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I laid down on my bed in the hospital and the only sounds were the beep beep from the hospital machines and equipment in my ward

My shoulder was bandaged up.

I felt lifeless.

I closed my eyes and couldn’t see any other image but Blue.

I just want her

My dreams are filled with her face

I just want my Blue.

And according to the news Derek truly didn’t make it

According to that same news, Blue has not been found

How can all these be happening to me?

I need Derek

I need my buddy

I closed my eyes and my tears still passed through my eye lids down to the pillow

The door opened and someone in heels walked in.

It should be Gladys

She keeps visiting me not knowing that her presence makes me sick

Gladys : my prince

I looked away

She used her palm to turn my face and I looked at her

Gladys: Adrian

Me: don’t you dare call me by my name. What happened to Prince Adrian?

She was shocked

Gladys : but…. I’m your…

Me: you’re not my anything. And remember you never like it when I call you Gladys. You always corrected me that it was Princess Gladys. So why should you call me by my name?

Gladys: then call me Gladys. You’ have my permission

Me: I don’t need your permission and I don’t need your filthy name. Please leave my ward

Gladys: what? Are you sending me out?

Me: leave my ward

She became enraged

Gladys: you’ll regret this Prince Adrian

Then she turned and left jamming the door.

I sighed and closed my eyes.

I need to rest my head

Princes s Gladys

I’m so angry with him.

Why is he so stupid?

Right now I’m leaving Scotland

I’m going to England

I have to talk to my father

We need a strong plan

I called Cadio to tell him that I was traveling to England and that he has to come with me.

Blue and Derek are out of my way.

And now Adrian is becoming stubborn

All this wouldn’t have happened if that Derek didn’t show up at my wedding

I yelled and threw my phone to my bed when I got back to the castle.

I took my luggage and went over to the airport and took my father’s private plane

I was seated inside when Cadio came in.

Cadio : Princess Gladys

I sipped my drink and looked away

Cadio : who annoyed Her Majesty

He moved closer to me and took my drink from me

Me: give it back

He gulped it down and handing me the glass

Cadio : so why are we going to England

I scoffed and refilled the glass but kept it down

Me: I’m going to see my father

Cadio : why

Me: it’s none of your business. Now did you take care of Belinda

Cadio: I figured out where she’s hiding. My guys are keeping an eye on her

The plane soon took off and we flew to England in silence.

I was in no mood to speak

And Cadio was just on his phone

We got to England and entered into Birmingham

A limo came to drive us to the castle

I couldn’t wait to see my father

We really had to talk

When we got to my quarters, Cadio followed me in

Me: you should definitely go to the rooms there, don’t follow me to my room.

Cadio : what are you gonna do now?

Me: shower and see my father

He moved closer to me with a s£xy look

Cadio : did you just say shower?

He brushed his hands on my waist and looked at my lips

Cadio : why don’t I join you and reduce this tension within you

I pushed him and moved back

Me: Cadio don’t cross the boundaries

I entered into my room and shut the door.

I hurriedly took a shower and got ready to talk to my father.

I decided to give Cadio some instructions on how to keep an eye on me.

Just in case Oliver does something silly since I’m back home

He was on his bed


Me: Cadio

Cadio : my princess

He got up and moved towards me

He pulled me by my waist and held my face up using my chin

Cadio : you look beautiful

Me: stop flirting with me

Cadio : why? Is Adrian more attractive than me?

Before I could answer, he covered my lips with his.

My eyes widened but I kinda kissed him back

I mean his just irresistible

I placed my hands on his bare back and his right hand moved to my hair and his fingers played in it.

Soon he unlocked

Cadio : you should definitely go and see your father

I breathed heavily

Me: okay

He pecked my lips and withdrew from me

I turned and left forgetting all what I wanted telling him initially



I’m a bad boy

I jumped on my bed and took my phone ready to view and hear all the information I needed.

I’m not a lustfilled guy

I only seduce when I wanna have my way

I kissed Gladys for a reason

When I played with her hair, I was actually fixing a camera in it.

Everything she is going to be saying with her father is going to be known to me

I hope it’s something that would benefit me

I watched my screen

She passed through halls and walked past servants which bowed to her.

She was also with servants but they stopped following her when she reached her father’s chambers.

King: Gladys

Gladys: father

King: how are you my darling

Gladys: I’m not okay dad. I hate the way things are going

King: I’m working on it

Gladys: no you’re not. My supposed marriage with Prince Adrian is going down the drain. What about your deal with his father? Why aren’t you using it?

King : the deal is still there. I’ll go and see him soon and tell him about it and he can’t back down cause we signed a contract and he has to follow the rules.

Gladys : well let it be quick. I want to get married to Adrian at the end of this month

The king smirked

King: I have another plan my princess

Gladys: what plan?

King: would you like to be the queen of Edinburgh?

Gladys: of course father. I want to be the queen so badly. I wish Adrian could just be the king right now

He smirked again

King: if you are the queen of Edinburgh. What would you do for your papa?

She moved closer to him and hugged him

Gladys: anything my papa tells his daughter to do

She stood straight and I could now see the King’s face. Because I was seeing only his chest when she hugged him

King : what if we make this Kingdom richer and also enrich our family’ with their resources.

Gladys : how can we do that?

King: we’ll make sure you get married to Adrian this month and next month, we assassinate the king afterwards. When Adrian is crowned King, then we can actualize our dreams

Gladys laughed

Gladys : you’re so evil daddy

Her father laughed too

King: so are we good to go My queen of Edinburgh

I took my laptop and connected the camera to it.

I disconnected the phone from it and called Clint.

The camera was still rolling but I wasn’t watching it because I could still watch it later.

hello Clint

yeah, any news

is there anyway we can get to see Prince Adrian?

we can work it out. Why did you ask?

Gladys and her father are up to something. Adrian might be of help cause it involves him

okay, leave it to me. When will you be here in Ireland?


okay, you’re going to meet the Prince here

and keep your computer open. I’m sending in a video


and how’s Belinda. I’ve not called her yet. Hello… Hello Clint

He already hung up on me.

I sighed and got back to my laptop.


I’ve been discharged already and I’m in a car which is taking me home.

I wasn’t due to be discharged today but I just couldn’t stay any longer.

After I sent Gladys out, I felt irritated still so I ordered to be discharged.

My father is not in the country.

So I’ll not be scolded anytime soon

I entered my chamber and shut the door

My mother would be here soon but I needed my privacy

I sat down on my bed in my room and covered my face with my hands

Then I felt a presence

I looked up and saw someone who I don’t know and I began to wonder how he got to my room.

I became scared again because I was not safe at all

Whosoever was hunting me must still be after me

Me: who are you and how did you get here?

Man: I’m Clint and how I got here is really not the matter. The matter here is that you have to follow me

I shifted back

Me: why??

Clint : I’m not here to hurt you okay. I’m taking you to see someone?

Me: who?

He brought out a phone and showed me the screen

Clint : your lover

A video began to play and it was Blue with her hair cut.

She was saying that I should follow Clint to Ireland.

I looked at him and back at the screen.

I decided to follow him.

But I still didn’t trust him

I only wanted Blue

I wanted to feel her skin again

I got my documents and luggage ready and told my mom I was going out of the country to clear my mind.

She was against it but I convinced her.

Clint and I got disguised and took the next flight to Ireland.

He drove me through the capital city into a street and we came to a house.

We got out and and the door of the house opened

It was my Blue Maid

Me: Blue

Blue : Adrian

She ran up to me and I grabbed her and carried her up in my arms.

Our lips met and I totally forgot about everything including my shoulder

I just kissed Blue like my whole life depended on it






To be continued

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