Thu. Feb 8th, 2024


Prince Adrian

I went inside to get a drink and met Audrey all packed up

Me: where are you going?

Audrey: to see my mom. She’s in town. I’m be gone for like a week

Me: alone

Audrey: yeah

Me: all right? Where’s Blue?

Audrey : in her room

Me: K thanks

I raced up the stairs and opened her door

She was standing in front of the mirror

Me: hey

She looked back with a worried face

I walked to her and placed my hands on her shoulders then pecked her neck

Me: are you okay?

She sighed

Blue : I’m getting ugly

I laughed and kissed her cheek

She turned and faced me

Me: who told you that?

Blue : I’m getting skinny

I cupped her face and kissed her passionately

Me: I love you

Blue : I love you too

Me: and you’re pretty Queen Blue

She chuckled

I pulled her and we fell on the bed

Me: I wanna go back to Edinburgh soon

Blue : ohhh, when

Me : on Wednesday

Blue : that’s the same day mother’s going to Neptune City

Me: why

Blue : her reasons

Me: I heard Gladys is in coma too

Blue : that’s a relief but why is everyone going into coma

Me: I’m not in coma

She chuckled and hugged me

Blue : I’m going to miss you

Me: oh no you’re going with me

Blue : really

Me: yeah, maybe Cindy and Audrey could come and keep you company

Blue : will you be too busy for me

Me: no, it’s just that I might start working again

I smirked when something came into my mind

I lifted up her hand and played with the middle finger

I might place a ring there soon


I feel like driving and breaking traffic rules.

I do that when I’m bored

But I’m not ready for that yet.

I lighted my cigarette and moved to my car.

I heard Audrey badding goodbye to them.

I waited to see where she was going

Me: where are you going?

She stopped and looked at me

Audrey : somewhere

I moved to her

Me: I’ll drop you off

Audrey : no I’m going alone

Me: bitch I never said I was gonna follow you. I’m only dropping you off

Audrey: well I don’t need your damn help

I frowned

Me: don’t you raise your voice at me. Now get into the car and tell me where you’re going

I collected the bag and kept it in the car

Me: get in

She glared at me

I opened the door and she entered

I got in and started the car.

Me: who are you going to meet?

Audrey: my mom. Downtown

I nodded and looked out of the window

She was looking uneasy

Me: why are you scared of me? I have no plans to kill you

Audrey: you can’t kill me

I laughed and brought out a pen knife

Me: yes I can but I won’t

She looked away.

I stopped in front of a boutique.

Audrey: why are we stopping?

I looked at her and smiled

Me: new clothes for me. And we’re going to see your mother, we need to get her something

Her face was puzzled up

I got out

Me: you’re coming out or not

She got out and I held her hand and walked into the store

Princess Gladys

I opened my eyes and looked around.

I didn’t understand where I was

Me: where I’m I? What’s this?

I stood up and saw a narrow tube connected to my hand.

Other stuff I didn’t know where in the weird room

Me: what is this place?

I removed the substance that was covering me and I saw something that startled me


I screamed immediately and the door opened

Two humans walked in

I screamed again

Human : wow Princess Gladys, you’re awake.

I screamed loudly and tried moving back

Human : Princess Gladys are you okay?

Me: Princess Gladys, no……… I’m Rainbow and I’m not a princess




To be continued

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