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I went downstairs feeling great and free

For the past one week, the only reason I went downstairs was for Cindy and I to stroll out.

All my meals were upstairs

The reason was because I didn’t want to see Blue.

Seeing her made me feel uncomfortable

But now

I’m gonna make up for those wasted time I would have spent with her.

I met Derek turning on the television.

He looked back and saw me

Derek : I really need a drink

Me: there’s orange juice

I sat on the sofa beside him

Derek: come on, not orange juice. I mean wine

I looked at him

Me: you need help

I stood up and went to the fridge in the dinning room. I opened it and brought out some orange juice then poured it into two glass cups.

I returned it and took the glasses to the living room.

Me: here

I handed the glass to him and he collected it.

I sat down and sipped the juice.

He gulped down half of the juice immediately

Derek: I’m hungry

Me: eat me up then

Derek: my teeth will have to go to the gym for complete one month before it will be able to penetrate your skin.

I laughed

Well before I traveled, Derek and I were looking the same.

We had the same strength and ability

We always wanted to beat each other when fighting.

So I decided that if I travel, I’ll train extra.

I knew he wouldn’t train, he’d just be with a girl or girls.

I raised my glass to my lips when the girls walked in with trays

Audrey : hey princes and subjects

She bowed to Derek and I

Derek : wait what are you saying, that I’m his subject

He pointed to me with his thumb and we laughed

Cindy : we brought doughnuts

Blue : creamy doughnuts with jelly

Me : jelly doughnuts?

Cindy : you could call it that

They dropped the trays on the table revealing sweet smelling round cakes

Derek: mehn, I’m gonna love this

Me: who among you baked it. If it’s not Blue, then I’m not eating

They laughed

Derek: Blue didn’t bake it

Me: how did you know?

Audrey : he doesn’t want you to eat it that’s why

We laughed again

Cindy : I’ll go get some water or milk

Blue : both

Then Cindy went to get them

Derek already took one and was munching on it

Derek: this is good

Blue was arranging the plates and cups while Cindy came back with the water and milk.

I looked at Blue

She looks tired already

She stood up with one doughnut and went to the dinning table.

I took a cup of milk and drank then took a bite.

Blue began to go upstairs

Derek and Audrey were fighting over a particular doughnut

I smiled and stood up.

Went upstairs and headed to Blue’s room.

I opened the door without knocking and she was removing her hair band in front of the mirror

Me: Blue

She looked back then turned back to the mirror

Blue : hey

Me: I missed you

She chuckled

I moved closer to her and hugged her

Me: you didn’t miss me too

She laughed

Blue : I missed you more

I laughed and cuddled her

Me: I’m leaving tomorrow

She frowned and turned to face me

Blue : what? So soon….. But I’m….

I placed my index finger on her lips them muttered slowly

Me: sshh…. You’re going with me

Blue : why do you have to leave

I wasn’t concentrating on her words at all but on the medium they passed out from

Blue : answer me

I held her face and bent my head.

She looked me in the eye and closed it

I smiled and kissed her

Me: that’s a royal kiss baby

She laughed and hugged me

Me: we have to go to Edinburgh tomorrow. My family wants to see me

Blue : and we are going together?

We were still in a hug

Me: yes. We also have some statements and all those police stuff to attend to

Blue : what about Gladys?

I sighed

I didn’t know what to say about her but I didn’t want Blue to feel insecure with me

Me: she’s under control

I looked down at her face and she was smiling

I carried her up and sat on the bed

She sat on my thighs still hugging me

Me : were you going to shower

Blue : yes

Me : mind if I join you

Blue : I’ll pull out your eyes

Me : hahahaha

Blue : I miss Rainbow

Me : Rainbow? You missed the rainbow that came up yesterday. I actually looked at it through the window

She raised her head and looked at me

Blue : I didn’t miss the rainbow yesterday. I actually sat outside watching it. I’m talking about a different one here

Me: I don’t understand

Blue : do you know why we came here? I mean my mother and I

I shook my head

Me: no, tell me

Blue : we were banished from the city and thrown into the wild side of the ocean. I was accused of killing my friend Rainbow, and my mother was accused of theft.

We were thrown out to die Adrian, but my mother had this two bracelets that could transform us into humans. That’s why we sneaked out of the ocean and came up here

I looked down at the bracelet

Me: wow, and they are original pearls

Blue : yeah, and that day that I was in your house back there in Aberdeen, I forgot it. And mother ordered it back

My eyes popped open, so that was what actually happened.


Me: what, so that’s why it disappeared. But I told you and you said I was hallucinating

She laughed and fell on the bed

Me: so how does the transformation happen

Blue : oh if we want to have legs we say

Fins to feet

And tail to thighs

Later I’ll swim

But now I’ll walk

Me: and if you wanna have a tail?

Blue : it’s..

Feet to fins

And thighs to tail

Later I’ll walk

But now I’ll swim

Me: nice…… Whoaahh

Her bracelet glowed brightly

Blue : gosh, I forgot the rhyme will make me transform

She hit her hand on her head

Slowly but visibly, I washed her body changing.

Her legs compacted

And her shirt pulled off

I looked at her in amazement

I don’t know how sea shells came and became her bra

I laughed happily

I looked at her tail

Bright blue with sparkling scales


She’s so beautiful

Too beautiful

Me: Gosh….

My mouth was opened

I couldn’t close it

Blue : how do I look?

Me: s£xy

I didn’t even know where that one came out from

I was just staring at her upper body which was bare

I touched her flat smooth tummy

Blue : haha, that tickles

I bent down and kissed her belly button then rubbed her tail below her waist with my fingers

Me: baby I love you this way

Blue : thank God you’re not scared

I laughed and stood up

Blue : help me up. I can’t stand

I chuckled and pulled her up into a hug

Her tail fin was layered on the floor before my legs

I began to kiss her

Blue : wait… Make sure I don’t fall because I can’t hold myself up. I can only swim right now

I laughed and held her tighter.

I wanted to kiss her again when someone knocked

Blue : someone’s at the door. I have to transform

Me: quickly

I left her and she squealed as she was falling

I quickly held her

Blue : I told you to hold me

Me: sorry

I gently laid her on the bed

The person was still knocking

Derek: buddy, you’re in there?

Then he knocked again

Me: I’m coming Derek

I went to the door and opened it slightly then got out.

Me: hey

Derek: why do you look tensed? Did you kill someone?

I laughed and breathed in

Me: no

Derek: Cindy insists that we leave you and Blue’s share for you. Since I know you’re not interested, I came to seek your permission to have yours

Me: what? No way

Derek : okay then I’ll just ask Blue

He moved his hand to the door knob but I blocked him immediately

Me: no no no, you can have it. Including hers

Derek: sure?

Me: yeah

Derek: great, she’s naked right? That’s why you don’t want me to open the door and that’s why you opened it slightly then closed it when you came out so I’ll not get to see her. And that’s why you also look tensed up

Me: what?

Derek: I always do that when someone’s with me in the house and Belinda or a maid knocks on the door. That’s why, thanks for the doughnuts

He waved and left

Jeez what a friend

I opened the door, entered and closed it almost immediately.

Blue screamed and I screamed too and looked away

She was naked

I think she was trying to wear something before I came in

I closed my eyes as I was looking away

Me: are you done?

Blue : almost, please don’t turn

Me: okay I won’t

Two minutes passed

Blue : okay you can turn now

I sighed and turned. She was already in her clothes

Me: jeez, that was close

Blue : sorry, it was the transformation that…

Me: yeah, don’t worry I know

I moved closer to her

Me: sorry our doughnuts are gone

She laughed

Blue : I know. I’ll take a shower and you go and take a shower too. Then we’ll go down and make something for ourselves together

Me: it’s gonna be romantic

She chuckled and I kissed her

Princess Gladys

I lost the baby

That’s better

That useless baby almost ruined everything for me

And now Oliver has Adrian.

He threatened to deal with me for ditching him

He’s a psychopath

An insane being

I always knew his home was a psychiatric hospital

I really have to get hold of Oliver to release Adrian

I moved to my room and showered.

I was still Adrian’s betrothed

His father still won’t be able to cut the deal off.

I sat facing my dressing mirror and was putting on my earrings when someone with dark sunglasses walked in elegantly.

I would have thought it to be a Maid but she didn’t look like one

I turned immediately

Me: who are you?

Lady: someone who’s willing to work with you

Me: work with me in what?

Lady: getting Blue to stay away from Adrian cause they are presently together

My eyes widened and I stood up

Me: what? How?

Lady: she saved him and they have been together in her house for a week now

I sighed angrily

So Adrian went back to that damn witch

I yelled and stumped my feet on the floor

The lady smiled

Lady: I can help you and you can help me

Me: keep talking

She smirked evilly

Lady : I’ll go straight to the point. You want Adrian and I want Blue. We can’t achieve this except if we separate them

Me: why would you want Blue? Are you a lesbian?

She laughed

Lady : I want Blue for my brother. She’s better off with him

I crossed my arms and looked at her sternly

Me: and who’s your brother?

She removed her sunglasses

Lady : Derek…..





To be continued

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