Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


The only thing I feel in me right now is pure anger

Undiluted anger

I wish to kill right now

Whosoever is doing this is in for trouble

The police arrived in their car and shot my arm

I was shocked and I fell down.

They drove past me in full speed

I didn’t even feel the pain of the bullet

I quickly stood to my feet and ran to where Blue went.

I didn’t see her

I didn’t see my Blue


My head began to spin

I felt my eyes rotating like a fan

I fell down and screamed

But I had a little hope that she would come back

She must use her powers

She has to

I staggered up and looked around with eyes filled with tears

I decided to check on Derek

My eyes caught something on the ground

Her bracelet

I bent and took it

I hurried back to Derek and knelt beside him

Me: buddy, you’ll be okay. Let me call the ambulance

He didn’t reply

Me: buddy

I shook him a little but he laid motionless

I became scared

Me: Derek, Derek please wake up for me. I need you buddy please

My tears dropped as I shook him

His blood filled the whole ground

Thunder struck and the sky darkened

I began to cry with anger

My best friend is dead

I must avenge whosoever did this

I cried with the highest pitch of my voice as it rained cats and dogs

My blood was also flowing down.

I was getting weaker and dizzier and thirsty

I fell down and woke up in a hospital with Gladys beside me


When I heard about what happened to Adrian I was so angry with my men.

I never sent them to hurt Adrian.

I was ready to kill them all until I heard their explanation

They said that if they should just allow Derek and Blue to be the only victim while they were with Adrian, it will be to obvious that I’m the mastermind behind it.

And I understood them

I imagined what people would say

She killed Derek because he ruined her wedding and the same people who killed him abducted Blue, her rival

But since they shot Adrian too, they might think it was the same people who abducted him earlier

I smiled as I walked down the hallway to the hospital.

I got a call from Cadio

is it done Cadio

no ma’am, she’s escaped

track her down but this time don’t kill her. Let’s pity her parents. Just make her useless

yes ma’am


Then I hung up

My Butler opened the door to my limo and I entered inside

My driver drove to the high class hospital and I went into his ward accompanied by my guards

A hive of paparazzi were all over the place

Princess Gladys of Birmingham what do you have to say about the death of Derek Kit

do you know who is responsible for this?

where is Adrian’s girlfriend Blue?

I was walking past them giving them zero attention but that last question got me angry

I stopped and looked back then slowly looked forward and began to walk away while my guards prevented them from following me

I got to his door and knocked

A nurse opened and bowed

I overlooked her and entered inside

He was sleeping

Probably sedated

I sat beside him and I waved the nurse out.

His face was looking so disastrous and angered

I soften and held his hand in mine

Me: I’m sorry Prince Adrian. I love you I didn’t mean to. Blue pushed me to do this.

I kissed his forehead and kissed his lips

I felt emotional

I never wanted to see him in this state

My tears dropped

I sincerely love Adrian

He’s my heart beat

I can’t let anyone take him away from me anymore

I wiped my tears and blew my nose

I decided to stay with him all day so I went back and got some things then came back

By evening, he woke up and the first name he called was Blue even though I was holding his hand

What did Blue do to this Prince?


I woke up in a chair with my eyes tied to it

Even my legs were tightly tied to the chair

I felt the ropes digging into my skin and I felt nothing but pain

I couldn’t move any part of my body

Not even my fingers

My neck was so heavy, swollen, red and sore

I couldn’t move it

My eyes were watery and dull

What did this guys do to me?

Why I’m I like this?

My mind went back to Derek and Adrian

I hope nothing bad happens them

I hope the ambulance comes to their rescue

I heard a hoarse voice behind me

Voice : hey pumpkin

I couldn’t look behind me because of the pain

He walked slowly towards me

Only his shoes were the source of sound

He got closer to me and touched my cheek from the back

I shivered

His hand was cold and stiff

Voice : you were juicy

My face changed to confusion

What does he mean by that?

Voice : don’t be scared my darling.

He walked in front of me and squatted

I was surprised

He was a young man with a scar on his neck

But he looked like he was devilish

He grinned

Voice :I’m Clint and you gave me what I enjoy most for the past two days

My confusion was clearly written on my face

He brought up a mirror and showed me my face

I gasped in pain

My hair was cut off

My long hair

My tears fell when I saw the sight of my face

As if I was a thief under jungle justice

Me: what did you do to me?

I said as my voice cracked and my tongue tasted the salty liquid flowing into it

Clint: don’t cry darling. I would have gone easy on you but I’m a rough one.

I don’t do nice and easy

Me: what?

He walked to a table and took a tablet.

He placed in in front of me and played a video

I was in it


Then he stripped me and used me to satisfy his lust.

I couldn’t believe it

How could he?

My tears covered my whole face as I cried

I was weak I couldn’t do anything

I felt really unfortunate

Clint: that video is the first time. They are about ten more from where it came from.

And I’m glad you’re awake

It’s not gonna be one-sided anymore

He smirked and stood up

I looked up as he unhooked his belt

Me: please don’t do this

My voice was dead and gone

But I think he understood me

Clint: sshh, you don’t have a say in this baby

Then he moved to me and kissed me rigorously

Despite the pain I was in

I felt like I was going to die that very minute

Why is this happening to me?





To be continued

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