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Blue Maid

Adrian : where are we going?

I didn’t reply him

Adrian : when did you learn how to drive?

Me: Audrey taught me

Adrian : but you don’t have a drivers license

I pulled down the glove box and brought out my license then kept it back

Adrian : you look tired and sleepy, don’t you think I should drive?

I ignored him again and took a right turn.

He sighed and looked out the window.

I wanted to look at him but I stopped myself.

I want him to know the stubborn part of me.

I was going to drive straight from Stirling to St Andrews.

But I’m seriously feeling sleepy

When did I become an undercover agent?

I better find something interesting to do before I doze off and then wake up in a mortuary

I need a gum

Do I have a gum?

I can remember Cindy packed some for me, about four different flavors

It must be in my bag and it’s at the back seat

I would have easily asked Adrian to get it for me but I won’t talk to him.

I stopped the car, he looked at me.

I reached out to my bag and brought out a gum pack.

I brought out strawberry flavor and slipped it into my mouth.

I dropped the bag and started the car again.

Adrian looked away and rested his head on the top of the seat.

I continued driving and chewing till I got tired.

I looked over to him and discovered he was sleeping


You’re sleeping while I’m here suffering

Ahh I hate you.

I checked the time, it’s almost dawn.

I stopped the car and rested my hand on car seat.

I began to stare at Adrian

I remembered the day I last saw him.

The day he gave me that necklace that I’ll continue to cherish.

It’s now the second most important object to me, after my bracelet

I studied him, he wasn’t sleeping comfortably.

I gently lowered the seat without waking him up.

It was now okay for sleeping.

I kept his hands well and adjusted his head.

Then I lowered my seat, threw my gum out the window and laid down to sleep even though it’s for an hour

Prince Adrian

I woke up and saw that my seat was lowered

I looked to the left and saw her sleeping soundly

I really don’t know what exactly to do

Tap her and tell her it’s morning

Or just continue in staring at her

I’ve missed her

But I didn’t want to admit it even to my self.

But Blue has changed

She’s different now

Or is it because of what I just found out about her

I’ve always believed that some people have special and unique abilities not known to the public but hers, it’s just too magical

What exactly is this girl?

A fairy

A witch

A vampire

A pixie

She should be between a fairy or a white witch

Or a mermaid


It should be a fairy or mermaid because of their beauty

Blue is so beautiful

I sighed and remembered how my parents forced me to marry Gladys because of their kingdom.

Why did my stupid father get into that stupid bet?

The two kings are too greedy

I thought Blue didn’t care about me anymore because she didn’t call me and when I call she doesn’t pick.

I text her but she doesn’t reply

And I’ve been too busy running here and there because of my status

And my mines in Africa need more finance

I needed someone to be by myself and the only person who was there is Gladys.

I started letting her get closer to me but I guided my heart

I promised never to fall in love with another girl again

I didn’t touch her no matter her seduction.

I even still feel the pain I felt when I woke up unclad and saw her beside me.

I hated myself that day but I kept the whole blame on Blue because she was the reason I drank that much

Remembering all these things is starting to make my heart ache.

I brushed my hair with my fingers and wondered how I now have energy.

I looked outside

The day was gradually coming in.

I remembered that if not for Blue, I’d be a cold motionless and stiff object now with a scattered brain.

I never knew I was going to see this day

I feel so happy all of a sudden

So I’m going to see my mother again

I sat up and covered my face with my palms

I’m alive and well

I began to smile

Blue woke up and I turned to her

Me: good morning

She didn’t reply

She opened her door and stepped out

I looked at her and then looked down.

I feel hurt

But I guess she’s hurting more

It’s my fault

I deserve that attitude

Blue Maid

I stepped out of the car to feel the early morning breeze.

It’s chilly

I walked a small distance away from the car

I still feel tired

St Andrews isn’t far anymore

Just few minutes drive will take us there.

I’m hungry

I need to eat mother’s cakes

I turned around and walked to the car

Adrian wasn’t inside

My heart pounded

I looked to the back seat, he wasn’t there

I stood up and looked around.

No sign of Adrian

Oh no

Me: Adrian

Adrian : I’m here

I looked to see him coming out of the side of the road

Me: but I just looked there and I didn’t see you

Adrian : you’re not the only one with powers

I glared at him suspiciously

Adrian : just joking

He opened the door and entered.

I stood outside for some minutes before entering the car and zooming off.

In about 10 minutes, we were in St Andrews.

I took the street to our house

We were leaving in a family house

Located in one of the safest and coolest neighbourhood thanks to Derek.

I drove in and parked in the garage.

Cindy came running out and hugged me

Cindy: oh thank goodness you’re safe Blue. I’m so happy you’re back, are you hurt anywhere? Did any bullet hit you? Did you freeze anyone? I hope you used the paralysis spell mother taught you

Me: hahaha, Cindy I can’t answer all your questions at once

Cindy: that’s certain. Where’s the Prince?

She asked looking around

He came out and she ran there and hugged him


I knew she would

She’s so happy

Adrian looked surprised and his hands were lifted up

He looked down at Cindy who clutched unto him with her hands held together above his waist and her eyes closed

He looked at me and I stared back at him, not giving him any clue on what to do.

He looked down again and then hugged her back

Adrian : it’s okay Cindy, I’m safe now

She released him

But held his hand

He smiled at her and I felt jealous


He has no right to smile here.

We walked to the front, mother and Audrey were coming down to meet us.

Adrian : ma’am Nina

Mother: Prince Adrian, you’re safe

She touched his cheek and they both smiled

Adrian : yes ma’am, thanks for your concern

I don’t really understand why they’re all caring for him

Have they suddenly forgotten what I passed through because of him

The only person I know will be for me is Audrey

She walked out sheepishly like nothing happened

Audrey : is this the Prince Charming who almost got killed if not for you Blue? Ahh, he’s not what I think he is

She said sarcastically and I smirked

Audrey is really going to give him a tough time and I’m gonna enjoy every bit of it

Adrian turned and faced Audrey

She gasped and moved backwards.

Her mouth was still open and we all stared at her, I was expecting something nasty

Audrey : O… M…. G…..

She said and jumped up

She ran to him and held his hand

Audrey : gosh you’re the most handsome man I’ve ever seen. I love your hair, jeez Blue why didn’t you take me with you to fight those idiots that tried to hurt him.

I would have ripped their heads off their neck

Everybody laughed except me

Cindy : come on let’s go inside. Do you like toys? I’ll show you my toys

Mother: you’re right in time for breakfast, I’m sure you didn’t feed well this week. You’ll need to eat everything on the table

They laughed again

The four of them made for the front door

Cindy was holding his left hand while Audrey kept his right hand over her shoulder and used her left hand to encircle his waist.

Mother opened the door and they walked in and closed it

This is so annoying

Everybody is caring for the victim, no one is cheering for the victor.

And I hate the way Audrey and Cindy are flirting with him.

I screamed in frustration and stood there not wanting to go inside but something calm to my mind

Those two girls will be all over him and won’t let him be

Me: no way, they shouldn’t dare

I stormed towards the door

Not that I care or I’m jealous

But he needs rest

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