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{World In Danger}
















Seunnzzy’s POV




My name is Seunnzzy. I am what those of advance knowledge in science {scientist} described to be a chronicom.


A chronicom are an extremely advanced and ancient kind of synthetic, semi-robotic beings that operate in the galaxy as observers.


Many think of us as a robot but we aren’t a robot cause we have conscience, the only thing we don’t have is pain.


We’ve been in the galaxy for centuries and only few humans know about our existence.



Thought we have the same structure as that of a human but we are very different in a lot of things.


We chronicoms are immortal, we don’t age cause I’ve been in the galaxy for two thousand years.


We don’t procreate as well so theirs no child among us just adults and it’s with both gender.


We separated ourselves from humans cause according to our knowledge, the human has the tendency of experimenting on things they have no idea of.


We develop technology more advanced than any other countries and we thrive in it as the years goes by.


The world around us descended further into chaos, humans have the habit of finding solution through war.


We can’t let any of our technology get into the hands of humans so we vowed to hide ourselves away from humans.


We understand the civilization of humans and the way they think so we decided to stay as far away from human as possible.


For thousands of years we lived in a separate universe very far from planet Earth and to get there you will need a space ship. **


About two thousand years ago there was an act of disloyalty among my kinsmen which lead to treason.


The treason was caused by General Ruzzy and they started a riot to kill our leader Brennzzy.


I as the Chief Guard for Brennzzy sworn to protect our leader with all my might but unfortunately our leader was killed by his own kinsmen.



It seems there was a traitor in our midst and as it seems I’m the only one left and they planned to kill me too.


Before our leader died he made me sworn an oath to prevent them from carrying out their evil plans.


I tried all I could to prevent them by burning all their space ship and some of their invention preventing them from leaving the galaxy.


I took the last space ship to escape to planet Earth and since then I’ve been staying on Earth but not on the ground but in the space. **


Since then I’ve been monitoring everything in the universe, from supernatural creatures to all other things.


I’ve also been keeping tabs on my fellow Chronicoms to know if they are planning any thing, that is what I’ve been doing for the past two thousand years.


But recently I received an alert on the Chronicoms, they are building something which will allow them all to come to planet Earth.


They are almost through with the project and if they finished there’s no way I can stop them, they will definitely come to earth and they will come en masse.


If they did come to Earth it is definitely to destroy the huma8n and to take over Earth completely unless I find a way to stop it.


But in order for me to stop it I’m going to need help cause I alone can’t take on them.


Over the centuries I’ve been keeping tabs on some people on Earth especially in the West Africa region Nigeria to be precise.


I know exactly those I need for this important task and I know exactly where to find them, with their help I believe we can stop the intrusion.


This is not the fight for family anymore, it’s the fight for the whole universe and we


have to stop it.












{World In Danger}



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