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Cadio was standing outside the castle.

I ran up to meet him.

We hugged and he kissed my cheek

Me: Prince Adrian is missing

Cadio : I know

Me: I feel really bad. Is Gladys responsible again?

He shook his head negatively

Cadio : Oliver

Me: Oliver? Who’s Oliver?

Cadio : Oliver Likes

Me: wait, Princess Gladys ex?

He nodded

Me: but why? Does he still think they’re together?

Cadio : that idiot is a psychopath. He’s insane. Why would a sane man kidnap a man on his engagement party night? And he’s not even engaged to Gladys anymore

Me: this doesn’t make any sense at all. But how did you know?

Cadio : I have my ways

Me: what are we going to do now?

Cadio: get into the car

I went round and entered

He entered and closed the door then he looked at me

I wanted to ask him where we were going when he came closer and began to kiss me

I was surprised but I still responded.

Cadio : we’re dating now

Then he started the car

Me: what, no! But…..

He began to laugh as he drove out of the castle

Cadio : my brother is one of Oliver’s men. He gives me information. And we’ve got enough proof to have him prosecuted

Me: yess!!!

I yelled and he laughed


Audrey drove us to Solway Firth very early in the morning.

We got there and I received a phone call from Belinda

hello Belinda

hello, Blue. Where are you?

I’m.. Well, mother took us away from Edinburgh for a while

okay, Cadio knows where the Prince is

he does? How?

his brother is part of the kidnappers and he has alerted the government officials but I’m afraid they won’t get there on time. It’s an island and the weather is not good for flying, ships are too slow and I don’t think a submarine could be used

oh no, this is so terrible. I can’t take this. Please I’ll get back to you later

okay but don’t loose hope, he’ll be rescued

Then I hung up

Audrey : what’s the news?

Me: Cadio knows where he is and he has alerted the government officials but the weather is not good for flying so it’s nearly impossible to get to him today

Rainbow : good thing the weather is good for swimming

Me: exactly.

Cindy: quick, change now

Audrey : sshsh, don’t let people hear you

Cindy: (in whispers) sorry

Me: let’s go over there

I pointed to a desolate part of the shore and we ran there.

We were already wearing the bracelets.

Rainbow wore mine, I wore mother’s.

We stepped into the water

Me & Rain : feet to fins

Thighs to tails

Later we’ll walk

But now we’ll swim.

Then the transformation began.

Rainbow and Cindy were so excited

Rainbow was excited because she missed her tail, swimming and the ocean itself.

Cindy was just excited to see us become mermaids and swim underwater.

Cindy : OMG, Blue you’re so beautiful. Gosh, Rainbow you’re sparkling

Rainbow giggled and swam around really fast

Audrey : whoa whoa whoa, is she a rocket. She’s so fast

Me: fastest mermaid in Neptune City

She giggled

Me: well guys, we got to go. Bye

Audrey : when you guys get back, bring lots and lots of fish.

Rainbow : we will

Cindy : byeeee

We dived in and Rainbow swam around giggling

Rainbow : I miss thisssssssss……

I laughed and tried to catch up with her.

Then she stopped and gasped

Me: what?

Rainbow : Blue, you’ve changed…

Me: changed?

I looked at myself and gasped

Me: My tail is different and my skin has drawings and whoa, everything is different.

I looked at myself all round

Rainbow : Blue, your hair

She pointed to it

I made the water in front of me to reflect my image

Me: oh my gosh….. My hair is blue. What’s happening?

Rainbow : I don’t know what it is but I love it

She hugged me

Me: this is actually weird

Rainbow : I wish my hair could be rainbow color….. So cool

I sighed

Me: we really have to get going. I hope this new look comes with new powers

Then we began to swim but I found out that I could swim faster than before

I decided to give it a try by going really fast

I began to swim very very fast.

I was now way ahead of Rainbow

I swam back to her

Rainbow : OMG ,this new look is awesome….

I was also happy

Me: now, we can get there on time.

We held hands and swam greatly

We were already getting closer within an hour

The journey was supposed to be four hours but we’re going to take two hours.

As we got closer, I began to sense his presence.

My Adrian was close already

The next one hour, we were already at the shore.

We stopped

Me: let’s see if the coast is clear

I heard visible sounds of people

And vibrations on the ground

Me: it seems people are already on the beach

Rainbow : how did you know?

Me: I just feel it

Rainbow : if they’re people on the beach, how are we gonna come out?

I sighed and imagined us in bikinis.

Me: bikinis could actually be of help

Rainbow : from where?

I swam closer to the shore trying to peep out when Rainbow called me

Rainbow : Blueee

Me: what

Then I looked down and saw her in bikini

I was also wearing bikini

Me: whoahhh, how did this happen?

Rainbow : Blue, you have new powers

Me: awesome

I was really happy

We swam to the shore and joined the people on the beach

It was something like a festival

We joined in and walked between them

Someone slipped his hand over my waist and handed me a tropical smoothie

Guy : ain’t you enjoying the sun and the festival

I smiled

Me: it’s really lovely

Guy: I love your deep blue eyes. Reminds me of the ocean

I giggled

Me: thanks

Guy: I’m Desmond, what’s the name

Me: I’m Becca

Desmond : a beautiful lady with a beautiful name

He took my hand to kiss it and saw my engagement ring

Rainbow giggled

Desmond : wait, you’re engaged?

I nodded

Me: yes

Desmond : whoa, awesome

He left my hand and stood beside Rainbow

Desmond : hey

Rainbow : hi

Desmond : are you engaged too?

Rainbow : no, but I have a boyfriend

He groaned and frowned

Desmond : why I’m I always late?

Then he walked away

We laughed and Rainbow collected my smoothie and began to drink it

Me: my smoothie…. Ahhh

I screamed quietly

Rainbow : what…. Can’t you give your fellow girl a smoothie

Me: no it’s not that

Rainbow : what

Me: Adrian… They’re torturing Adrian

I became very furious

I followed the direction of the sound of agony I was hearing

Rainbow followed me and we ran behind a tree

Me: it’s coming from there

I pointed to a house

Rainbow : we’re in bikinis

I looked at her and looked at myself

Me: I hope this works

I closed my eyes and imagined we were invisible

I opened my eyes and didn’t see Rainbow

I didn’t even see myself

Rainbow : Blue, Blue what’s happening

I imagined we could see each other

Rainbow : Blue ,you’re here

She hugged me

Me: we’re invisible

Rainbow : cool….

We ran to the house

Some guards were seated on a bench in front

They were eating cupcakes

Rainbow : cup….

I covered her mouth

Me: (in whispers) ssh, they can hear you. Let’s communicate telepathically

She doesn’t know the new magic skills mother taught me in the human world so I have to help her. That’s if, my new magic can do it.

I tried and it worked

She could hear me now

I uncovered her mouth and we walked into the house.

But she went back and took their cupcake

One of the guards saw a cupcake flying in the air and he screamed

We laughed quietly and traced the way to where he was.

We passed through guards and different things without making a noise.

We gently climbed the stairs to the attic

He was locked in that dusty room.

I gasped and ran to him

His hands were tied and his mouth covered

I began to cry

Me: Adrian….

He lifted his head to see who it was

He couldn’t see me

I hugged him

His body was tense

I uncovered his mouth

Adrian : I knew you’d come for me

He mumbled and he smiled

He knows I’m the one

I became visible again and I hugged him tight

Rainbow came and untied him

He stood up and hugged me

Adrian : I knew you’d come for me

I laughed

Me: I have to come for you

We kissed

Rainbow : hiii

He smiled brightly at her

Me: we have to get you out of here

The door opened immediately and a gun fired at me

Adrian pushed me away and the bullet almost met him on his forehead but I twisted it and it met the gunman instead

He groaned and fell down

Rainbow screamed

I quickly got us invisible, ready to deal with them.

Then police men rushed in and surrounded Adrian

I sensed what was happening outside

The bad guys were being arrested

The police helped Adrian up and took him away

We followed them.

I overheard them interrogating the men who their leader was.

I recognised one of them

He was from the previous kidnap

He escaped

I gasped

Then I remembered the security cameras at the cottage

Me: Rainbow, let’s go. It’s time to bring out the bad guy





To be continued

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