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Chapter 3












Author’s POV




After Seunnzzy left Philip’s Mansion he sat down and think about all that he said and also what he’s going to do about it.


Do you think he’s telling the truth?” Ruby asked as they all sat together.


I think so I mean he doesn’t have any reason to lie to us” Philip said.


So we are going to do exactly what a total stranger told us” Mary said.


We can as well sat down and do nothing but if what he said about a war coming is true, don’t you think we should as well d something about it” Philip said.


So I’m going with a stranger to fight a war” Mary said.


Who says you’re going alone?…..of course I’m coming along with you” Philip said.


Okay dad” she replied.


I won’t force you against your wish, it should be your decision” Philip Said.


It’s okay dad…… I’ll go” she said and he nodded.


Speaking of which…..he said your powers are manifesting… that true?” Philip asked and she nodded.


and you don’t think of telling me about it?” Philip said.


I’m sorry Dad” she replied.


Never mind, let’s just see this through” Philip said.


So you guys will leave me alone at home with the kids” Ruby said.


Yeah……and if we are taking longer than expected you can come over to this location to find us” Philip said.




{Two Days Later}




Jane went to the room and saw her husband packing some clothes and taking out some guns and other toys as well.


What’s going on?” Jane asked.


I’m getting ready” Desmond replied.


Getting ready for what?” She asked.


What we discussed yesterday” Desmond replied.


I thought we agreed that you’re not going to the war” Jane said.


I can’t sit down and watch the world destroy or overtaken by crazy Intruders” Desmond Said.



Yes you can, you don’t even know if this man is speaking the truth..since when did you start trusting strangers” she said.


I never said I trust him but he really don’t have a reason to lie to us either, and if he’s lying there’s only one way to find out” Desmond said.


You’re really going aren’t you?” She asked.


Yes I am” he replied.


I thought we both agreed to retire and partake in things of such” she said.


I guess I’ll going back on my words” he said.


You’re crazy Desmond…….what if you get yourself killed…..this urge to fight is still in you and it’s going to get you killed” she said.


C’mon don’t say that…… I’m not that easy to kill and you know that” he said.


If you die, I promise I won’t even cry on the funeral, I won’t even attend to your funeral….you this Crazy boy” she said then Desmond smiled.


Really?…you want me dead?………. I know what you want you just don’t want to admit it” Desmond said getting closer to her then he wrapped his hands around her waist.


I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said looking away.


Really, or you’re angry I’m the one going for the action and it’s not you and you know you want to get back into action” Desmond said grinning widely.


Fine….you caught me, I just hate that you’re going alone, why does it have to be when I’m still nursing a child” she said.


Don’t worry…..your time will come, you know someone will have to look after the kids” Desmond said.



Yeah, don’t you think you’re and I crazy, craving to go back into the game whereby there’s a little chance that we can survive it” Jane said.


Yeah, we are one crazy couple” he said then they laughed then kissed afterwards.


so are you ready” she asked after they disengaged.


Yeah, just adding some few collections of guns and some of my other special new toys” Desmond said.


Dagger?” She asked.


Check” he replied.




Double check”


C-Flairs, Laser Taser, C4, electro sensor trigger, MOJ?”


Triple check baby”


Remember, don’t let your guards down…….no one can be trusted” she said.


You know me very well” Desmond replied then he zipped the bag.


Take this, put it on……I also have mine” Desmond said giving her a wrist watch.


We can communicate through this watch, and you can also use it to know my location” Desmond said.


Yeah, I know all about it” she replied.


Great……. I’m ready now, take care of the kids” Desmond said.


I will” she replied then they kissed for a minute then they disengaged.


Desmond went to the kids then he kissed them on the forehead and was ready to leave them his wife escorted him.



If I don’t come back before a week….. you can come to that address” Desmond said.


I will” she replied then Desmond mounted the bike then ignited the engine.


Be safe” she said.


You too” he replied then ride away.




Josephine went to Joseph’s chamber and met him preparing.


I see you’re ready to leave” Josephine said as she entered.


Yeah… heard the man, the faith of the man lies on us” Joseph said.


He’s a stranger and he knew so much about us already…..this could be a trap” she said and Joseph smiled.


I know you’re worried but you need not to, you know I can take care of myself” he said.


What about the Fortress?” She asked.


I’ll address the people and let them be aware of what’s coming and the reason I had to go” he said.


Are you taking some soldiers with you?” She asked.


No, I can’t…..I have to do this alone, I need to go alone” he said.


Them let me come with you” Josephine said.


You can’t……. someone needs to hold command here….and you’re the person…


you will be in charge” he said.


I don’t want this Joe” she said.


Don’t worry, everything will work out well” he said then kissed her.



A knock came on the door which interrupted them then he invited the person in.


Lion Joe, you called for me” Joana said as she entered.


Yes Joana, I did……gather everyone at the hall…..I need to have a word with them” he said.


Yes Lion Joe” she replied then left.


It’s time” Joseph said then they both left the room and head over to the hall.




He got to the hall and met everyone present waiting for him, immediately they saw him they all silent.


Greetings to you Joeans, It has come to my attention that there’s a new threat to the universe” joseph said then everyone looked puzzled.


Yes, there’s a new threat which I and some others will have to stop before it reaches to Earth”


I’m using this medium to inform you that I’m going for war and I’m going alone” he said then they started rumbling.


SILENCE” Joana shouted and everywhere was silent.


I know it’s coming as a surprise but you should know……I need to go alone to know what we are dealing with”


I’ll be back….. just put that in mind, and it will be in Victory… I want you to hold onto that” he said.


That will be all……. thank you Joeans” he said then everyone went on their knees.


L’ Chaim{Long Live} The Lion JOE” they all chorused.





Junior prepared himself and ready to leave and dressed and came to the living room and saw his sisters and Gaia.


Hey brother” the girls said.


Hey girls, what brings you guys over?” Junior asked and they furrow their brow.


I called them” Bisera said from behind and he turned to see his wife all dressed up and he wondered what’s happening.


What’s going on?” Junior asked.


I’m coming with you of course” she said and Junior was surprised.


What?….what about the kids?” Junior asked.


Which is why I invited the girls over to look after them while we are away” she said.


C’mon, we agreed I’m going alone” Junior said.


Well I disagree….. I’m coming along that’s it” she said.


C’mon girls help me out here, it’s not like it’s a party” Junior said looking at the girl but they just shrugged their shoulders.


I’ve got nothing to say brother….”


Me too”


I think I agree with her” the girls said.


Seriously…… c’mon Gift help me out here” Junior said looking at Gift.


Do I look like your wife?… she’s your wife and whatever she says is final” Gift said.


I see……so you girls have made plans behind me…… that’s not cool” Junior said.



Fine… win” he said then went to meet his son.


Hey champ, you better grow up on time before this ladies frustrate my life” he said then kissed his son forehead.


Alright baby, daddy needs to go now” he said to Mary then embraced her.


Be careful daddy” she said.


I will baby” he replied then went to his sisters as well.


Bisera also did likewise to them and after they are through and ready to leave, they turned to their kids.


Take care of the house girls…..we will be back” Bisera said.


Come back in one piece” Gift said and they smiled.


Ready Mrs Goodluck” Junior asked.


Whenever you are” she replied then Junior opened a Portal right there in the room and they both went in.




Desmond arrived at the location and realised it is a warehouse, he pulled out his gun and inspects the place very well.


He walked around the warehouse hoping to look for a back door but found none, then he has to other choice but to use the front.


Okay D, I hope I’m not walking into a trap here, it’s now or never” he said then opened the door and entered.




Seunnzzy’s POV




I was in the warehouse which I prepared for all the potential to meet up except for one….JOHN.



I’m still finding it hard to locate John’s whereabouts, he’s a new potential so that makes it hard to find.


I’ve found him before but his location keeps changing from time to time, I was still looking then I heard the door opened.


I turned then realized it’s Mr Rolland then I stood up to meet him.


So nice to see you Mr Rolland” I said.


Yeah” he replied.


I’m glad you could make it and you’re the first to arrive” I said.


Yeah, I like to stick with time” he said looking around the place.


Is there anything you’re looking for?” I asked.


Nah, just checking out the place” he replied.


Okay” I replied then the door opened again and Mr Johnson and his daughter entered.


Mr Johnson, I’m so glad you could make it” I said moving closer to them.


Yeah… made it sound as if the world is about to end” Philip said.


Yeah….. that’s exactly how it is” I replied.


Hello Mary, I’m so glad you decided to come along” I said and she nodded.


Hello, hello, hello” Desmond said getting closer to us.


Hi, I’m sorry to interfere but I heard you said this little girl is coming along……


you’re not talking about the war, are you?” Desmond said.


Yes Mr Rolland, she’s one of us” he said.



Are you out of your mind?, Bringing this little girl to war…….are you crazy?” Desmond said.


Heyy mister, I can speak for myself” Mary said.


Yeah I’m sure you can, but I’ve you actually being to war before…. huh, are you that desperate to die?” He said to her.


Hey, whoever you are, I’d suggest you back off…..okay” Philip said angrily at him.


Yeah right, and you must be what her brother right?….. putting this girl in danger, what are you 18?” Desmond said.


I’m nineteen, so I can make my own decision” Mary said.


Mr Rolland please let’s be calm” I said then the door opened again and the Lion Joe entered.


JOE, I’m so glad you could make it” I said as he entered.


Is this where the war will be happening?” Joseph said looking around.


No it’s not….. it’s our meeting ground” I replied.


Wait hold, you mean to tell me he’s joining as well” Desmond said pointing to Joseph.


Yes Mr Rolland” I replied.


What the hell is wrong with you?….. bringing kids to fight war” Desmond said.


Those kids have a great potential and I can assure you…they are more than capable” I replied.


Uhmm, Seunnzzy….can you please tell him not to refer to me as kid, I’m 22 years old and I’m a king” Joseph replied.



Excuse Mr King, I suggest you both go back to your momma cause this ain’t something kids should be involve in” Desmond said.


Mr Rolland…I…..” I couldn’t complete sentences when we a Portal opened right in the warehouse.


Desmond instinctively pulled out a gun while the moved back in shock.


What the hell?” Joseph said turning his staff to sword.


Is this the threat you’re talking about?” Philip asked.


Please let us be calm…..I assure it’s of no danger….. someone is coming through” I said.


You think I’ll let down my guard one sec… must be joking” Desmond said then they appear.


Mr and Mrs Goodluck came out of the portal and the Portal close back which leaves everyone in bewilderment.


Let’s stay cool guys….we are harmless” Junior said.


Mr Goodluck, I’m so glad you could make it…..but I don’t expect you come with your wife” I said.


Yeah…..she decided to tag along” he said.


Hope there’s still a room for one more” Bisera said.


Of course” I replied.


That’s so cool Man” Joseph said smiling.


Thanks” Junior replied.



So is this everyone?” Junior asked and just immediately a sound beeped on my device which shows the location of John.


Yeah about that….. it’s remaining just one more person” I said.


How about you all get seated and I’ll just go to get him right away….then when I get back…….we can begin” I said.


How long will you be gone?” Philip asked.


Not long…. I’ll get him immediately, try to be comfortable….. I’ll be back soon” I said then went out.


























{World In Danger}



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