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I suddenly felt very angry with whoever was behind this nonsense

They have no idea what I’m capable of doing

How dare they treat me like this?

Even Neptune and his subjects couldn’t treat me like this

Me: no ooo!

I screamed and bit his lips with all the strength left in me

He staggered back

Clint: you can’t help yourself Blue. You’re helpless

Me: hahaha, me? Helpless? Or it’s you who’s helpless?

He smirked

Clint: one of your friends is dead already, you want to end up like him? Okay, no problem

He pulled a pistol from his back and cocked it then pointed it to me

I became scared

If only I wasn’t tied up

I would have used my powers

But my hands are weak and tied down

I can’t do anything

Only mother knows how to use eye contact magic

I was supposed to learn that next month

If only mother was here

She would have helped me

I suddenly became so nervous and angry

The thought of me being used made me angry

I tried to use eye contact magic on him but it didn’t work

Clint: do you want to rethink?

He asked putting the gun down

Clint: if you stop being a stubborn girl, I might even spare your life

I didn’t reply him

He came closer to me and touched my lips, rubbing his index finger on them

Clint: so juicy and full. I could marry you

I closed my eyes and tried to reach out to my mother through telepathy but it wasn’t connecting

It seems I am in a faraway place.

I couldn’t reach her

Then there’s no way she’ll be able to feel me too if the distance is very much

I felt pure anger at the way things were going

I sighed deeply and tried to concentrate more

It still didn’t work

I opened my eyes

I looked at Clint and decided to use another method on him

Me: Clint

My voice was so tender and gentle

Clint : yes my darling

Me: do you like the way I am?

He squatted in front of me again

Me: do you like the way I’m wounded? And in pain?

My tears fell

He smirked

Clint: tears and pity don’t work on me dear, nice try.

He got up and tried to move away

Me: that’s not what I mean. It’s about what you prefer. Do you prefer me being tied up and ugly than being free, fresh and beautiful?

He looked at me and smiled

Clint : what do you suggest?

Me: untie me please. It would be better than this cause I’m dying. Isn’t this place locked up and secured? I don’t think I can escape

He smirked

Clint: okay I’m going to untie you and have you treated. I’ll have to keep you here with me for some time before discarding you because I want you.

He moved to a table and got a pen knife.

He hummed as he gently cut off the ropes.

Soon I was free

I smiled

Me: thank you Clint

He carried me up and took me out of the dark room to another room which was bright.

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I dimmed my eyes cause they were hurting as a result of the light

He gently placed me on the bed and went out

I was feeling so much pain

There was no blood flow and my legs and hands were totally weak.

Clint came back with a towel and a bowl of warm water.

He sat beside me and soaked the towel into the water.

He began to clean up the dried blood and injuries.

I groaned in pain and tears fell freely.

Clint : you look innocent and have a good heart. What did you do to that someone wants you dead?

I looked away

My tears making the pillow wet

Me: I don’t know Clint, I don’t know

My voice cracked and I started to sob

I was in so much pain

Clint : don’t worry. I might spare you

He stood up and I looked at him

Clint : some people hate us for no reason. I’m a deadly assassin. The people I assassinate are sometimes guiltless. But that is usually non of my business, my business is the money. But……. You? Let’s see how it goes

He smirked again and left the room

I closed my eyes

The next time I opened them was when I felt someone’s presence

I saw Clint setting a table

I watched him for sometime

He was humming a song as he arranged the plates and cups.

He looked deadly and dangerous especially with his scars and a skull at his bare back.

It was a scary tattoo

He turned and saw that I was awake

He smiled

Clint : good morning baby

My eyes went to his stomach. The same tattoo was there too

That’s so weird of him

Clint : admiring my tattoo?

He moved closer to me and touched my right hand.

He lifted it up

Clint : want to touch it?

I jerked my hand back and he laughed

Clint: I hope you slept well?

He helped me to sit up and rest my back on the bed frame

He kept the pillow on my leg

Me: thanks

My voice was so low and not clear

He kept his hands on his waist and looked at me

Clint: you want to use the bathroom right?

I nodded slowly

He helped me to stand up.

His hand on my waist and mine on his shoulder.

We gently moved to the bathroom door

He opened it and helped me in.

He left me and made sure I could stand on my own before he left

I turned slowly and looked at the mirror.

I was looking so ugly with all those bruises but little or no blood stains at all

I imagined if Adrian should see me, if he would recognize me

I smiled a little

I gently opened the tap with my sore fingers and washed my face.

I saw a new toothbrush so I used it.

I turned gently and leaped to the door.

I opened it and got out

I would have healed myself but I felt I shouldn’t yet.

And I don’t know why.

Clint moved to me and helped me close the door properly as he held me

Clint: breakfast in bed or you wanna use the table?

Me: table

Clint: are you sure? Your body, won’t it hurt?

I sighed

Clint: the bed will be better

He helped me and placed me on the bed then brought a stool and kept a tray on it

Clint: I hope you like omelettes?

I smiled

He uncovered the omelette and brought a cup of coffee for me. He also kept some slices of toast on a plate

I was salivating.

Food was the first thing on my mind

Clint: let me get water then feed you. I’m sure you can’t carry nor hold anything

He chuckled at his own joke and went to the table to get water

He sat beside me and made me drink water first then began to feed me

Me: did you make it?

The food was good and had a special taste.

So creamy

Clint: yeah, I was a professional chef

Me: before you became an assassin

He chuckled and continued to feed me

Clint: you sure have an appetite. It’s probably because you didn’t eat for two days. You were unconscious

My face became dull

I remembered what he was using me for during those days and tears welled up.

I lost my appetite

He noticed and dropped the food from his hand.

My tears began to fall

He brought his hand and wiped them off slowly

Clint: I’m sorry for what I did to you. I didn’t know you were still in your innocence. I shouldn’t have, but my lust was just too strong

My tears fell more

I looked up at him

Me: why are you nice to me?

He looked deep into my eyes

Clint: you’re warmhearted. You remind me of Tasha

He moved closer to me and tried to kiss me but I looked away

Clint: I’m sorry

He bowed his head

Me: who’s Tasha?

Clint: my bride. She was assassinated in cold blood on our wedding day. In her dress.

My eyes widened

His head was still bowed and I could see his muscles contracting.

As if pure anger was flowing through his veins

Clint: Tasha’s death made me this way. I lost my sanity and humanity. I became cold

He covered his face with his palms.

His veins were so turgid

Me: is that why you became an assassin

Clint : I went after the people who killed her. I did my research and found them. It turned out to be her own sister. She took Tasha away from me because she was angry with her. I murdered her sister. I sliced her into pieces and sent the picture to her lunatic boyfriend who helped her to kill Tasha.

I told him I was coming for him too

Hahaha. He tried to run away but he couldn’t hide. I killed him and removed his heart

I shivered

How can someone be so heartless

I became scared

I don’t want to be killed that way

I don’t even want to be killed

He turned and saw the fright in my eyes

Clint: Blue, you remind me so much of Tasha. She had Blue eyes too. And was so innocent. She doesn’t deserve to die.

He screamed and I jerked back

He stood up and walked out with his eyes red.

Was he going to take a gun or a knife?

I was so scared

He came back moments later with a cigarette in his mouth.

He was wearing a short sleeved shirt but all his buttons were unhooked

His chest and deadly tattoo were still showing

Clint: I’m going out for fresh air. Eat up

He left and I looked at the food.

I suddenly got my appetite back and took it up

I finished it up and drank my coffee.

I got down from the bed with enough energy

It was time to escape

I tried to heal up but the door opened and I got frightened

Clint: what are you doing?

I couldn’t answer

He closed the door and looked at me from head to toe.

Is he thinking of using me again?

His definitely not okay

I’ll just have him paralyzed

Clint: you want to leave right?

He smirked

Clint: do you have any idea where you are? You’re in Ireland

I gasped

No wonder I couldn’t contact mother

Then we heard a female voice from outside calling Clint

Clint: oh no, she’s here. Quick get into the closet now. Don’t worry, I won’t let her hurt you again. I promise.

He quickly helped me into the closet and locked it.

Voice: Clint…

She was already in the room

Clint: yes, princess Gladys

My eyes popped open

Princess Gladys?

So she’s behind this

She’s the reason for everything

My blood boiled red with anger

Gladys: is it done?

Clint: yes, two days ago

Gladys: so you killed her immediately?

Clint: yes. I couldn’t wait. I have other things to do

Gladys : good… I want to see her body?

Clint : is this place a morgue or what? I don’t keep the body of people whom I assassinate here. I would have shown you the video of her assassination but unfortunately I couldn’t make the video. So just pay me my balance and leave here

His voice was so harsh and cold

I was looking from the opening on the closet’s door and I saw her raising her hand to slap him

Gladys: how dare you talk to me with disrespect?

Clint caught her hand in mid air

Clint : don’t do anything stupid. If I should have you killed now, no one would know. And I’ll just tie you up, use you to my satisfaction and hang you to my ceiling then stick my knives through every single opening in your naked body

Gladys shivered and so did I

Clint was serious so she brought her eyes down and he released her hand

She brought out some bundles and handed it to him.

He looked at it

Threw them to the bed and made her leave

My legs shivered and I almost fell

After about thirty minutes, the door opened and it was him

Clint : let’s go

He pulled me out and carried me up.

He was with the money in a bag and he headed out through the door

Me: where are we going?

Clint : somewhere safer than here?





To Be Continued

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