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As we kissed, he moved his hands to my waist and held me. I moved my hands to his neck and tossed my face.

We unlocked and changed the direction of our faces and continued kissing

His hands on my waist moved slightly and he suddenly tickled me

I jerked backwards

Me: hey!

Adrian : hahahahaha, come here

He reached for my hand and pulled me to himself. I turned and he hugged me.

He wrapped his arms over my tummy and I wrapped my arms over his hands.

Adrian : so I’m I getting my massage?

He brought his mouth to my ear and played with it with his tongue

I chuckled

Me: when do you want it?

Adrian : now

I released myself and went to the desk

Me : lie down

Adrian : okay mummy

I chuckled again

Me: take your shirt off

Adrian : all right mummy

I smiled and brought the bowl to him. I kept it beside the bed and climbed on top of him

I sat down on his back and sprinkled massaging cream on his back

I began to press my palms and fingers softly against his flesh.

I picked up a bundle of flesh and released it then pressed it down

Adrian : uhh yea baby that’s the spot

I chuckled and began to hit his shoulders with the side of my palms very fast

Adrian : you’re so good at this Blue

Me: It’s fun to me

Adrian : go down a little

I did and began to massage the middle part of his back

Me: Adrian

Adrian : uh-huh

Me : what’s going on between you and Cindy

Adrian : she’s my personal assistant

Me: but you guys are too close

Adrian : yeah we are. She’s always cheering me up one way or the other

Me: it seems she’s in love with you

He laughed and turned his head to face the other side

Adrian : she’s not

Me: but…

Adrian : Blue she’s not, you can ask her if you want

Me: it’s okay

Adrian : so what are you?

Me: huh

Adrian : you have powers. How?

I sighed and stood up cos I was through with his back

The cream had already sunk in so his back was already dry but soft and smooth

He turned and faced me

I sat on the edge of the bed and sprinkled cream on his chest and on his stomach

I placed my hands on his chest and began to massage it to his br**st

I suddenly began to smile

When I realized I wasn’t supposed to be smiling without being misunderstood and wanted to stop. It was already to late then

He caught me

He chuckled

Adrian : do you like what you see

Me: I didn’t see anything

He held my hand and began to rub his hand on it smoothly

Me: hey let go of my hand

He smiled and squeezed it

Adrian : why were you smiling?

Me: it’s non of your business

Adrian : tell me

He squeezed my hand more and I yelled

Me: okay okay, they felt good

Adrian : what felt good?

He squeezed it again

Me: ouch ouch…… Your chest, it’s really muscular.

Adrian : you like it?

Me: yes

He smiled and released my hand

I hit him on his chest and he laughed

Adrian : sorry, does it hurt?

I refused to answer him but kept on rubbing my fingers

He sat up

Adrian : baby…

He took my hands and squeezed them sweetly this time

Me: it’s okay. I’m fine

I smiled and he sat closer to me

Adrian : you haven’t answered my question

Me : you won’t leave me right

Adrian : you won’t erase my memory right

Me: no I can’t

Adrian : even if you’re a witch, as long as you won’t kill me. I won’t leave you

I smiled

Me: I’m….

The words hooked

I was scared

What if he’s not going to like it

That book he gave me is still ringing in my mind

But he already knows I have powers already so…

Me: I’m a mermaid

His eyes widened and he moved back.

My heart began to skip beats


Me: whoahh

Blue’s a mermaid

I knew it

That’s how she got her striking beauty

But is that possible?

How did she become human?

And why?

She looks scared

Is she thinking I’ll ditch her?

Me: is that why you’re so beautiful?

Blue : what?

I laughed and drew her closer to me

Me: I’d love to see you in mermaid form

She smiled

I laid her on the bed and made her sit on me

I held her waist and she placed her hands on my tummy

Me: so did you have anything for any merman? You know what I mean

She laughed

Blue : no I didn’t. Cindy and Audrey asked me the same question

She laughed again

Me: are you sure?

She nodded and began to play with my abs.

Tracing her hands over my packs

Me: you like them?

She smiled

Blue : yeah, I do

I smiled.

I was enjoying what she was doing.


She moved from my tummy to my chest.

I laughed and she smiled

She got to my nipples and squeezed them

Blue : your nipples are so small

Me: compared to yours right

I reached my hand forward to her chest but she jerked off

Blue : don’t you dare, or I’ll freeze you

I moved my hands back and raised them up

Me: I surrender

She laughed

I pulled her to lay beside me

She placed her head on my chest

Me: I want to kiss you

Blue : what?

Me: I don’t even have to take permission

I bent forth to kiss her when the door opened

Derek: hey buddy……


I came back to see Adrian. I’ve got news for him.

Audrey told me he was upstairs so I raced up the stairs to his room

I already heard his movements inside so I knew he was in there

I opened the door immediately

Me: hey buddy……


Wow impressive

Adrian and Blue are in bed


Did they just finish…..

I shook my head vigorously to shake the thought of my mind

They didn’t even unlock from each other, they were just staring at me.

Me: not what I think right?

Adrian chuckled and kissed Blue right in front of me

Adrian : this time, it’s exactly what you think

Me: what? Do you have any idea what I’m thinking?

I looked at him sternly and he laughed

Adrian : you’re crazy

Blue : hi Derek

Me: hi Mrs Adrian Claus

She got down

Blue : I’m not married to him

Derek: you will soon

They laughed

Adrian : you better excuse us baby, we say pretty nasty stuff when we’re together

Blue chuckled and stood up to go

Blue : okay sir

Adrian : just like that?

He pulled her back and kissed her.

I cleared my throat

They unlocked and Blue left.

Me: okay what was that?

Adrian : what was what?

Me: I mean you and Blue

He sat down on his bed

Adrian : we’re good now

Me: nice, how’s her lips? Are they as good as they look?

He glared at me and I moved back and laughed

Me: sorry

Adrian : so what’s up with you

Me: Adrian, your parents want you to follow me home now

Adrian : what? But I just started my honeymoon with Blue. I can’t leave her now. You wanna kill me

I chuckled

Me: it’s for some statements and all that. They’ve tracked down some clues to your kidnap but they need evidence.

Adrian : then I have to go with Blue

Me: that’s fine. But it has to be today

Adrian : no way, we’re already half way through today. We’ll leave tomorrow morning

Me: okay. So uhmm, Adrian when are you guys gonna, uhmm…. Well….. When are you guys gonna start dating?

Adrian : what kind of a stupid question is that?

Me: are you dating already?

He came forward to punch me but I quickly opened the door and ran out.

That’s not really the question I wanted to ask.

I diverted because I knew he wouldn’t like it

Then a phone call came in


This girl again?

I’m getting tired of her

She’s really lucky

She lasted up to a year

Not that I’ve been seeing her as my girlfriend still, just that I haven’t broken up with her officially.

I was only faithful the first two weeks of our relationship

Don’t blame me

I’m a playboy


I felt somehow when Derek saw me in Adrian’s arms. After telling him that I didn’t feel anything for Adrian.

But he didn’t look surprised

It seems he knows we’re actually in love with each other

I went down to check on Cindy.

The doughnuts should be ready by now.

And mother will soon be back from her new workplace

She now has a little snack bar with an attendant thanks to Derek.

I got to the kitchen and found Cindy and Audrey fighting for the doughnuts

Cindy : no, Blue didn’t say we should eat them so you can’t have it

Cindy dragged the bowl of doughnuts from Audrey but Audrey dragged it back

Audrey : yes I can, I caught you eating it when I came in so I wanna eat it too

Cindy : no I wasn’t eating it. I was tasting

She pushed Audrey away and took the bowl but Audrey held her waist and used the second hand to try and take a doughnut from the bowl. But Cindy wouldn’t let her do it

Audrey: I wanna taste too. Gimme….

Cindy raised the bowl up and Audrey reached forth to grab it.

Cindy took it to the side and Audrey suddenly hit it and finally the bowl fell to the ground

The two girls bent down and began to pick as many doughnuts as they can.

I chuckled

Me: thank you. It’s not like they are for you anyway

I said sarcastically and moved towards them.

They already picked everything and began to eat hurriedly

Cindy : sorry, she started it.

Audrey : no I didn’t, if you had just given me one none of this would have…….

Me: hey, you’re eating. Stop talking. Or you’re gonna choke. And give me one

I said reaching out to take one from her

Audrey : noooo

She ran away

Me: Cindy

She handed me one

Cindy : I’m only giving you because you asked me to bake them

Me: give me another one

She gave me the second one

Me: this is good. Wanna bake more?

She nodded and smiled

Audrey : yes let’s bake more

We looked at the door to see Audrey standing with her hands empty and she was picking her teeth

Me: jeez, what happened to your doughnuts just now

Cindy : her mouth happened to it

We laughed

Me: get the flour mixture from the pantry Cindy

Cindy : okay

She still took her doughnuts with her. Or else Audrey will eat them

Audrey : so did you talk to Adrian?

I was washing my hands while she was bringing the bowls and rolling pin.

Me: yes I did. We both misunderstood each other. What happened wasn’t actually what we thought

Audrey : that’s good. So what else

She widened her eyes and I laughed

Me: we kissed…

Audrey : whaaaat……. Tell me more, tell me more. Come on

She was jumping up and down like a kid.

I laughed

Me: shut up, I’ll tell you later. But what do we do about Cindy, Adrian said she’s not in love with him.

Cindy : yeah I’m not in love with him

I looked back and she kept the flour on the counter.

Me: huh?

Audrey : she’s not in love with him, she’s just a fan of him

Cindy : a huge fan. Do you know how many autographs and pictures we’ve taken. If I had the chance to meet those freaky palace maids again, I’ll show them and they’ll be so jealous

She giggled and Audrey smirked

I was so confused

Me: but you told me she was in….

Audrey : ugh…. Come on Blue, it was just a plan to get you back with Adrian


Cindy : hey, don’t kill us. We just helped you

Audrey : if we didn’t, you both will still be at loggerheads with each other

I looked at my two friends

They helped me out

I smiled

I’m really happy now

I jumped up

Me: awwn….. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I love you I love you I love you.

I jumped and ran to hug them

We all giggled and jumped up

Cindy : group hug

The three of us hugged each other the same time.

I was really happy

My human friends are the best

To Be Continued

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