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Ma’am Nina : make sure you stay out of trouble. Don’t use your powers except when necessary. Okay

She touched Blue’s cheek and Blue smiled

Blue: it’s okay mother. I’ll be extra careful

Ma’am Nina smiled

Adrian : I’ll personally take care of her.

He hugged her sideways and they laughed.

Ma’am Nina : don’t you think that’s quite the opposite. Blue please, take care of him personally.

They laughed again

Derek came back from the garage where he went to check the car.

Derek: the car’s fully effective and ready to go. So shall we?

Adrian : sure, let’s go

Cindy and Audrey pulled their luggage to the car.

Adrian and Blue were walking hand in hand while Derek was talking with ma’am Nina.

Audrey and Cindy were already putting the luggage into the car.

Adrian : are you scared?

He looked down at Blue’s face and held her hand tightly

She shook her head in the negative then she looked up at him

Blue : are you?

Adrian : no I’m not scared because I know My Blue is with me

She chuckled

Adrian : we’ll be okay, all right?

Blue : all right

They got to the car

Cindy : I’m going to miss you so much

She hugged Blue

Audrey : and I am going to miss you so so much

She joined the hug too

Blue : I’ll miss you too so so so much

They laughed happily

Derek: we really have to go now you know. Adrian has lots to do. Same with you Blue

They released from the hug

Adrian : hug your mother and come to me already, I’m missing you

Audrey: Blue stay away from Adrian

He widened his eyes

Adrian : you wanna kill me?

Audrey: hahahaha

Blue hugs her mother passionately

Blue : I’ll be back as soon as I’m through

Ma’am Nina : eat well

Blue : hahaha, yes mother

They unlocked

Blue : good bye mother

Nina : bye Blue Maid

She smiled

Adrian held Blue’s hand and pulled her to himself.

Derek: seriously guys, we really need to go

Blue : why are you in a hurry?

He sighed

Derek: the truth is……. I’m hungry

They all laughed hysterically

They got into the car

Derek at the drivers seat and the lovers at the back

Audrey and Cindy kept saying ”bye bye”s until the car went out of view

Cindy : why do I have a feeling I won’t see Derek again?

Audrey: is he traveling out of the country?

Cindy : I don’t know though

They went back inside with ma’am Nina



Derek told me everything about Adrian.

He’s with Blue and they are coming back today.

Only few people know about that

That’s his parents, and Blue’s friends and mother.

Derek will be the one to drive here

It’s supposed to be secretive.

But I informed Gladys

We are going to waylay them and each one of us will abduct the person we are after.

And then make it seem to them as a rescue mission.

I showered and dressed up.

Packed my hair in a pony tail and then wore my leather jacket and a took my phone.

It rang immediately

It was the person that works for me but is part of Gladys men.

He’s the inside man to me.

I picked up

hello Gladys

yes Cadio, any news?

your brother is dead


Gladys sent men to waylay them ahead of you. She had plans on killing Blue. But Derek took the bullet and he’s dead

I couldn’t believe the news.

It’s so not possible

but how can that…. How can that…. How can that happen??

I stammered in both confusion and anger and pain

we’ll talk about that another time. All I know is that she just sent me to finish you up and I’m coming


just leave because I’m coming for you in the next 30 mins Belinda. Go away

Then he hung up

I stared blankly at the phone

My eyes welled up with tears

A text message came in

Belinda, leave now

I blinked my eyes and replied

okay, I’m leaving now

I quickly and hurriedly took my necessary things and wore a perfect disguise.

I texted my mother that I was traveling for some time

I was so scared when I got out to the city

I felt everybody was looking at me

I got to the airport and successfully boarded the plane.

I sat down and sighed heavily

I still couldn’t believe that Derek was dead.

No he couldn’t be dead

Now I bitterly regret eating with the devil using a short spoon

Blue Maid

Me: but I don’t see why we’re going alone. Shouldn’t we go with security

Adrian : no Blue. I prefer it this way.

Derek : we really can’t trust anyone anymore

Adrian : the people who abducted me earlier were disguised as guards. I thought they were normal people

Derek: so Blue, we decided to make it like this. Not everybody knows we’re coming back to Edinburgh. No body knows that he was even with you guys. Some still think he is still in kidnap

I smiled as Adrian winked at me

We got to a bridge and surprisingly stopped because of some road blocks by the police.

Derek got down and I needed fresh air so I got down too.

I went to the front of the car and strectched myself a bit

Derek was coming back and I saw a strange dark car monitoring us.

Me: Derek what happened?

He wanted to reply when he suddenly stopped and widened his eyes

Me: Derek what’s…..

Derek: Blue watch out…. …

He quickly and swiftly pushed me away from his front and then he fell down

I fell down to side of the road

And looked up at the direction of the gunshot.

It was that car

It wind up the window and drove off quickly

Adrian came out and we ran to Derek

His blood was filling the whole place

I began to cry

Adrian: we’ll get you out of here buddy. Hang on

Me: I’ll seek for help from the police

I wiped my tears and ran forward but the police there pointed their guns at me.

All of them

I froze immediately

Police : just cooperate with us or you’ll end up like him

I closed my eyes and tears streamed down

The police were not real ones

They were disguised

The next thing I felt was a sharp pain on my neck and I passed out





To be continued

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