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Chapter 10 {F!ÑÃLÊ–B}












Author’s POV




Junior created a fire sword and Joseph turned his sceptre into a lightning sword and they started sparing.


Joseph used all his might to fight him but junior is also strong enough.


Junior created a fire ball and threw it at him but Joseph dodged it, Joseph also attacked him with lightning and he shielded himself with ice.


Junior jumped up high creating an ice spear and made to stab him, Joseph dodged it and punch him in the face.


Junior got angry and created an Ice Cannonball and shoot at Joseph, as he tried to dodge it he got hit by it which sent him hard to the wall.


Joseph tried to get back up and Junior created so many fire daggers and threw it all at him.


Joseph got hit really hard but he manage to get back on his which only got junior more angrier.


Then Junior created Fire, Ice and Lightning together then he levitated himself up in


the air then strike him down.




Desmond and others stopped the General and his commander from getting away.


Maybe we should just end you by ourselves” Ruzzy said then they pull out their sword.


They began fighting with Desmond, John and Philip taking on the commander while Mary and Seunnzzy faced the General.


Desmond and John pulled out their gun and shoot at the commander but he uses his sword as shield which repel the bullet.


They keeps shooting at him till they ran out of bullets and the commander smiled.


Seunnzzy might give you the secret weapon to kill us but you have to do more than that in order to kill us” he said then he charged at them.


Desmond and Philip quickly dodged it then they pulled out their sword and strike at him together.


John jumped high to attack with the sword then the commander guilded with the sword.


The commander handled himself well against the three of them, when he saw an open chance he gave Desmond a hard punch on the face and kicked Philip to the ground.


John then faced the commander alone and they continue fighting, the commander tried to hit him but he forget it.


John head-butted him then punched him very hard then the commander grabbed his hand and kick him hard to the wall.


Don’t worry, I promise you I’ll give you a honourable death” the commander said then they both attack again.



Both Desmond and Philip tried to get a hold of him but he’s just too Skillful for them, the commander head-butted Desmond to the ground then he strike Philip at the back.


aaaaahhh’ Philip groan in pain. ” Philip” Desmond shouted.




Mary, Bisera and Seunnzzy attacked the General together and the General is not making it any easy for them.


Bisera jumped high to strike him with the sword but Ruzzy dodged it and gave her a hard blow which sent her to the ground.Story from Topster Stories


Mary and Seunnzzy also attacked him and he fought them back professionally, Mary skillfully and successful Slash him on the chest.


Ruzzy see this and he got angry then attack back aggressively, Mary tried to cut him again but he kicked her to the ground.


Then he grabbed Seunnzzy by the neck and thrust his sword into him.


SEUNNZZY” Mary shouted.


That’s for you traitor” Ruzzy said then he punched him away.




After Joseph was strike down by junior he stood back up wounded all over his body and when junior see this he knew exactly what needed to be done.


Junior created so many lightning bolts of a very high voltage, he made it so many that if it touch a human his trace wouldn’t be found.


Then he levitated himself so high with lightning surrounding him then he strike him down with it.


But fortunately Joseph took control of the lightning, instead of repelling it he used it to charge up his body instead.



Junior was so surprised as he saw this then Joseph turned the lightning to a big ball which surrounded him.


His eyes changed to white with lightning sparkling out of it then he struck him down with it.


Joseph didn’t stop the lightning as he keeps striking at him and Junior tried to get up but couldn’t cause of the heavy force.


Then Junior eyeballs turned to red and blue and he started getting back to his feet, when Joseph noticed he quickly went behind him then pulled out the device from his neck.


As he removed the device Junior snapped back into consciousness and his eyes returned back to normal.


Oh God…..what just happened?” Junior said.


I’m glad you’re back….. let’s help others”




John stood up again and attacked him again, John grabbed his sword then kicked it away.


John grabbed his neck and started punching him continuous then the commander grabbed his hand then punch him away.


Desmond picked up his sword then he attacked the commader but the commander dodged his advancement then he kicked the sword away from his hand and kick him to the ground.


You fought well, you fight like a human but it’s time I end you just like I’ll do to others” the commander said getting closer to him.


Philip, are you alright?” Desmond said to Philip who is bleeding on the ground at the corner.


Don’t worry, you will both be reunited very soon” the commander said.



You know I always thought when you’re up against a mighty opponent, you don’t have to be strong to win…….you can be cunning as well” Desmond said.


Well you’re wrong….being strong really matters” the commander said.


Actually I’m right” Desmond said then from behind Philip thrust a sword into and the commander was shocked.


He tried to move but Desmond collected his sword and chop_off his head.


Arrgg” Philip winced in pain then Desmond helped him sat down.


I see you’re taking more of everything I’m saying” Desmond said.


well it turns out you’re always right” Philip replied.


I’ll be right back”




After Seunnzzy was struck down Mary and Bisera attacked Ruzzy together giving him all they got.


Bisera strike at him but he dodged it and punch her hard, Mary also tried to strike but he grabbed the sword and cut it.


Then he grabbed Mary by the neck and smash her hard to the ground.


I’m going to kill all of you” He said then raised his sword to kill her then someone started shooting at him.


The lady came from the entrance of the warehouse and Mary was confused cause she didn’t know her.


Jane continue shooting at him till she ran out of bullet and was surprised the man didn’t go down then she went for another cartridge.


” That gun don’t work on him” Mary informed.



I see you also came to die” the general said then he strikes at her but she was fast enough to dodge it.


She skillfully dodged all his advancement and started punching him very hard on the face, Mary and Bisera joined to help out and they cut him all over the body.


Ruzzy got angry then he kicked them one by one, punched Mary to the ground, kicked Bisera to the wall.


Then he tried to punch Jane and she dodged it but she was caught unnoticed and he punched her to the ground.


Ruzzy raised his sword to stab her then Junior and Joseph both struck him down with lightning.


The General tried to get back up but he couldn’t cause of the force and it’s starting to destruct his system.


Then he pressed a button on his sword which repel the lightning back to the sender and the force hit back on Joseph and Junior.


Jane?….what the hell are you doing here?” Desmond said as he got there.


Not the right time D” she replied then they attacked the General together.


Ruzzy made to strike Desmond but he dodged it then Desmond stabbed him on the chest.


The General kicked him off then he pulled out the sword, Jane also tried to attack but he gave her a punch and she fell to the ground.


You shouldn’t have come here, Jane” Desmond said.


I said not the right time, how about you tell me how to kill this bastard” Jane said.


Only the sword can work but gun won’t” Desmond replied.



” But he’s not making it any easier” Jane said.


Bisera and Mary attacked him again and successfully Bisera stab his leg, he kicked Bisera grab Mary and tried to stab her.


He was hit by Lightning from Joseph and Junior and this time they released a huge amount of voltage which prevented him from moving.


The General realised his organ are starting to destroy then he tried to push the button on his sword.


Do something….we can’t hold him much longer” Joseph said.


Give me your sword” Jane said.


Nah, I got this” Desmond replied.


You’re all weak….let me and stop being stubborn” Jane said then he collected the sword from him then she ran towards the General.


Just as the General successfully pushed the button and got back to his feet, he tried to attack Jane but she dodged it then cut off the head.


Then she slide down and chop off the leg as well then she finally severed the head.


Damn…..who the hell is that?” Joseph said.


Watch your language guys….. that’s my wife you’re referring to” Desmond said.


What!….Damn, she’s a badass” Junior said.


Dad” Mary said then she went to meet her father.


Is it done?” Philip asked.


Yes Dad…..just relax, I got this” Mary said then she cut her palm and drip her blood into his mouth.


What are you doing?” Desmond asked.


My blood will heal him” Mary replied.


Seriously?” Joseph said surprised and just like magic the wound closed up immediately.


I’ll be damned” Junior exclaimed.


Guys, Over here” Bisera called.


Seunnzzy” Bisera said and they all went to meet him on the ground.


I’m glad you all finally get the Job done….I’m very happy” Seunnzzy said.


Yeah….all thanks to you, if not our world would’ve been destroyed” Junior said.


Is there a way we can help you?” Bisera asked.


Mary can you do to him what you did for Philip” Joseph asked.


He’s not human….it won’t work” Mary said.


Even if there is…I won’t let you cause it’s my time to go” Seunnzzy said.


But I do have a last request from you, Mr Goodluck” Seunnzzy said.


What is it?” Junior asked.


I want you to take me back to my ship and bury me there, and you must destroy the ship……I can’t let humans took control of our tech” Seunnzzy said.


Of course I’ll do that” Junior replied.


It’s an honour to get to know you all” Seunnzzy said then he stopped talking and his system shut down.


I’ll be right back guys” Junior said then he carried him then opened the portal and entered.


What the…..” Jane said in surprise.

Story from TopsterStories

I know…. crazy right?” Desmond said.


Did he just?…..I mean….”


Don’t bother working your brains out, I’ll explain to you later before your brain explode” Desmond replied.




Just about fifteen minutes later Junior returned through the portal.


It is done” Junior said.


I guess now the mission is complete” Joseph said.


It’s so nice meeting you all and fighting alongside you all” Joseph said then he hugged them all.


They all hugged each other one after the other.


Don’t you ever say you have no super power cause you do” Junior said to Desmond as they hugged.


Yeah, he might be crazy but he’s a great person and I don’t think anyone want to mess with your family especially with what your wife just did” Joseph said and they all laughed.


Hey kiddo” Desmond said as they hugged.


I told you to stop calling me that….. I’m not a kid” Mary said.


You will always be a kid to me” Desmond said and they disengaged.


Hey man” Desmond said as he hugged John.


So this is it?” John said.


I believe it is, I guess now you have nothing to worry about” Desmond replied.


You think?” John said.



Yeah, you’re obviously indestructible, the only thing that can kill you is the Chronicoms weapon which has been destroyed”


When I was configuring your system I removed the tracker placed in you, I’ve upgraded some features in you” Desmond said.


Yeah….I noticed” he replied.


You don’t have to run anymore, you can be with your family once again, there’s nothing to be afraid of” Desmond said.


Yeah I guess so….. fighting isn’t really my thing but I’m willing to do anything for my kids” John replied.


Here have my watch……just in case you need my help, you can contact me through it” Desmond said giving him his wrist watch.


Really?” He asked.


Yeah…. I’ll be more than happy to help” Desmond replied and they hugged.


Junior, do you mind opening a portal for me I’d like to return back to my fortress” Joseph said.


Sure” Junior replied then he opened a Portal.


See you guys” Joseph said then he entered the portal.


I think it’s time for us to go as well” Philip said.


Do you need a portal?” Junior asked.


Nah, Our car is right outside” Philip said.


It’s been so nice being with you guys” Philip said then he they all went their separate ways.


So we actually saved the world?” Jane said.


Yeah…..we definitely did”



















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