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Chapter 10 {F!ÑÃLÊ–A}












Author’s POV




DESMOND” Mary and the rest shouted and they ran to his position and took him back to the ridge.


{Warning: Shield in critical Level 35%}


Are you alright?” Mary asked.


yeah, i think so…thanks to shield, Let’s not do that again” Desmond said breathing heavily.


yeah, it’s a terrible plan” Mary said.




YYES” The general jubilated.


Come, it’s time for us to go home” the general said to junior.


The three of you keep them out, don’t let them in” Ruzzy ordered.


Yes General” they replied.


come, it’s time for you to open a portal for us” ruzzy said then he left with junior.




Oh damn….it is destroyed” Philip said pointing to EMP scattered on the ground.


That’s bad” Desmond said.


What do we do now?” Mary asked.


I don’t think we have any other choice than to remove it from their neck” Seunnzzy said.


how do we take on them alone?…..look at their state, they are not being friendly” Philip said.


What other choice do we have?” Desmond said.


So we are doing this?” Philip asked.


We have no choice” Desmond replied.


So what do we do?” Mary asked.


There are four of them and four of us so we take on them one-one” Mary said.


Not four three……look junior is gone” Seunnzzy said pointing to the entrance.


We are running out of time….. he’s going to open the portal” Philip said.


Alright Mary, you and your father take on Bisera while Seunnzzy and I will take on John and Joseph” Desmond said.


Ready” he said and they nodded affirmative.


NOW” he said then they ran towards the entrance.


John and two others saw them and they started attacking them, Joseph was throwing lightening while John and Bisera were shooting.



Desmond bring our his gun and he started firing back at them and in the process Joseph got shot.


Joseph got angry as he see them getting closer then he started transforming, the others stopped to see what was happening.


Desmond and others stopped running when they saw what was happening.


ohmyGod, he’s going to turn…..we should go” Mary shouted as he almost turned into a Lion.


We can’t take on him when he finish transformation……..we have to go back now” Mary shouted then they all ran back to the ridge.


Joseph completed his transformation then he roar loudly for everyone to hear.


I can’t believe I’m seeing this” Desmond said in disbelief.


Yeah me too…..when he told me I didn’t take it serious” Mary said.


We can’t just stay here……we need to do something” Philip said.


What do we do now?” Mary asked.


Actually i have another terrible plan” Desmond said.


Are you serious at all……you almost died in your last terrible plan” Mary said in disbelief.


well, no one is coming up with anything” desmond said.


Fine let’s hear it” Mary said.


The SNS” Desmond said.


What?” Philip asked.



The Synth Nerve Shock I placed in your bodies few hours ago, I can use it to knock them out” Desmond said.


You’re right….which will allow us to remove device from their neck” Seunnzzy said.


So do it….what are you waiting for?” Mary said.


But….to do it, we need to get close to them” Desmond said.


Looks like we have to face them whether we like it or not” Mary said.


Yeah, and we can’t back out” Desmond said.


We don’t have any other choice, we have to do this but the shock will affect us as well, we also have the SNS in our body” Philip said.


Oh yeah right….. come over” Desmond said to Mary then he pulled out the tiny device from her back.


Ouch” she whined.


Sorry” Desmond said after removing it then he did the same to Philip and Seunnzzy as well.


Alright…… let’s do this” Desmond said and they came out of their hideout and ran towards them.


John and other see them and they started firing at them, Desmond and the rest tried to dodge all their fire.


Mary and her father ran towards the lion and Joseph roar once again then also ran after them.


As they got closer to him Joseph jumped in other to pounce on them but they quickly duck away.



As Desmond got closer to them and was about to knock them out then Bisera pounced on him.


Desmond tried to get up but he was trapped then Bisera started punching him which draw blood from his mouth.


You wanted to use your watch again right….. it’s not gonna happen” Bisera said then went for his watch.


Desmond remembered that she knew about it cause she read his mine then he kicked her off him.


Desmond tried to press it then she bring out a gun and pointed it at him.


” Press it and die” she said with her hand on the trigger.


Desmond looked around and see John already punching Seunnzzy hard to the ground.


He saw Joseph on Mary trying to tear her apart and Philip on the ground bleeding.


You can’t stop this…..the general must have his wish….you all are going to die” Bisera said.


I’m not afraid to die but if I’m going to die I might as well get the Job done” Desmond said then kicked the gun away from her.


As Bisera tried to pounce on him Desmond pressed the pitching sound which distorted their hearing and they all screamed in pain.


Then Desmond locate the SNS program then he activated it which sent them unconscious.


That took you long enough to get the job done, any moment from now I might be dead” Mary said.



Let’s remove the device” Desmond said then they started removing the device from their neck.


How do we wake them?” Philip asked.


No worried” Desmond replied then he pressed another button and they gasped out.


Welcome back guys” Mary said.


What Happened?” Joseph said looking around.


In short version… all tried to kill us” Desmond said.




Guys, we are running out of time” Seunnzzy said.


Yeah, we got to go” Philip said then they went after them.




My fellow chronicoms, the day we’ve been waiting for has come……for thousands years we’ve been banished from our world”


The world that belongs to us, the world that we helped build, now it’s time for us to take back what’s ours” Ruzzy said.




It’s time, take us home” Ruzzy said.


I’ll transport you to the last place I was on Earth” Junior said then created a Portal and the General entered.


When the commander was about to follow him they heard a loud explosion in the midst of the chronicoms.


The commander was shocked to see most of the chronicoms dead on the ground, then Desm?ond and other came out.



How is that possible?, How did they removed the device?” Commander asked.


I don’t know commander” Junior replied.


Stop them….I want them all dead, Chronicoms, Attack” the commander ordered then he entered the Portal also.


The chronicoms attacked but Joseph created a very big lightening which destroyed them all.


Junior realised he’s now alone against them then Desmond stepped forward then he pressed the button and they were surprised because it took no effect on him.


Looking for this?” Junior said showing him the SNS device.


ohmyGod…..He removed it” Bisera said.


we need to take him out now ” Desmond shouted then went for his gun.


Like hell you are” Junior said then he created so many icicle daggers and strike at them.


Fortunately for them Joseph created a lightening which shielded them all against it.


Junior created another lightening bolt with a very high volt and strike at them but Joseph was more than enough to repel it.


Junior turned back and created another Portal then he went in.


Guys, we need to go now before the Portal close” Bisera said then they all ran to the Portal.


Desmond was the last to enter but before he did he took four bomb then throw it.


I wish we don’t come back to this damn planet” he said then entered the Portal.




{Back to Earth}




The General and the commander are in the warehouse waiting for others then the portal opened and Junior came through.


Where are my men?” Ruzzy asked.


I’m sorry General, I’m afraid they are all dead” Junior said.


Whaat?” Ruzzy shouted just then Joseph and others also came through the Portal.


You people really want to die” Junior said.


Junior you need to fight this, this is not you” Bisera said.


You’re wrong….this is me, General go….I got this” Junior said.


Kill them all this time around” the commander said and they were about to leave.


Not so fast….big boy, Guys make sure they don’t leave this warehouse….. I’ll take on Mr powerful here” Joseph said.


Are you sure?” Desmond asked.


Go…..I can take on him” Joseph assured then they went after the general and his commander leaving Joseph and Junior.


I see you really do have a death wish boy” junior said to him.


We will see about”












I know it’s short but not to worry the last chapter will drop today, I’m very busy so I had to drop this.










{World In Danger}







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