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The king was sitting on his royal throne surrounded by his council.

Ma’am Mabelle the oldest and most experienced mermaid in Neptune City had called them for a meeting.

She was the only mer-being that is still living from the time of King Neptune X (King Neptune the 10th)

The present King Neptune was the 15th.

She has survived for five generations

Though legend has it that she uses special magic to sustain herself

The mermaid could no longer swim but is carried around by a special animal of hers.

Only her knows it’s name

She arrived at the palace very early which was a surprise to the council

King : you’re welcome old one

She nodded and all of the members of the council stood up.

She looked around, shook her head then sat on a special stool made for her

The council then sat down. Each member wore a worried face, ma’am Mabelle doesn’t come to the palace with good news.

The last time she came to the palace was when the kingdom was to be attacked by whalesharks.

That was a long time ago

King: what brings you here ma’am Mabelle?

Ma’am Mabelle : you don’t expect a dolphin to give birth to a shark. Neither can a shark give birth to a dolphin. You’ve rejected one of your own, and you’re loose one of your own

Then she stood up and her creature came to her and she got on top of it

Each member looked at each other, really confused

King: please explain to us more

Ma’am Mabelle : your life is at stake. You have to find a special mermaid to restore it

Then she swam away on her creature’s back.

The king was perplexed

Duchess : your Neptune, what does that mean?

Nobleman: she said your life is at stake

Nobleman 2 : who’s this special mermaid

Every member kept talking at the same time, throwing the king off balance.

Just then a messenger from one of the nobleman’s house came rushing in

Messenger: your Neptune

All eyes turned to him

Messenger : the grey ditch, it’s closed up

King: what?

Messenger : Jace took me there, I don’t know why but it closed up

Nobleman 3: what Jace my son. What happened to him?

Messenger : he’s okay, he said he only wanted to talk to Rainbow. But as we came to that region, we noticed from afar that it was not there anymore

Just then, the place began to shake violently

Things began to break and fall.

The walls began to dissect. Everything was falling apart

The guards ran to the king and queen and helped them inside

A large piece of the palace wall fell from the top and hit Jace’s father.

Some guards ran there and removed it.

They all left the palace and went outside

Even that place wasn’t left out.

Everything in Neptune’s city was falling apart.

Mer-beings were dying and getting injured.

Everyone was fleeing

No one had time to look for anybody

In just few hours, no-one was left in the city

Everything crumbled down

The next day, it was cool.

So they went back to see what was remaining of their once vibrant city

Dead animals and beings were underneath rocks and sand

Cries of those who lost family members filled everywhere.

King Neptune tried to cheer them up but to no avail.

He then proclaimed that the next seven days was for mourning

And that the next seven days after the mourning will be for them to find out the cause of the disaster.

Jace who could Now swim didn’t really understand what was going on.

He suspected the grey ditch to be responsible.

Maybe it closed up to enlarge underground and it caused a seaquake.

He sat down on a broken wall and buried his face into his palms.

He closed his eyes and saw Rainbow’s face

Jace: Rain, are you responsible for this?

Her face disappeared

He opened his eyes and saw some messengers coming towards him

He stood up

Msg1: Jace, your father request to see you

Jace: that old man again

Msg2: he’s hurt

Jace: what? Take me to him

They took him to where his father was laying in between the rest of the council and the king surrounded by guards.

His mother ran up to him in tears

Ma’am Nalyn : Jace, your father. He’s dying. Please save him

He was confused

Jace: save father, how?

Ma’am Nalyn : there’s a special magic in his lineage that can heal only the person from that lineage and only by the person’s son

Jace: you mean, I have magic that can make father okay? But how?

Ma’am Nalyn : you’ll feel it Jace. Please save your father

She was begging him because she knew he now hates his father

He sighed and swam towards them

Nobleman : no, Jace. Don’t

Jace: father, I’m doing this because of mother

Nobleman : I’m not your father

His tone was serious

Jace : what

Ma’am Nalyn : ohh please, don’t start now please. You can start fighting again when he’s done please

Nobleman : he can’t do anything for me. We’re not related

King: explain more

Nobleman : Jace is your son. He’s a prince

Everybody : what!

Nobleman : I stole him from you cause you already have one son, and I had none.

So when I heard my wife gave birth already, I was the first to see the baby and it was a daughter.

I took her and placed her in your son’s position.

Unfortunately she died and you thought you lost a daughter

Queen : what? How dare you? How dare you do something so evil? You deserve to die

King: so because I placed you to be the overseer of birthrate, you have the guts to switch children?

Nobleman : I’m sorry, I regret it especially when Jace turned into a thorn in my flesh

Jace was lost in all of this, he turned round and swam away

His mother was crying, so did the queen.

Ma’am Nalyn loved Jace so much, she couldn’t believe he wasn’t hers and that hers was dead.

Shortly after he swam away, the nobleman died


I was on my way to see Blue, last night’s event still rolled in my eyes.

But I tried to kick it off, knowing it wasn’t real

I wanted to tell Blue how much i love her so I ordered a diamond studded necklace for her.

She’ll love it

I kept smiling to myself

I reached the beachhouse and parked.

Blue might have seen me coming in cause she ran to meet me when I stepped out of the car.

She hugged me and I must say, that hug was warm. It took me time to unlock

Blue : good morning

Me: my angel, how was your night?

Blue : so cool.

I smiled and kissed her cheek.

She was wearing a yellow shirt and black trousers.

Me: how’s the moving in going

Blue : we’re through

I held her hand as we walked inside.

We met her mother

Me: good morning ma’am

Nina : ohh, good morning my handsome prince. How are you

Me: I’m fine ma

Nina: come have breakfast with us.

Blue went behind me and began to push me to the dinning, playfully.

I laughed

We sat down and her mom served us.

Cakes and milk

Different types of cakes

I tasted them and wow, they were so good

Blue : my mother is so good at baking

Me: yeah, she’s perfect. She could be a boss you know

She didn’t hear me

Her mother came to sit down and I proposed something to her

Me: ma’am, I’m thinking of opening a bakery here in Aberdeen and I’ll like you to help me see it through

Nina: huh, me?

Me: yes, I mean, you’re really good at it. I want you to be the director

Her jaw dropped

Blue : do you mean it

Me: yes I do

I took my glass of milk and gulped down half of it.

I could see Blue smiling and staring at me.

When I dropped my glass, she removed her face and looked at her mother’s face

Me: so what do you say

Nina : Blue and I will talk about it later.

I smiled as I saw Blue staring at me again.

Her mother went to the kitchen and I turned to her.

That’s when I saw the bracelet

Me: what? I thought you left this in my house yesterday.

She looked at her hand

Blue : no I didn’t. It’s been with me

Me: I thought I saw it glow then disappear

Blue : huh? Are you okay? Did you drink last night?

She used that hand to hold my nose

I laughed and removed her hand.

I held it and she smiled.

She looked at our hands and her gaze moved to the whole of my body

Her face turned dreamy

I removed my hand and continued to eat.

I could still sense her eyes all over me.

I smiled inwardly

And when the smile was about showing physically, I took up my cup and drank from it while smiling so she wouldn’t notice.

I know what I’m doing to her

I put a lot of effort into making myself look good today.

I now look like the boy of my age.

I know I look great today.

Let me just allow her to soak it in



Is this Adrian

He looks so different and young

He looks like a high school popstar.

His hair was well styled

And he was wearing a red with stripes long sleeve.

His trousers were black with chains around the pockets

He had a band around his wrist.

Gosh he’s looking like an idol

He’s so handsome

I can’t stop staring

If he dresses like this everyday, he’ll be every girl’s prayer point

I was still staring at him when he turned to me

Adrian : do you like what you see?

I was taken aback

Me: huh

I turned to my food

Adrian : do you like what you see?

I smiled

Me: what? I didn’t see anything

He smirked

Adrian : okay. But I love what I see

Me: the food right?

He laughed and looked at me

Adrian : I wanna take you somewhere

Me: where

Adrian : somewhere around the beach

Me: okay

Mother came back all dressed up for work

Mother : I’ll be off now, take care dearies

She pecked me and I smiled.

She tapped Adrian’s shoulder and left

Immediately she left Adrian stood up

Me: are you going somewhere

Adrian : no, I just want to have a good view of your face.

I smiled and finished my last cake.

Me: just help me clear the dishes, your highness

Adrian : hahaha, your wish is my command my queen

My heart dropped to my feet and I stood motionless.

What’s happening to me?

Whenever he acts like this, I get this weird feeling

I saw him moving behind me.

I tried to turn but his hands brushed through my waist and he held me and kept his chin on my shoulder

I didn’t know what to do

Adrian : I want to tell you something really special today

Me: what

He left me and took the plates

Adrian : later

We took the dishes to the kitchen and washed them

I was surprised at Adrian, he’s not a lazy prince at all.

After all that, I went to shower up then came out with the red dress he got me.

He came with those things I forgot and I decided to wear the dress.

My hair was let loose and it was covering my weird birthmark.

I wore my shoes and came downstairs

Adrian : wow, color match

I laughed

I wore it because the shirt he wore was red

He came closer to me and pecked my forehead.

My mind went far

We might make a great couple

I laughed inwardly and he held my hand.

We went out of the house and went to the back yard.

Just a few walks from the house was the ocean.

The breeze was blowing my hair and his hair about.

It was really cool.

We talked and laughed as he led me to a place.

We soon got there, it was empty.

Just us

The forest was nearby and birds were singing.

The water there was so blue, it was different from the other beaches

Me: how did you find here

He smirked

I began to run around, jumping and dancing in the water.

I was laughing and shouting

He put his hands in his pocket and smiled

I remembered that he said he was going to tell me something

I moved to him

Me: you said, you were going to tell me something

Adrian : yeah, first turn and look towards the water

I turned to look at where he pointed to.

Just then, his left hand encircled me and the right one was in front of me.

Me: what

He opened the hand and revealed a sparkling necklace with tiny diamonds in it.

I gasped

Me: wow

Adrian : do you like it?

Me: I love it, it’s beautiful

He smiled and used both hands to spread it.

It was really beautiful

He wore it for me and I smiled.

He turned me around to face him

Me: thank you so much Adrian

He didn’t reply me

He just kept looking at my face

He wasn’t smiling

Neither was he frowning

I wanted to ask what was wrong when I heard words that struck me like thunder

Adrian : I love you

My mouth opened

Did I hear well?

Me: huh

Adrian : Blue, I love you

My heart stopped beating and everything stopped working.

They was an awkward silence

His eyes moved from my eyes to my lips and back to my eyes

Adrian : I want you to love me too, can you?

I tried to speak but I was tongue tied

Is he asking me out?

He moved closer to me but I moved back.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me to himself.

I lost focus and mistakenly hit my leg against the other.

I fell and since he was holding me, he fell on me.

We didn’t talk.

We just kept staring.

His eyes were too strong for me so I closed my eyes.

I abruptly opened them when I felt something on my lips.


He’s kissing me

My eyes were still widened

His hands interlocked with mine and I didn’t know when I closed my eyes

And kissed him back

To Be Continued

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