Sat. May 11th, 2024


I can’t believe this

Blue saved me using magical powers

And she healed me too

Who is this girl?

I tried to stand up but couldn’t

I feel strong but my body is weak

What exactly did she do?

I sat down on the bed and looked around

The room was small

Not really small but it’s small compared to my room and the other rooms I’ve seen

It looks like a dressing room in size.

I was feeling thirsty

Me: I need water

I muttered to myself and the door opened. She walked in

Blue : here take water

I looked up at her as she stretched a bottle of water before me.

Blue : take the water

Her voice was so harsh

I looked deep into those eyes and I saw pain and hurt

I began to regret what I did to her

I was so stupid

But non of this would have happened if I didn’t drink much that night

Blue : take the water

This time her voice was sober, mixed with tears.

Me: Blue

My voice was so gentle and weak

She looked away and her hair blocked my view of her face.

She dropped the bottle on my lap and left without looking at me.

I know what she was going to do


I bowed my head and sent my fingers all spread out into my hair.


I was in St Andrews, the place where we now lived after leaving Aberdeen when I heard the news of how Adrian’s wedding went.

I quickly called Derek and asked why he did that, he said he’ll explain that to me later.

Suddenly I felt a cold vibration in my body.

I knew something was wrong

I threw my mind off of it and told myself that I didn’t care about Adrian.

Three days later, I heard the news of his abduction

My body shook again

I couldn’t concentrate any longer.

Something told me it wasn’t a mere kidnap

I felt he wouldn’t come back.

I told my friends and mother and my mother advised me to follow my heart

She began to teach me new spells.

I told her that I’ll trace him.

A week after his wedding, I set out to Stirling. That’s where they kept him.

Stirling is not far from Edinburgh.

I rented a cottage and prepared a room.

At night I left with a hired car to where I was feeling his presence.

I entered a warehouse and saw him being tortured

I felt this anger rising and this urge to destroy

How dare they do this to Adrian?

I was so furious I released my whole venom on them.

I couldn’t believe this was him, so lifeless and in pain.

I felt my tears trying to fall but I pushed them back.

I physically healed him because I didn’t want him to try to escape from me.

I didn’t plan to expose my identity

I didn’t want him to know it was me

I took him to the room and made him lie down.

I made him remove his blood stained clothes and helped him to clean up.

He was left with only his underpants (boxers) before I helped him wear new clothes

He was really weak

I don’t know why but I removed my veil.

He saw me and was really surprised.

Somehow I could hear that he needed water.

I brought it to him but he wouldn’t take it.

I kept telling him to take his water but he just kept staring at me.

His eyes were boring holes into my face.

I was getting weaker

My tears were becoming stubborn

They wouldn’t go back

I turned and they began to fall freely.

I ran away before I break down in his presence.

I went to my own room and sat on the floor then placed my hands and head on the bed.

My heart was hurting so bad

I wanted my Adrian back

When he was staring at me, I wanted to hold him up and hug him so tightly.

But why did he just leave me?

Why did he come to me in the first place when he has a fiancee?

Why did he make me love him?

My tears continued to wet the floor.

I know he’ll be soaked in confusion now about who I really am

I’ll just explain to him and then erase his memory.

Mother taught me how to do it recently

I’ll let Adrian have his normal life back.

I’ll leave him forever.

I stood up and closed the window because it was windy outside.

It seems a storm was coming

I remembered that I didn’t close his window.

I didn’t want to return to his room but I had to

He’ll be too weak to stand up and close it.

I went to his room and found him still seated on the bed.

Me: you should lie down

He looked at me as I walked to the window.

I closed it and went out.

I came back with some fruits for him.

He doesn’t need any unhealthy food in his body now.

He just needs energy.

Natural energy

I brought a table and kept it in front of him then placed the bowl on it.

He stared at the fruits and back at me.

I smiled and he smiled too

I frowned immediately but he still kept his smile

I miss his smile

I went to a tap and ran water into another bowl.

I helped him to wash his hands and I sat down opposite him.

I sliced the already washed fruits into little pieces on a plate.

I used a fork to pick them and brought it to his mouth.

He opened up slightly and I gently placed it in.

He chewed slowly and weakly

I continued to feed him until he couldn’t eat anymore.

I gave him water and helped him to lie down well.

I rubbed balm on his arms, chest, neck and face then covered him with a blanket.

The rain was already falling heavily

Me: good night

I turned to go.

I touched the door knob to open it when I heard his faint voice

Adrian : thank you

I turned my head and looked at him, I nodded and left.

Before I came I bought security cameras because Cindy advised me to, just in case we’re tracked down.

I decided to fix them in

I did and by the time I was through, it was almost morning.

I went to check on Adrian to see if he was sleeping well

I opened his door and met him awake

Me: Prince, why are you awake?

He replied weakly

Adrian : I’ve been trying to reach out to you for almost an hour now. There’s a tracker device on me and it’s beeping

My eyes widened

I looked and saw it among the clothes in the bag on the floor.

Me: we have to get out of here

I quickly rushed up to him and helped him up.

I sat him down again

Adrian : why?

I placed my palm over him again and healed him completely.

Me: now get up, and let’s run

I grabbed the rest of my things and we left the house with the car that’s after I destroyed the tracking device and took his clothes so they’re not know that we were there.

I hope my security cameras don’t fail me.


I heard the mother of my baby fainted.

I smirked

There’s no way Gladys is going to ruin my best friend’s life

Adrian belongs to Blue

No third party is allowed

That evening when Adrian sent me out of his chambers, I changed my mind and went to Gladys room.

She was alone, no maids.

And she was just coming out of the shower.

I walked towards her despite her threatening me

I made her hear what she’ll never hear from Adrian.

I made her melt and I had my way with her.

Gladys is really full of lust

Ever since then, she wouldn’t let me be

We kept repeating it until she threatened me to back off that she wasn’t interested in me anymore

I laughed and told her that I won’t disturb her

That we just had fun

I said I was in full support of her engagement with Adrian.

It was on one of my visit to her chamber that I learnt about her pregnancy for me.

She wasn’t pregnant because Adrian slept with her.

I had her tested secretly without her knowledge using my own tactics

She never had s£x with him again

Adrian didn’t want to touch her except after their wedding

So that baby is for me

The royal family did not believe me until I told them to go to any length to know the truth.

That was before we heard of Adrian’s kidnap.

It’s been a week now, Gladys is still in the hospital and still no sign of Adrian.

I need to find him but first I’ll go and see Blue, I’m sure this news is too much for her to take

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