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Mother: we have to go to Neptune City today

Me: what? Today? But, I’m supposed to start the wedding arrangement today

Mother : I know, that’s why we have to go today since what you have to do is not much.

Me: why don’t we just go after the wedding

Mother: the wedding is a month from now and after the wedding, you still have to go for your honeymoon. Neptune City is dying, their lives are at stake

Me: gosh, I didn’t even think of that. Let me get Rainbow

I went to the telephone and called her

She came minutes later

Rainbow : I’m here

Me: we have to go to Neptune City

Rainbow : really? Yay!

She hugged me

Mother: you’re not going there to play okay, it’s for serious business

Rainbow : to restore it right?

Me: yes

Audrey and Cindy walked in with big plastic bags

Rainbow : what is all that?

Cindy : the bride’s maid dresses. We couldn’t pick the right one so we brought them all here

Rainbow : whoah let me see them

Me: Rain, when we get back we’ll see them

Audrey: are you going somewhere?

Cindy : is it shopping? Please let me follow you

Me: no it’s Neptune City

Cindy: you want to invite mermaids and mermen to your wedding?

Me: hahaha, no….

Mother: it wouldn’t be so bad if Kyl came for your wedding. You’re her daughter as much as you are mine

Rainbow : yay! Mother’s coming… Mother’s coming….

She hugged me and I laughed

Rainbow : Jace too, Jace has to come

Me : okay, Jace will come if he has his pearl bracelet

Mother : no need for that. You can make him have legs

Me: ohh, I forgot

Audrey: wait…. You can make him have legs?

Me: yeah, my new powers

Cindy : Audrey, it seems you’re thinking what I’m thinking

Audrey: I think I’m thinking what you’re thinking

Cindy : I think you think you’re thinking what I’m thinking

Me: okaaayy just tell me the thinking already

Audrey : if you can make him have legs, you can make us have tails

Me: huh….

Rainbow : is that possible?

Mother: it is but….

Audrey: no no no please no buts

Cindy: pleaseee let us follow you to Neptune City pleaseee

Mother: okay you’ll follow us

The four of us jumped up

All: yessssss!

Then we began to laugh

Mother: but we have to leave now

Me: sure

Audrey : I’ll drive us to the bay

Cindy : yay! She’s driving


We got to the bay and made the guards to go back to the castle

They were ordered to follow Blue around by the king.

We entered in and hid behind the rocky waters

Blue : ready, set, go!

We dived into the water and immediately we all transformed

Cindy : OMG OMG OMG I’m a mermaid, I’m a mermaid, I can breathe underwater, I can breathe underwater

Audrey: oh my, oh my. This is so awesome

The two newbies held hands and began to swim around laughing and giggling

Mother: we are not so far from the shore yet so keep it down

Then they relaxed though they were still bubbling with excitement

Cindy had a silver-like tail and Audrey was aqua green.

Cindy : you’re the most beautiful mermaid here Blue

She swam round Blue then hugged her

Audrey: I love this hair, it’s so awesomely awesome

We laughed

Mother: we have a long way to go. So let’s start swimming

Mother took the lead and we followed suit, swimming fast

Blue : why are you silent and moody?

Me: I’m nervous

Blue : about what

Me: I’m happy that I’m going to see mother and that everything will be okay soon. But I’m nervous because of Jace

Cindy : mother said Jace was okay

She held my hand as we swam

Me: I know but…

Blue : he’ll still love you. I’m sure of it

Audrey: I’m sure of it too, Jace will still like like you

I smiled happily

Cindy : I can’t wait to see you too hug and kiss

We all laughed and I heaved a sigh of relief

Neptune City

Jace jerked up from his bed in the sick bay and swam out

His mother the queen was swimming to see him

Queen: Jace

He looked up and saw her

Jace: mother

Queen: it’s a miracle, you stood up by yourself

He smiled and hugged her

He had come to love the queen so much

Jace: I just feel strong all of a sudden

Queen: it’s a good omen. Should we stay outside here

He nodded and they sat on a rock together

Queen: you must be hungry. Have some fish and veggies

Jace took them and just then ma’am Kyl swam out

Queen: Kyl? Oh my goodness, this is indeed a miracle

She ran up and hugged her

Queen : you stood up too

Kyl : I just feel healthy and strong

Queen : this is a sign that liberation has finally come

They swam inside to see if the others too were a bit stronger and in deed they were.

Some who couldn’t sit up were sitting while some even got down from the bed

Queen: we’re finally getting liberated

The two went to the inner bay where the king was.

His eyes couldn’t open and he was under strict security and care

Queen: Neptune….

She held his hand

King: Anna, I feel really strong

Queen: there’s a strong healthy force today. Everyone is getting better

King: the legends always has unique mermaid in 500 years each that can help with anything. Please, check through all our maidens, if there is anyone with a difference

Just then, there was a noise outside

Queen: what’s that?

Kyl : let’s check

They swam outside and saw that everyone in the hall were outside shouting

But it wasn’t a shout of terro this time

It was jubilant

They rushed outside and saw a crowd

Because she was the queen, everyone made way and she swam to the front with Kyl

She stopped when she saw five mermaids

She recognized only one which was ma’am Nina

Queen: Nina

Nina : queen… Kyl…

She swam and hugged them both

Kyl didn’t see Rainbow yet because she was hugging Jace and she didn’t recognize the other three mermaids.

Kyl: is that Blue over there?

She said after disengaging from the hug

Nina: I brought someone you need to see

Kyl: who?

Rainbow : mother!

She looked immediately and leaped up

Kyl: Rainbow!

Mother and daughter ran into a hug

Everyone began to cheer

People who knew Blue, especially her mates ran to hug her

Each person was asking her why she looked different.

But one strange thing was happening, anyone who moved few metres close to Blue will be in a different energy level

There was a vast difference between the two places

The other place was like hell, with a bad aura and energy around it but the one of Blue was chilling and healthy

Everyone noticed it.

When most of the excitement cooled down, Nina explained to them all everything that happened

How they went to live in the human world and how they met Rainbow who became a human princess

She also talked about the Prince and Blue’s marriage to him.

But she excluded every bad thing that happened

She only said they went through a tough time

The king came out with his eyes opened

Everyone was surprised

His queen hugged him happily

He then looked over at Blue and her mother

King: on behalf of everyone here and those that didn’t survive this epidemic, I want to apologize to you and your daughter over our in-attitude towards you.

You were our own but you were rejected by us

We are deeply sorry for treating you wrongly

Nina: apology accepted my king, we still hold Neptune City in high esteem and have forgiven you a long time ago

Everyone cheered happily

Queen: Blue, are you the unique mermaid?

Nina held her hand and brought her forward

Nina: a week ago, we noticed that Blue had extra powers and that her look underwater has changed. I looked into the legends and found out that she was really special.

She is the solution to our problems

She can help us

Everyone began to mutter things among themselves

Blue : I am very willing to help us get out of this evil vicinity that has brought us so much pain.

If you permit me, I am willing to help

Then she bowed with her mother

King: help us please

Then everyone cheered and clapped

Blue sighed and closed her eyes

Then slowly and quietly, a bright blue light began to radiate from her

Everyone gasped

The light began to diffuse

And everywhere it went around the kingdom, the colors changed from it’s faded look to the bright colors

Flowers began to bud and open up

Fishes began to come back

Trees and plants and bushes were beginning to come forth again.

Everything was changing

Even the unhealthy people were stronger and stronger

Everyone knew the bad force was gone.

Then the light stopped

Everything looked new

It was like a new place

So beautiful and looking untouched

The former city was nothing compared to the new one

Suddenly everyone began to cheer

They were all shouting and swimming about happily

Jace carried Rainbow up and swam in a circle with her

Cindy and Audrey were even part of the jubilation

The joy and gladness was everywhere and it intoxicated everyone

Including animals

Everyone ran about the large place with laughter everywhere

Little mer-beings were all over the place playing and laughing

Blue was so happy

Everything was perfect

She sighed and began to swim about making different houses in convenient places

Within minutes, about fifty houses were already created.

The houses were big and of different designs

She moved to where the castle used to be

She closed her eyes and lifted up her hands.

A huge building began to form.

A magnificent golden castle with gems studded in

Beautiful corrals hung from it and they sparkled

Everyone shouted with joy

They all began to cheer her name

Cindy and Rainbow took the lead

After that, everyone began to pick houses of their choice

There was enough beautiful houses for everyone

Jace: guess what

He was holding Rainbow’s hand

Rainbow : what?

Jace: I’m a prince

Rainbow : a prince?

Queen: yes, he’s my son

Rainbow : but how? I thought you were…

Jace: it’s a long story

She smiled and he smiled back

Jace: so do you still like like me?

Rainbow : yes, I do. I really do

Jace: I’m sorry but I really don’t like like you anymore

Her heart dropped

Rainbow : what? You don’t?

She almost began to cry

Jace: I love love you now

Her heart came back and she screamed and hugged him

He laughed happily as he held her tight.

They went into the castle together to check it out

Later in the evening, everyone assembled inside the ball room

King: folks of Neptune City. Today is the greatest and happiest day in all of history. Every year we will commemorate this day as Blue’s Day.

They shall be jubilation for as long as this city exist.

And from today henceforth, they shall be no more differentiation of our people

Everyone will live together as one

No more high class villa or average villa

We are all one!

All the people cheered and the celebration began

Children crowed around Blue and she gave each of them a hug and a little Blue flower

That night was very jubilant and Blue wished her Prince had come with her






To be continued

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