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The doctor wanted to sedate me but I told them to hold on for some time.

I told them that I needed to see someone first.

I laid down on my bed with a drip down my arm.

I was really tired but I was waiting to see someone important.

Immediately my door opened and I quickly looked up.

It was Derek

I hissed and laid back

Derek: whoah, man what’s up with you? You’re looking terrible

I looked away

At this point, Derek is the last person I want to see

He’s going to say some pretty nasty stuff

Derek: how are you doing?

Me: I’m fine

I sat up

Derek: so Someone kidnapped you again?

Me: I don’t know

He laughed

Derek: were ladies among the kidnappers? You know in the movies, there’s always a s£xy beautiful bad girl.

I sighed because I was expecting something like that

Me: do you think about anything else but women?

Derek: I think of wine, so I can get drunk and get a woman to spend the night with

Me: I have a feeling you’re going to change very soon

Derek: me too. I’m getting old already, it’s high time I settled down like you’re about doing. You know, get a family

Me: Alice?

Derek : hell no! That bitch can’t be a responsible mother and wife

Me: then break up with her

Derek: bruh, it’s been awhile we sat down to talk. You know, man to man, like old times. I broke up with her even before I got shot

I sighed as he stood up

He went to the living room and came back with a bottle and a glass of wine

I knew that was why he went back to the living room

Me: I really need to see someone

Derek: don’t worry, she’s coming

Me: huh?

Derek: I saw her while I was heading up here. She didn’t see me though

I was glad she was already in Edinburgh

I really wanted to hug her for saving my life

If she wasn’t there, that bullet would have projected straight into my forehead.

Derek: want some?

He filled the glass and stretched his hand towards me

I laughed

Me: are you crazy? You think I’m a wine lover like you?

He laughed and the door opened

It was her

I jerked up immediately

Me: Blue

Blue : Adrian

She ran and threw her arms around my neck in a hug

I was really happy to have her in my arms

We looked at each other for about two seconds then began to kiss passionately

Derek: ahhhh, seriously??

We didn’t care

Derek: okay I’m leaving

Then he left

We disengaged and she chuckled

Me: I miss you

Blue : you miss me?

Me: yeah

I pecked her neck

Blue : that means you’re still missing me now

I chuckled

Me: well, now it’s no longer I miss you but I missed you. Because you’re with me now

Blue : you’re so sweet

She played with my cheek and I laughed

Blue : I went to the cottage to get those security cameras

Me: really, you went to Stirling?

Blue : Adrian, there are lots of things I have to tell you. So many weird things happened. I found out that I have new….

Immediately Derek walked in

Derek: I’m sorry, but I forgot my wine bottle

Blue sighed in relief

She almost busted out her secret

I smiled and squeezed her fingers softly

Me: maybe we should just lock our door

Derek: why, is there something you want to do?

Me: jeez, Derek…

Blue : haha, when I went to Stirling, I saw a baby who’s name was Derek

Derek: really, is he handsome?

Blue : he was cute. And he was crying

Derek: that’s impossible. Dereks don’t cry

Blue laughed

Me: okay sir Derek Kit, excuse Prince Adrian and his betrothed please… That’s an order

He smirked and left.

Blue stood up and closed the door

Then she sat down beside me again

Blue : I have new powers

Me: I don’t understand

Blue: my powers have upgraded Adrian. I can do so much more now

Me: explain more

Blue : well, my tail and hair changed while I was underwater. And the new look came with new powers. I could make anything happen. That’s why I could make us invisible when we came to you

Me: wow, awesome. I was wondering too. This is really amazing

Blue : can you believe I made Rainbow and I appear in Stirling within two minutes

Me: whoah, can you get me a blueberry pie?

She laughed and it appeared immediately

Me: OMG…….

Blue : wanna eat.?

Me: yeah I do


I left Adrian’s room and went to see my mother in one of the rooms

I knocked and it opened by itself.

I entered and it closed

My mother walked out wearing oven gloves

Mother: I’m sure you enjoyed my blueberry pie

Me: what?

Mother: where do you think it came from? The sky?

Me: mother how did you know?

She removed the gloves

Mother: you have new powers and new underwater looks

Me: yeah, but why

She smiled

Mother: there’s a reason. You’re a unique mermaid

Me: unique?

She sat down beside me

Mother: every 500 years, there’s a special magic released on a special mermaid. It enables that mermaid do extraordinary things. And it changes the look of her so every mer-being that sees her, knows her identity

And your task Blue, is to restore Neptune’s City

Me: but, how can I be the special mermaid? I mean, I was just an average mer-girl back then

Mother: yes you were. But not anymore. You were rejected and thrown out for a crime you didn’t commit. You forgave them and moved on. Then you lived a free human life and you’re the first mermaid to be betrothed to a human Prince without throwing off your identity into the mud.

Isn’t that enough reason to be special?

She smiled really brightly

Me: gosh, mother this is so awesome. I thought the powers came because I was molested by a human

Mother: no, if it’s that then Rainbow too should have even more powers

I hugged her

Mother: but wait… Be careful how you use those powers

I disengaged from the hug

Mother: do not order things around except you really really need them

Me: why, is there a repercussion?

Mother: don’t you know that those things are coming from somewhere? I was baking pies and when one disappeared, my instincts told me it was you

I laughed

Me: okay, I understand perfectly

Then I left to see Cadio after spending a few more minutes with her


Me: here’s a video of Oliver giving orders to some men to take Adrian to Douglas

She took the phone and watched the video

Blue : he’s really bursted this time

Fabio : yeah, he is

She looked at him

Blue : but how did you video this?

Fabio : there’s a phone in my br**st pocket. It’s recording everything. No one actually knows about this. I did it because Cadio told me about you and the Prince and about Belinda

He looked at me and I laughed

I don’t hide anything from him.

We’re partners in crime

I guess that’s why we stayed in one place for nine months without fighting.

We’re not identical twins though

But we have similarities in height and taste

Blue : so what next?

Me: we should take this to Adrian himself. He’ll know who to meet.

Blue : plus my video

Fabio : yeah, we’ve got enough evidence

Blue : thanks a lot guys. I really don’t know how to thank you enough

I smiled happily

Me: anything for you Blue


The case was taken to my dad who wasted no time in bringing Oliver down to judgment.

The psycho created a funny scene that went viral on the internet.

He said he wasn’t the man in the video.

He even denied his name and his identity

We all thought he was trying to frame up something but medical checkups were ran on him and he was declared an insane person.

He had mental disorder

Since he’s really rich, his folks sent him to a highly professional psychiatric hospital for medical assistance and therapy.

Anyway I’m expecting Gabriel, my cousin who’s a model and actor in Brazil.

He promised to come for Adrian’s wedding.

And the wedding is just in two months, if not less than already

Prince Adrian and I are going to Italy in about a week.

We’re going to shop for our wedding tuxedos and all those stuff

I don’t know where Blue is going yet

Or maybe the best designers will be hired to do the job for her

I have a really great feeling about this wedding

It’s really going to be awesome

The way things are going, the wedding is going to shake the whole of planet earth

And it’s high time I got my bride too

Being a player is outdated already

Gosh I’m gonna miss my flight

Belinda caused this

She took my keys and went out without my knowledge

And now I’m so late

Adrian, is really going to make my skin turn blue

I hurried down the stairs

I’m actually living on my own now but Belinda came to see me yesterday and today she took my car.

I went to my garage and carried my second car.

I quickly asked my driver to take me to the airport

I got down and hurried down the lobby.

I wasn’t looking and I bumped into someone accidentally

Me: goodness, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t concentrating

Lady: it’s okay. I wasn’t concentrating either

I looked at her face and smiled

Her ticket was on the floor, I bent down and took it.

She was also headed for Italy

Me: I guess we’re headed the same way

Lady: really, Italy?

I nodded and handed her the ticket

Me: what’s your name?

Lady : Lydia

Me: I’m Derek

Lydia : nice meeting you Derek

Me: nice meeting you too Lydia

Then we began to walk together

Adrian called me and said I should hurry up

The announcement said the plane to Italy would take off in thirty minutes

Lydia and I began to run

We checked in and had our luggage scanned and all those airport stuff

Then we ran into the plane.

When we got in, we began to laugh

Lydia : that was close

She had cute dimples and black hair.

Lydia : ohh, that’s my seat

She pointed to a seat

Me: whoah, are you staying here?

She nodded

Me: no, you should come to first class with me

Her jaw dropped

Lydia : First Class?

Me: yeah

Lydia : I don’t have a ticket for that

I held her hand

Me: I’ll take care of that. Quick let’s go, the plane would soon take off

Lydia : are you sure it’s okay that way

Me: I’m more than sure

She smiled

Lydia : okay, thanks. It’s gonna be my first time in First Class

Me: and you’re going to enjoy it






To be continued

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