Tue. May 28th, 2024

Kyla’s POV


I happily hopped out of the car that drove me to school and bade the driver goodbye


Everything about this school just makes me happy , I can’t say if it’s because of what I’ve heard about the school or how beautifully designed the school is


I ensured I dressed well and looked pretty. I’ve being hearing of the four pillars of this school and I’m willing to set my eyes on them


I heard the school awards four pillars of the school every year to the cutest and most handsome guys in school.


I stared around my new class as I entered and it’s adorable


Then I suddenly heard students rushing outside


???? The pillars are here

???? Omg! I can’t wait to see them

???? The pillars for real?

???? Jeez! Let’s take a look


I joined the students murmuring happily outside the the class towards a hallway that leads to a very big class room


I walked faster and I saw many crowds already surrounding four cute students




I haven’t being able to see them very well , I was struggling my way to the front so I can have a clear view of the hyped and most handsome cute pillars


” what’s your problem dearie?” Someone asked when I was trying to push her away in a bit to get to the front


“I’m sorry, I wanna have a clear view of the school pillars ” I said still trying to push people


“Calm down, you can see them from here too?” She said


“Oh really?” I asked and paused


I stood beside her and stretched my neck, I can only see one of them and not the rest


“The school pillars are the most handsome boys in school and they are without girlfriend, and that gives every female students hope that they may someday be chosen by one of the pillars as their girlfriend



There names are Rafael , Andy, Lane and Dante. If you are lucky to be friend with any of them, you will be so much respected in this school but sadly, they don’t even make friends ” She said


“Oh! I’m Kyla and you?” I asked


” Bianca is my name ” She replied and I quickly crammed her name and that of the school pillars


“I can’t just wait to see the four of them ” I said but she didn’t respond


This place is freaking me out. I still can’t see them. I forcefully find my way to the front and I saw the school pillars, so cute but I was stunned to the gut when my eyes met with the cutest one among them.


He was talking with the student and I’m glad he has not yet seen me cus he was my first Love , we dated for a year when we were young.


Their house isn’t far from hers then but my parent insist that I break up with him cus he is poor. My parents keep preaching to me everyday until their word get into my head. I called him one of those days and broke up with him. He pleaded for many days that I reconsider my decision but I refused. He and his family packed away from my area and I’d never set my eyes on him since then


How did he get admitted into this school and end up becoming one of the pillars of this glorious school


I feel so broken right now and I pray he won’t see me. I never stopped loving him but I know he will have moved on. He can’t even have any iota of feelings for me again cus of what I did for him in the past


I turned back praying fervently in my heart that he won’t see me


“Kyla” I heard my name from one of the pillars just when I was trying to find my way back




I pray this is just a dream and not a reality


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