully get to earth…… it’s game over” I said.


Why do you need me for this?” He asked.


We could really use your help cause humans stand no chance against them, with someone of your caliber our chances are up” I said.


I don’t think I can” he said.


Why do you say that?” I asked.


You came to the wrong person, you got the wrong man, I can’t even protect my family how do you expect me to save the world” he said.



Look at me, I’m a lost cause, a piece of thrash, a garbage……what do you expect from someone like me?” He said showing me his machinery body.


I can’t even hold my kids, I can’t even show myself to anyone cause I scare them…I have to stay far away for me to see my kids…..see, you wasted your time coming for me” he said.


I understand what you’re going through Mr ThankGod, and like I said earlier there’s something I could do for you as well” I said.


I don’t know where you’re driving at but you should go to someone else…….. I’ve given up” I said.


You know you will never be safe cause they will keep coming after you, they won’t stop….is that the life you want to live” I said.


Let them come……none of them will return” he replied.


What if I tell you I’m not a human” i said then he looked at me.


If you’re not then what are you?… angel, an alien?” He said.


I’m neither but let’s just say I’m scientifically like you in a weird way, and yet who will take me for a semi-robotic being” I said.


So you’re also created by the organization” He said.


No” I replied.


So how’s that supposed to make me feel any better?” He asked.


I’m telling you that I can give you an indestructible body, a synthetic body like mine” I said.


You don’t have to hide anymore, I’m giving you a chance to hold your kids as long as you want”



You don’t need this robotic hands and leg anymore…….. I’m offering you a chance to become like human again” I said.


Are you messing with me right now cause if you’re I’m so gonna separate your head from your neck” he said sternly.


I’m not messing with you, I’m offering you a deal……so what’s it going be?” I asked then he went silent for a minute.


If it is exactly as you say then I’m in” he said then I smiled.


I’m glad you made the right choice, so shall we go now or there’s something you need to do first” I said.


Nah, there’s nothing……I don’t even have a home, but first I need to pray” he said then kneel.


β€œ Deuteronomy chapter 20; When you go out to battle against your enemies and see horses and chariots and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them;”


For the Lord your God, who brought you up from the land of Egypt, is with you. When you are approaching the battle, the priest shall come near and speak to the people”


He shall say to them, β€˜Hear, O Israel, you are approaching the battle against your enemies today. Do not be fainthearted. Do not be afraid, or panic, or tremble before them”


For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you”


But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, Glory be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ……. Amen” he said then stood up.


Let’s go” he said .


Great” I replied then we went out of the church.


How many are this creatures?” He asked as we went to where I parked my bike.


A thousand or more” I replied then stopped on his track.


Thousand?” He asked surprised and I knew what he was thinking.


Calm down Mr ThankGod, there are others who will be fighting alongside you, you’re not alone” I said.


Better” he replied then we mounted the bike and I drove off.




Author’s POV




Mary and his father find a spot to sit just as the rest of them then Joseph came over to them.


Hi, My name is Joseph” Joseph said offering his hand to Mary for a handshake.


Hi Joseph, My name is Mary….nice meeting you” Mary replied taking his hand.


Nice meeting you too” he replied.


Hi sir” Joseph said to Philip.


Hi Joseph” Philip replied.


And this is my father” she introduced and Joseph furrow his brow in confusion.


Your father?” He asked.


Yes, why….what happened?” Mary asked.


Nothing, I mean he looks so young to be your father… very young” Joseph said and she smiled.


Oh crazy right………it’s a long story” she replied.


Oh I see” Joseph said.


Wait..wait….you mean he’s actually your real….I mean your actual father?….who are you fooling” Desmond said laughing.


What’s your problem huh?, Why don’t you just mind your business” Mary said.


Hey listen to me little kid, I know care what you are or the power you have, but I won’t allow any insolence attitude from a disrespectful spoilt brat” Desmond said moving closer to her.


Why don’t you just back off Jerk” Philip said pushing him back.


Perhaps the best you could do is teach your kid some manner cause it seems she doesn’t posses one” Desmond replied.


Watch your mouth young man or I might have to uproot your tongue out of your head” Philip said.


I’d like to see you try” Desmond replied.


Calm down dude…… what’s wrong with you?” Joseph said.


Tell me to calm down one more time and I’ll slap some senses into your dreaded head” Desmond replied.


Why don’t we just chill out?.. Okay…….we came here for a reason, stop acting like a kid” Junior said.


If I had known that I will be co-teamed with teenagers…..I would’ve reconcider my decision” Desmond said.


Then what’s stopping you from going back to the pit you crawled out from” Mary said.


Desmond tried to make a move on her but Philip shielded her.



I’m gonna spank that big fat mouth of hers if you don’t tell her to shut f**king mouth up” Desmond said angrily.


That will be the biggest mistake of your life” Philip said.


Don’t think daddy’s is going to be there protecting you always….little girl” Desmond went back to sit.


Just try to keep off that man, he seems to have some anger issue” Joseph said to Mary.


Yeah and I hate his gut” Mary replied.


You keep holding that….. is that a staff?” Mary asked pointing to the scepter.


No, it’s a Royal scepter” he replied.


So you’re really a king?” Mary asked.


Yeah” he replied.


How come you didn’t come with any guards?” She asked.


I decided to come alone” he replied.


So you have any special powers?” She asked.


Yeah……I don’t think this is the right place to show off…..what about you, any powers?” he replied.


Yeah….some ascient people call it demon-slayer….. It’s complicated, I don’t think you can understand” she said.


Demon-slayer?….. that’s so cool, I exterminate Vam…….” he stopped when Desmond scoffed.


Crazy teenagers” Desmond said.


Don’t let him get to you” Joseph said.


He’s so annoying” she replied.


Hey, I think I recognize your face from somewhere” Bisera said then she read his mind.


Oh sh*t……. you’re MIA” Junior said and everyone turned to him.


What?” They choruses.


I just see your face clearly just now” she said.


how is this possible?….. Rumour has it that you died” Junior said.


Well obviously I’m not” Desmond replied.


Holy Crap, So you’re MIA….wow, I’ve heard so much about you in the States, look man I’m sorry for the I spoke with you earlier” Joseph said.


No qualms, I got no bout with you anyway” Desmond said sending a evil glare at Philip and his daughter.


Man, you’re one hell of a police officer..I wish others could be like you… you’re a legend” Junior said.


Thanks….. someone needs to restore order to the system” Desmond replied then Mary scoffed.


I don’t see why he’s of any different from the rest, they are all thieves in black clothes……all of them are corrupted” Mary said.


Then Desmond stood up angrily to teach her some lesson but Philip shielded her again.


” Get out of my way now” Desmond said.


” Why don’t you just piss off?” Philip said to him.


Then Desmond push him off and advance towards Mary then Philip kick him and he fell to the ground.


” C’mon Guys, just stop already” Joseph said.


Desmond got up angrily and advance towards Philip and they both started fighting.


Desmond is having the upper hand cause Philip has no fighting skills without his powers.


Mary see then she intervene kicking Desmond hard on the chest which sent him to the ground.


Oh I see father-daughter combo, well guess what…I’ve took on people twice your size” Desmond said then charged at both of them.


Junior and his wife both sat down peacefully and watched as they fight themselves.


C’mon, let’s stop them” Joseph said earnestly.


Don’t intervene, why don’t you just sit down and watch” Junior said smiling along with his wife.


What?, How can you say that?” Junior said.


C’mon sit…..let them blow off some steam……I think they need it” Junior said.




Philip throw a punch at Desmond but he was fast enough to dodge it then he kicked Philip to the ground and punched mary as well.


Mary stood up and advance towards him and try some new moves which her aunt thought her.


Desmond grab hold of her hands and tried to twist it but was surprised to see how strong she is.



Desmond tried to keep up but she’s just too good, Mary saw a open space then he gave him a hard blow on the face.


Desmond felt his mouth bleeds then charged at her, this time around Philip is on his feet.


He signalled to his daughter and they both Skillfully give him a hard kick on the chest which sent him to the ground.


Desmond groan on the ground then he stood up again to the surprise of both of them.


” Don’t hold out on me” Desmond said then he charged at them together.


They both tried to used the skills again but Desmond caught them and he dodged it on time.


Philip threw a punch Desmond caught his hand then punch him several times on the face cause him to bleed.


Mary see this then she rolled on the ground then grabbed his leg and give him a hard kick on his thigh.


Desmond fell to the ground and Mary mounted him and started punching him continuously.


Desmond caught both her hands then head-butted her which cause her nose to bleed, then Desmond kicked her off him.


This is crazy…. I’m stopping this” Joseph said turning his scepter into a long rope.


Wait….one more minutes” Junior said.


Are you guys serious?”


Both father and daughter charged angrily at Desmond and Desmond tried his best dodged it.



The he saw an open space then he head-butted Philip then kick him very hard to the ground.


Mary also tried to punch him but he was enough to grab hold of her hand then punch her twice on the face then kick her to the ground.


So much for the demon-slayer” Desmond said then spat blood on the ground then Mary stood up angrily.


You wanna see the demon, well you asked for it” she said then her eyes turned bloodshot.


Bring it on”




















{World In Danger}





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