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Gosh I’m so scared

I’m freaking out

Ma’am Nina had already called Blue and told her that she should come home and meet someone

I’m really terrified right now

I wish I could run away

Last night was peaceful for me

Because I heard stories about Neptune City

Though the stories were sad ones, I was still very glad that my mother and Jace were okay

And Jace is now a prince

So awesome

But right now I’m really paranoid

I wonder if Blue would come today

Or maybe tomorrow

Or maybe now

Oh no

I’m gonna faint

Right now, I wish I could have Princess Gladys’ boldness and guts

So I’ll be able to face Blue

But it seems I’m fully Rainbow now

Princess Gladys has forsaken me

Just when I needed her most

Ma’am Nina came to the room where I was

Mm Nina : won’t you come down for lunch Rainbow? It’s lunch time

I stood up and nervously followed her downstairs

I remembered how I consumed food yesterday like never before

I always loved to eat so much

And yesterday, i ate to my full

But today

I couldn’t even finish two slices of bread during breakfast because I was paranoid

How will I be able to eat lunch?

I sat down and ma’am Nina served the spaghetti and meatballs

It looked delicious

I began to eat with alacrity

Ma’am Nina : Blue said she’ll be coming today with Adrian

Immediately I heard that, my spoon dropped to the floor and my heart began to beat as loud as a talking drum

Ma’am Nina : Rainbow, are you okay?

I couldn’t breathe properly so I managed to take water and restore myself

Me: I’m…. I’m okay mother

Mm Nina : are you freaking out again?

I nodded and she smiled

Mm Nina : I hope you know Blue loves you so much

And she really misses you too

She’ll be glad to have you back

I nodded and smiled

Mm Nina : now eat, then we’ll prepare some sea food for dinner together

She smiled brightly and I felt better.

I began to eat slowly

Slow and steady wins the race right?


I was so and steady

And I won the race of three plates


Me: Derek is really not going to change. I thought that when he finally wakes up, he’ll be a new man

Blue laughed and kissed my neck

My hands were around her waist

We were sitting in my SUV, leaving the hospital

Blue : he’ll definitely change

Me: baby

I played with the ring on her finger

Blue : yes

Me: I don’t want this ring to be here for long

She chuckled

Me: hey I’m serious

Blue : I know

Me: do you know our engagement is on the internet

Blue : what…

Me: watch this YouTube video

She took the phone and watched the proposal

She gasped and covered her mouth

Blue : Adrian….

I laughed

Me: we’re having our engagement party on Saturday night

Blue : I’m sure Audrey has seen this. She’s always on the internet

Me: I just uploaded it though

So this should be the reigning news in Scotland

She smiled and I kissed her

She pushed me away

Me: why that push?.

She looked towards the driver and I laughed

I cuddled her back

Me: mother called you while we were at the hospital right?

She nodded

Blue : I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. But we have to go to St Andrews today

Me: any problem?

Blue : no, she wants us to meet someone

I nodded and yawned

Blue : is he hungry?

Me: let’s go to my chamber and eat alone. I don’t wanna go to any restaurant yet

She hugged me tight and sweet

I began to remember how it all started

In my chamber

And how she was literally avoiding me

How I wasn’t in my right senses when I came back from Glasgow and heard she was missing

How happy I was when I found her

Every moment with Blue was sweet

Except for when we were fighting

I laughed

Blue : why are you laughing?

Me: haha, remembering good times. Come on, let’s go in. We’re already at the castle


I woke up in his bed

Looked around but he wasn’t in.

I stood up and washed my face then headed to the living room.

He was standing beside the bar, with a glass in his hand

Me: hey

He looked back and smiled

He dropped the glass and walked to me

Adrian : hey

He hugged me and started kissing my neck

I chuckled and he carried me to the cushion

I was wearing white shorts and a yellow vest

He kissed my neck to the top of my cleavage then stopped and looked at me

Adrian : you slept for two hours straight

I chuckled again

Me: sorry

Adrian : you’re hungry?

Me: not really

Adrian : you still need to eat. We’re leaving for St Andrews remember?

Me: oh, I almost forgot

He carried me up to the kitchen and I sat on one of the long kitchen stools.

He brought out some snacks and fed me

Adrian : when we get married, I’ll make sure you won’t meet the chamber this way

Me: why?

He gave me a soda and I drank it before he spoke

Adrian : because I want this place renovated

Me: it’s already okay

Adrian : I want it to be better, for my wife and baby

I chuckled

Adrian : finish up. I’ve already gotten our tickets. We’ll leave in an hour

He pecked me and left.

I began to imagine what it would be like to have a baby with Adrian

Really sweet


Oh no!

They just arrived

I’m gonna faint

I ran to my room and closed my door

I heard mother greeting them happily

Then I heard her scream happily

I wonder what they told her

I took my phone and felt like telling someone to come and take me away

I mistakenly turned on my data and news started flowing in of Prince Adrian’s engagement to Blue Connor

I screamed too

They’re engaged

Oh my gosh

I feel like swimming round her like a whirlpool right now

I’m unexplainably happy

My best friend is getting married soon

I stood up and began to dance happily

Then my door opened and ma’am Nina walked in

Mm Nina : they’re here Rainbow. Come

She held my hand and we walked down the stairs

Immediately they saw me, they shouted

Adrian : Princess Gladys?

Blue: mother, what is she doing here and why are you holding her hand?

She stood up and Adrian stood up too, behind her

My tears were almost falling

Ma’am Nina : calm down Blue. She’s not Princess Gladys

Blue : then who is she? Princess Gladys twin?

Her tone was sarcastic and my tears fell

Adrian noticed I was crying and told Blue

Adrian : Blue, she’s crying

Blue : I don’t care. I know this is Princess Gladys, she’s just coming back to finally ruin us. And she has brainwashed my mother. I’m not falling for her tricks

She took her purse

Ma’am Nina : listen to me Blue, listen to what we have to say

Blue : no, I’m leaving

She turned and stormed towards the door

Prince Adrian : Blue wait

Ma’am Nina : Blue stop

Me: Blu…ue it’s me, Rainbow

Then she stopped and looked back at me

I was crying profusely already

Ma’am Nina : when did you become so big headed Blue? You’ve been dying to see her for years and now that she’s right in front of you, you’re acting like a pervert just because she is not looking the same

Ma’am Nina was angry and Prince Adrian was just staring in shock

Blue : please, I don’t understand

Me: I’m Rainbow, it’s me. I’m not dead. The grey ditch brought me here and erased my memory. That’s why I didn’t remember you at all. That’s why I became evil

I was really crying because I felt sorry for everything I did

Blue still didn’t believe

Blue : then how did you become a Princess and why is your face different

Blue was crying too

I guess she was in pain

Ma’am Nina : that’s a long story. But if you want Rainbow, the one who you were born with on the same day. If you want that face, here it is

She touched my face and I became the real Rainbow

Blue stepped back and covered her mouth

She began to cry

Adrian held her and her tears flowed

Me: remember when I broke your blue shell, and you became angry with me. We didn’t talk or see for a day. Remember when we pulled a prank on a nobleman, he caught us but we made it look like an accident.

Remember all the fun times we had together in Neptune City

It’s still me

She busted into loud sobs and ran to me

We hugged each other passionately like we didn’t want to ever leave each other again

Our tears flowed onto our shoulders and made them wet.

Me: I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for everything

Our cries slowly turned into tears of joy as we smiled in between sobs.

We lived with each other for 18 years straight in love and care

And now we’re 22

The hug was so long that it was as if we were making up for the fours years we spent apart




To be continued

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