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Chapter 5












Author’s POV




Junior realizes that it’s starting to get ugly then he quickly stood up.



Alright…… Time up” he said then created an ice and cuffed Desmond with it on both hands and legs.


As Mary jumped high to pounce on Desmond Joseph also throw his rope at Mary which held her together up in the air and unable to move.


She tried to break free of the rope but she couldn’t and as she tried harder it’s only getting painful cause electricity is surging through it.


Release me now” Mary growled at him.


I’m sorry, but I need you to stop…..this is getting out of hands……you have to control yourself” Joseph replied.


She stopped fighting it then her eyes returned back to it’s normal position.


I’m good, now take this thing off me” Mary said calmly.


Are you sure?” Joseph asked and she nodded then Joseph released the rope and she drop to the ground.


On the other side Desmond was surprised that someone could create an ice out of nothing.


What the hell?” Desmond said.


I think it’s time to calm down man” Junior said.


Get this thing off me now” Desmond said.


You’ve acting sassy since you got here… you’ve getting pissed off at everything… need to calm down” Junior said.


Get this thing off me” he said again.


Not until you give me your word that you will act cool” Junior said.


Fine… Okay…. fine” Desmond said then he demolished the ice.



Good….cause if you tried to act funny again you and I are gonna have a problem, trust me you don’t want to be on my bad side” Junior said.


Whatever” Desmond said then the door opened and Seunnzzy and John entered and every stared at the man behind him.


Holy Molly,…..Is that a cyborg?” Joseph asked.


What happened here?” Seunnzzy asked looking at the messy place.


There’s a little bit of sparing before you arrived but not to worry it’s been settled” Junior said.


Oh really” Seunnzzy said.


Yeah….. who’s this fella here?” Junior asked.


Oh yeah, Meet Mr John ThankGod….. he’s the man we are waiting for and also will be joining us on this quest”


Mr ThankGod, this is Mr Goodluck and his wife Bisera” Seunnzzy introduced.


Call me Junior, nice meeting you John” Junior said shooking hands with him and his eyes bulged he realized he’s holding a steel.


And call me serah” Bisera said shook hands with him as well with the same reaction.


Nice meeting you” John said.


Mr ThankGod, Meet Joseph Edwards” Seunnzzy introduced.


Nice meeting you John” Joseph said shooking his hands.


Same here” John replied.


Wow, that’s one cool hands” Joseph said smiling.


Seunnzzy turned to Philip and his daughter and saw them nursing their wounds.


Those two over their are Philip and his daughter Mary” Seunnzzy said and they both waved at him and he waved back.


And over there is Desmond”Seunnzzy said.


Hey John, welcome aboard” Desmond said waving at him.


Thanks” John replied.


Great, earlier before you left you said this place is only our meeting


ground…..can we head over to where the action will be taking place” Joseph said.


Yes” Seunnzzy said.


And where is that?” John asked.


It’s on a space ship……and that’s where we learn more about what we are up against” seunnzzy said.


You said space ship, to get their we are going to need a jet or a space ship” Joseph said.


Yeah and the one I came with couldn’t contained us all” Seunnzzy said.


How the hell do you expect us to get there?” Desmond asked.


Mr Goodluck here will make that an easy one for us” Seunnzzy said.


Oh I see” junior said.


Wait….how is he gonna do that?… he going to create a space ship out of nothing?” Desmond asked and Junior smiled.


No Mr Rolland, he’s going to create a portal for us to go through” Seunnzzy said.


Really?….. Damn, that will be so cool” Joseph said excitedly.


You mean like the thing they came in with?” Desmond asked.




So when are we leaving?” Joseph asked.


Right now, we don’t have much time, so grab your things let’s go” Seunnzzy said then everyone stood up.


Mr Johnson, I guess this is where we part ways, I promise to return your daughter back safely” Seunnzzy said.


So you mean he’s coming along?” Joseph asked.


Yes” Seunnzzy replied and Desmond smiled mischievously.


I think I’ve changed my mind….. I’m coming along as well” philip said.


Mr Johnson, I thought we had an understanding…….this is dangerous for you, I told you the chronicoms are no match for humans” Seunnzzy said.


What about him?…… what about this crazy guy here?….. he’s human too, he has no supernatural power” Philip said pointing at Desmond.


He’s different in some ways but you have no power or any fighting skills, you coming with us will be a suicide” Seunnzzy said.


Listen to me and listen Good, it’s either I come with or I take my daughter and go… I’m not leaving my daughter with this guy……”


……So i’m going as long as this crazy guy is on board” Philip said and Seunnzzy sighed deeply.


Fine…… let’s go” Seunnzzy said then they all gathered their things.


Mr Goodluck, if you would be so kind to open that portal now” Seunnzzy said then Junior created one.



Damn…… that’s so crazy man” Joseph said as everyone else was surprised.


Let’s hold our hands and enter together” Seunnzzy said and they held their hands.


Why don’t you all go first?…..l’ll go after” Desmond said.


Don’t tell me you’re scared” Bisera said smiling.


I’m not scared……I just don’t trust any magical things” Desmond said.


Mr Rolland, be rest assured that everything is perfectly okay” Seunnzzy said.


We have to hold our hands together or else you’ll be lost in limbo” Junior said then Desmond reluctantly joined his hand with John.


Alright, let’s go” Seunnzzy said and they entered the portal together.




Just immediately they all came out at the other side and landed on the ship.


OhmyGod” Joseph exclaimed.


Welcome to my place” Seunnzzy said.


So we are on space” Bisera said looking around along with the rest.


Yes……there are bunkers over there, you can go over and relax while I attend to some things”


I’ll call you all for debriefing after I’m done…..excuse me” Seunnzzy said then left them alone.


Philip and his daughter went to the bunker and they occupy the first and second bunker while Joseph took the third.


Junior and his wife occupy the next while Desmond and John took the next.


They all settled down and arranged their things while some laid on the bed.



Desmond tried communicating with his wife but it wasn’t connecting.


Great, no way to communicate” he said then test some of his toys to if they aren’t disconnected due to the frequency.




Seunnzzy’s POV {An Hour Later}




After checking the database I realised that my kinsmen are getting closer to completing the portal.


It’s only a matter of days before they complete the portal and if they did, that will be the end.


I went back to the bunker and called on all of them that it’s time for debriefing.


They all followed me back to the info room and took their sit.


I welcomed you all once again and without beating around the bush, I need to go straight to the point” I said.


First I need to explain everything to you, I mean from the very beginning” I said as they all concentrated on me.


We chronicom are an extremely advanced and ancient kind of synthetic, semi-robotic beings that operate in the galaxy as observers in some centuries back” I said.


Many think of us as a robot but we aren’t a robot cause we have conscience, the only thing we don’t have is pain” I narrated.


You mean you’re not human…. you’re like a robot?” Joseph asked.


Not exactly but yes we are not human” I replied.



So you’re saying the creature we are to go against are Chronicom just like you?” John asked.


You’re right” I replied.


Why do they want to destroy earth” Bisera asked.


Allow me to continue and you will have your answer” I replied.


We chronicoms are immortal, we don’t age, we don’t get sick, we don’t feel pain, We don’t procreate as well so theirs no child among us just adults”


At the very beginning we live among the humans but then we realise the humans have the tendency of experimenting and doing lots of research on things”


We Chronicoms have a wide knowledge of things that human can ever imagine, which makes them envy us”


We develop technology more advanced than any other species or nation and we thrive in it as the years goes by”


The world around us descended further into chaos, humans have the habit of finding solution through war”


We can’t let any of our technology get into the hands of humans so we vowed to hide ourselves away from humans”


We understand the civilization of humans and the way they think so we decided to stay as far away from human as possible”


We built a space ship and we left earth for the humans and went away for many years”


We’ve been in the galaxy for centuries and only few humans know about our existence.”





Not very long after, About two thousand years ago there was an act of disloyalty among my kinsmen which lead to treason”


The treason was caused by General Ruzzy and they started a riot to kill our leader Brennzzy”


I am the Chief Guard for Brennzzy sworn to protect our leader with all my might but unfortunately our leader was killed by his own kinsmen”


Wait…wait sorry…..I thought you said you’re immortal… come your leader was killed?” Joseph asked.


Yes we are immortal but there’s a special weapon that can kill us, at first we have no idea but general Ruzzy develop a weapon which can kill us”


I see” Joseph said.


They tried to kill me as well but I manage to escape from them” I said.


What’s the cause of this treason?” Philip asked.


General Ruzzy wanted us to take back Earth from the humans, he said we are the strongest so we should take earth”


But our leader didn’t agree with him which rouse a treason and planned to overtake Earth”


They killed our leader and I vowed to stop them with everything I got, I blown all the ship to prevent them from leaving the galaxy”


I took the last space ship to escape and then I come here”


Few months ago I noticed a huge amount of power being absorbed in the galaxy and when I manage to hacked in I noticed they are building this” I said showing then the video of the Portal they building.


What is that thing?” Mary asked.



Electro supersonic Portal and it’s only a matter of days before it’s complete” I said.


I would’ve go alone to do this but I won’t even get close before they kill me which is why I needed you guys” I said.


So any questions?” I asked.


Just one question though……why do you want to help us humans……and not your own people?” Desmond asked.


Because we are made out of human, a group of scientist created us a very long time ago”


And since then they keep making more of us, we have conscience, we do things just like humans” I answered.


You also mentioned that a certain weapon can kill do you have this weapon?” Desmond asked again.


Yes, and it’s ready for use” I replied.


How many are this Chronicoms” Bisera asked.


Over the years we’ve we’ve been multiplying and……”


Just tell us how many they are” John said.


Let’s say three thousand” I said.


Whaaaat!” They are shouted.


Three thousands……are you Crazy?, You told me a thousand or more” John said.


Look, I’m not sure okay……but I know we stand a chance to defeat them” I said.


This is crazy…..this is a suicide mission” Philip said.


I know this is dangerous and I told you before embarking on this quest that isn’t an easy one”


So if anyone wants to back out, now is the chance I’ll have Mr Goodluck transport him/her back to earth through the portal” I said but no one said anything.


Great, that means we are all in” I said.


And don’t you give us anymore surprises….. you tell us everything that we need to know” Philip said.


Copy that…. I’m sorry ” I apologized.


So that’s all to know…… let’s rest tonight cause tomorrow we set out to mission”






















{World In Danger}




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