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Chapter 6












Author’s POV




In the evening they all gathered around having a conversation except for John who didn’t do much of a talking.


Your wound is all healed up” Joseph said to Mary.


Yeah, one of the perks of being a demon Slayer” Mary said.


Me too” Joseph said.


Uhmm since we are all going to be a team tomorrow and it might be the last time for us to be together I think we need to share some stories” Bisera said.


What do you mean?” Junior asked.


I mean we the story of our lives, how we become who we are to this moment and also the things we can do” Bisera said.


I think it’s good, at least we will all know our abilities and use it to our advantage in battle” Joseph said.


Okay who will go first?” Joseph said.


I’ll go first” Bisera replied then she took a deep breath.


Okay, first you need to know that I did not come from earth” Bisera said and they were all surprised.


You didn’t?….then where?” Joseph asked.


it’s from a realm called Qrasimira and over their there’s a time lapse which means an hour over their one day equals two weeks on Earth” she said.


I was a soldier in Qrasimira until I met my love and I came to earth” she said.


Wait….how do you two meet?” Mary asked.



It’s my turn, in the very beginning I am what people called Badluck, I was an ugly handicap and everyone hate me for my disabilities”


I went through a lot until I miraculously met my daughter Gift, she’s everything to me the reason I am what I am”


Through her I became whole, I’m no longer a handicap…. everything changed for me then when it’s time for her real came to claim her”


They took her back to their World and I followed them and got her back but not with a fight”


It’s not one of my happy memories cause bad things happened but I changed when I see the truth” he concluded.


What exactly are your abilities?” Desmond asked.


Well, I’m stronger and faster than you mundane, and also I can read minds” Bisera said and everyone gasped.


You..y…can read minds?… know what we are thinking?” Joseph asked and she nodded.


I don’t like that power” Joseph said.


You need not to worry cause It’s only if I wanted….. it’s by choice” Bisera said.


What about you? Can you also read minds?” Desmond asked Junior.


Yeah, I can also create fire, Ice and lightening out of nothing” Junior said.


Damn….. that’s so cool” Joseph said.


Can you read his mind?….help us know if we are walking into a trap?” Desmond said pointing to Seunnzzy.


I can’t” Junior said.


What do you mean you can’t?” Desmond asked.


Because he doesn’t have one…..I tried already but nothing……he’s not human so there’s nothing to know” Junior said.


You know I read your mind when I laid my eyes on you……you have trust issue” he added.


Heyy, stay off my mind….. pervert” Desmond said.


Alright that’s enough….. I’ll go next” Joseph said.


At the beginning I was a nobody, a poor wretched boy… was just my mom and I and God of course”


But God gifted me an abilities which I started helping people with, and after a while someone helped me and took me to Lagos”


And from Lagos I went to the state on scholarship, it was in the state that I was reached by some group of warriors called Joeans”


Fortunately and weirdly in some ways I became one of them and also their leader, we went to war with the vampires” Joseph narrated.


Vampires?” Bisera Said in surprise.


Yeah……with luck we defeated the creature of the night, we defeated them all” Joseph concluded.


Wow, so tell me what are you abilities?” Desmond asked.


I can turn this scepter to any I weapon I want, I’m stronger than any human and also I can control lightening” Joseph said.


Lightening?… just like me?” Junior asked.


Yeah” Joseph replied.


That’s cool… that all?” Desmond asked.


About the last one, I don’t think you want to know” Joseph said.


Why?…. c’mon you can tell us” Desmond said.


Show us” Mary said.


Ah….I don’t think you want me to do that” Joseph replied.


Why?” She asked.


Well there’s a reason my people call me the Lion Joe” Joseph said.


You mean you can…….” Mary said.


Yep” Joseph nodded.


…….. transformed yourself into……”




…..a Lion” Mary concluded and he nodded affirmative.


Seriously a Lion?” Desmond said and he nodded again.


That’s Crazy” Bisera said.


Let’s leave that……. who’s next?” Joseph said.


I’ll go next but I’ll be speaking for my dad and i” Mary said.


No problem” Joseph replied.


Our family has always been the carrier of the demon curse, every firstborn of each general must carry it”


My dad carried it but the curse broke with me, a year ago then ancient demons came to earth to kill me”



They almost succeeded but fortunately we stopped them and exterminate them all and in the process my father lost his power” Mary narrated.


Can you tell us why your father remain young after giving birth to a grown up girl like you?” Joseph said.


Actually hmm, I don’t think I’ll answer that” Mary said.


I will and it’s because I died 14 years ago and came back to life two years ago” Philip said and everyone’s eyes bulged out.


You mean you died for 13 years?” Joseph asked and he nodded.




Looks like we’ve all went through alot”Junior said.


So what are your abilities?” Joseph asked.


Not much, I’m stronger and faster than any human, I can also see in the dark” Mary said.


It’s you Desmond…. it’s your turn” Joseph said.


Well there’s nothing much to know about know…. you knew all about it already” Desmond said.


Well tell us something we didn’t know” Junior said.


Okayy, I was a soldier before I become a police officer?” Desmond said and they were surprised.


A soldier?….that explains the durability and craziness which is differ from the rest” Junior said.


What made you change you mind?” Bisera asked.



My father and younger sister came to escort me home from the airport, it was on our way back we got attacked by assassins”


Oh my God” Bisera exclaimed.


My Dad and sister couldn’t make it but I survived, I realised it was planned my some corrupted police officers”


I went back for revenge then I realized that the system is corrupted, I made up my mind to walk in my Father’s footsteps” he concluded.


I’m so sorry about your father and sister” Bisera said.


It’s alright” he replied.


So what are your powers?” Joseph asked grinning.


Power?….are you kidding?….. I’m completely human, the only ability I have is shooting and computer…. that’s all” Desmond said.


So John…..I noticed you’re awfully quiet….. what’s your story?” Junior asked.


Uhmm, I’m sorry I don’t think I want to share that” he said.


We are all sharing……at least give us something” Joseph said.


You all seems to have your story completed but mine is not, I’m still fighting for survival” John said.


You can share, maybe there’s a way we can help…even if it’s a piece” Bisera said.


All I can say is that, some bad people got me in an accident which shattered me to pieces”


Because of their bad intentions they patch me up scientifically, made me a machine, they ruin my family….they turned me to a killing machine”



They used me to play God, they ruined my life completely and now I can’t even take revenge cause they created all this and they can definitely shut me down”


I’m so sorry you had to go through all that” Mary said.


So what are your abilities?” Desmond asked.


Seriously?……just leave the man already?” Mary said glaring at him.


It’s okay Mary, uhmm….I don’t really have any abilities other than the martial arts that was installed in me” John said.


They can install martial art?” Joseph asked.


Yeah like Boxing, Jiu jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Aikido, Judo and others even weapon combat” John said.


Damn man…… that’s crazy” Joseph exclaimed.


So Junior, you’re technically the strongest and most powerful among us” Desmond said.


Maybe….but not in all ways” Junior replied.


Mr ThankGod, I made you a deal and I’m keeping it…..the synthetic body you need is ready….we will change it tomorrow” Seunnzzy said.


Thank you” John said.


You know Seunnzzy, you Never tell us what the plan is…..we never device a plan and I don’t work without a plan” Desmond said.


Yeah about that, the plan is set but I was thinking tomorrow morning I’ll make it known” Seunnzzy said.


Why not now?….. let’s know our part and be ready for it” Desmond said.


I agree with him” Junior said.


Okay then……first our main objective is to shut down the portal and destroy it and to do that we are going to use an E.M.P” Seunnzzy said.


Yeah, you’re going to need one hell of a big E.M.P to take out something as big as that” Desmond said.


You’re right Mr Rolland and I’m informing you right now that the device is ready and along with the rest” Seunnzzy said.


Really?” Joseph asked.


Check this out……come with me” Seunnzzy said then they all followed him to the armory.


Seunnzzy opened a patch at the right side of bunker and pulled out a box which contained the EMP.


Damn….. I’ve never seen one as big as this” Desmond said.


I created it to be use for this mission” Seunnzzy said.


Not bad, nice one” Junior remarked.


And this are the weapons we will be using” Seunnzzy said then push a button and another box opened.


Damn” Joseph exclaimed.


So you’re telling me that all the guns I brought are useless including my toys” Desmond said and Mary scoffed.


Now who’s the kid here?” She said.


Let’s not start again little kid” Desmond replied.


Mr Rolland your guns can’t work on them but this will” Seunnzzy said.


Hmmm” Desmond said then took one to check it out.


Mr Goodluck and Mr Edwards don’t have to use this cause their powers can do so much damage on them” Seunnzzy said.


So you’re saying lightening, Fire, Ice can kill them” Junior asked.


Yes, including your scepter Mr Edwards, it’s magical and only magical things can kill them” Seunnzzy said.


Oh well then” Joseph said grinning.


So the rest of us will use this weapons against them” Seunnzzy said.


Just one question, this enemies they don’t have weapons, do they?” Desmond asked.


Yes they do…..a weapon just like this” Seunnzzy replied.


So how do we fight them all with hope that we won’t get shot, we are not fighting 10 or 20 or 50 not even 100 but thousands……”


Not getting shot by one is them will be one hell of a miracle especially for someone like me……”


“…….. I’m not like any of you guys cause I don’t have any healing powers, if I get


shot I die….end of discussion” Desmond said.


I understand Mr Rolland which is why I invented a protective measure for each of us while we go” Seunnzzy said.


Okay….. I’m all ears” Desmond said then Seunnzzy opened another box and bring out a device.


What is this?” He asked.



This will act as your shield” Seunnzzy said.


How” he asked then Seunnzzy wore it on his head then activate it and the device covered him completely.


Woww” Joseph exclaimed.


With this if you get hit you won’t feel a thing” Seunnzzy said.


Well it’s not bad…..I can work with that” Desmond said.


But, you see this number here” Seunnzzy said pointing to the number on the device and Desmond nodded.


Any time you get hit the number will reduce and if it reach zero, well you know what that means” Seunnzzy said.


It means no more shield, we are completely on our own” Desmond said and Seunnzzy nodded.


I have seven of it for us so since Mr Johnson won’t be coming with us then it reach everyone” Seunnzzy said.


That sounds good” Bisera said.


You know you still haven’t tell us what the plan is” Desmond said.


Yeah forgive me, the plan is we approach together, we take them by surprise, off-guard with that we will have a better advantage then we activate the device,” Seunnzzy said.


That’s the plan?” Desmond asked.


Yeah” Seunnzzy replied.


Well your plan sucks, it’s more like you’re leading us to be slaughtered” Desmond said.


I think it’s a good plan, it’s not that bad” Junior said.


Yeah me too…..I mean it sounds great, nothing’s bad” Joseph said.


seriously?… guys don’t see any flaws in that……after all the quality he gave those guys….”


“……..and you think they won’t be ready for anything to prevent them from


completing a project of two thousand years” Desmond said.


Why do you have so much problem?….do you have any better plan?” Mary said glaring at him.


As the matter of fact, Yes I do” Desmond replied.


Well then let’s hear it” Philip said.


Now you’re talking” Desmond said.


we will be divided into two teams, the first team will act as a distraction while the second team will sneak in to deactivate the portal using the EMP device” Desmond said.


We can’t afford to separate during the mission in order to go through the portal together” Junior said.


Then we can arrange a rendezvous point to meet back” Desmond said.


we don’t have much time for that” Seunnzzy said.


I think we should go with the first plan” Joseph said.


we went in together, catch them by surprise then activate the device, After destroying the portal then we can open a portal and head back here” Seunnzzy said.


It’s a nice plan” John also remarked.



You too?…. seriously? arhhh, well since that’s what you all want what choice do I have….. majority carries the vote” Desmond said.


Good….. now we’ve all agree cause to do this we all need to work as a team” Seunnzzy said.


I think there might be a problem” John said.


What is it?” Seunnzzy asked.


If you activate the EMP, not only the Portal will be deactivated….I will shutdown as well” John said.


Oh you’re right… come I missed that?” Seunnzzy said.


So what’s it gonna be?” Joseph asked.


I’ll build an anti EMP repellant and installed it in your system which will prevent the EMP from affecting you” Seunnzzy said.


You can do that?” Desmond asked.


Yeah…all I have to do is followed the model of my own” Seunnzzy said.


You also have the repellant?” Joseph asked.


Yes, Every Chronicom does, so Mr ThankGod I will build the repellant and installed it in your system tomorrow” Seunnzzy said.


So can we rest now for what’s to come tommorow?” Bisera asked.


Yes…we can, that’s all we need to know about the mission” Seunnzzy said and they all left.




{Next Day}




Just after they all wake one after the other Seunnzzy came to inform John about the synthetic body.



Is it time?” John asked.


Yes, let’s go” Seunnzzy replied then they went together to the info room.


Sit over there” Seunnzzy pointed to a spot and he sat down.


Heyy guys” Desmond said entering the room.


Mr Rolland…. you’re here” Seunnzzy said.


Yeah…..I overheard you talking to him and I decided to come see how it is done” Desmond said.


Okay then” Seunnzzy replied then he continue with what he was doing.


He managed to removed the robotic hands and legs, also a part of the skull and few of the ones on his chest.


We need to be careful not to damage your system” Seunnzzy said as he removed it one after the other.


He successfully removed the robotic parts then replaced them with synthetic body.


After he successfully replaced it all he inserted the anti EMP repellant as well then activate it all.


So do you like your new body?” Seunnzzy asked.


You mean fire can’t ruin it or be affected with bullets?” John asked.


It’s totally indestructible……nothing can stop you now, you can hold your kids as long as you want” Seunnzzy said.


Nice one Seunnzzy” Desmond remarked.



Thank you but I can still be traced……they put a tracker in me and if I remove it, my system will crash” John said.


I see…..well you need not to worry about that, I know exactly how to reverse that” Desmond said.


How?” Seunnzzy asked.


I have to hacked into your system then deactivate the tracking device and use it as a decoy to prevent you from crashing” Desmond said.


Are you sure?” John asked.


Yeah it’s what I do best….. connect him to the system” Desmond said then Seunnzzy connected him back to the system.


Desmond started working on him and after a while he deactivate the tracker.


Thank you” John said.


You’re welcome” Desmond replied.


Alright gear up……we leave in ten minutes” Seunnzzy said then they both went back to the bunker.




Few minutes later they all gathered at the info room all geared up as well with their weapon in their hands except Desmond.


Where’s that Jerk?” Mary asked.


Desmond returned shaking slightly and they wondered what was wrong with him.


Is everything alright with you?” Bisera asked.


Yeah I’m fine” Desmond replied.


Then why are you hurting yourself?” Junior asked.


I’m not I’ll be fine” he replied.


Whatever you say buddy” Junior said.


Alright everyone, this might be the last time some of us some meet to so…… it’s so nice to be here with you all” Desmond said then start hugging each one of them one after the other.


What has gotten into him?” Mary said.


Desmond moved to Joseph then he hugged him then to Junior and his wife then to John and to Seunnzzy.


Don’t even get close to me” Mary said when he got to her.


C’mon little kid, it’s just a hug” Desmond said hugging her anyways then moved to Philip and hugged him as well.


Are you sure you’re okay” Junior asked.


Yeah I’m fine… know, being here with you great people” Desmond said.


Alright everyone, we all know the plan….. let’s stick to it, and come back safe” Seunnzzy said.


Nah, I don’t think that’s gonna happening” Desmond said and they all turned to him.


What do mean Mr Rolland?” Seunnzzy asked then Junior and Bisera both searched through his mind.


No no no no no no” the both shouted then Desmond pressed a button on his wrist watch and they all collapsed on the ground.


Pheeeew, Now we are talking”


















{World In Danger}



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