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Me: where are we going?

Blue : Stirling

Me: how are we gonna get there? If we swim from here, we’ll have to be human and travel again

She sighed

Blue: Close your eyes

Me: why

Blue : just do it

Me: okay, I’ll close them

I closed them and two minutes later she tapped me

Me: should I open now?

Blue: yes, you’re free

I opened my eyes and we were in a different place

Me: where are we?

She pointed to a sign post

Blue : Stirling

Me: Stirling? OMG, we’re in Stirling

I jumped up and hugged her

Blue : now, we need clothes

Me: quick, turn the bikinis into black trousers and black jackets. It will be like we’re secret agents

I placed my hands on my waist and parted my legs

Then I looked up and stood gallantly, like a superhero

Blue laughed and turned us into secret agents

Me: so cool

Then we moved behind a building and became visible again

Me: let’s rent a motorcycle

Blue: I never rode one

Me: I know how to ride it. I was taught two weeks after I came to the castle

Blue : great

We walked to the rentals and tried to rent but we weren’t with any license to enable us rent it.

Me: let’s just take a taxi

We ran down to the road, boarded a taxi and Blue told them the address.

When we got there, the house was closed and no one was in sight.

We went to the landlady’s house and knocked

She opened

Blue: good morning ma’am

She looked at us and answered

LL: how may I help you?

Blue: ma’am, about four months ago I came here to rent a house for two days. A cottage actually

LL : I don’t remember

Blue: I rented a cottage from you but I left without your notice. I left over night

LL: oh, I remember now. You left some things in my cottage right?

Blue : yes, security cameras

LL: That night, I think some people broke in to the cottage, they destroyed the doors but didn’t steal anything

Me: they didn’t steal anything? That means the cameras are still in tact?

LL: yes, please come in

We followed her inside and right inside a cot was a crying little baby.

Me: your baby is crying

LL: leave him, he’s hungry. And I can’t get any Formula for him. I’m really out of cash right now. And his father is in jail

Me: that’s so unfortunate

I went over to the baby and carried him up. I began to play with him

He was still crying

Blue and the landlady went into a room and I stayed with the baby

I felt really sorry for him, I went to the telephone and saw the list of numbers.

I searched for the delivery agency and called them

Voice : hello and how may we help you?

Me: I need you to have healthy baby food and vitamins delivered to number 23, Peace street

Voice: okay ma’am.

Then I dropped the telephone and went back to the baby.

Just then, a young girl came back from school and dropped her back pack.

Me: hey

Girl: are you a secret agent? Like the one in movies?

Me: yes

I was so excited that someone actually thinks I’m a secret agent

Girl: awesome

She sat beside me

Girl: I like your hair

She touched it

Me: thank you

Girl : my brother is crying again

Me: he’s hungry

Girl: I’m hungry too

Me: should I order pizza?

She shouted in excitement

Girl: yess!

I chuckled and ordered pizza

Then the door bell rang and she went to open it

Girl: whoahhh


I closed the door and she went over to a drawer

She pulled it out and brought out all the security cameras

I went over and carried some of them up

Me: I think they’re still in good shape but the battery is dead already

LL: why do you need them?

Me: I need to know the people who came in while we were away

LL: please, don’t get us involved in anything please.

Me: what, no. No one is getting you involved at all. I’ll keep you out

LL: thank you

Me: now, let’s go and watch the video

We went to the living room and saw Rainbow and a little girl packing in some groceries

LL: what! Tess, what are you doing with a stranger?

Tess: sorry mummy, we’re taking in baby food for Derek

Me: Derek? Is your baby’s name Derek?

LL : yes. But, who ordered all this stuff?

Rainbow : I did

LL: but they’re so expensive

Me: I don’t think money is her problem

Rainbow laughed

Then the door bell rang

Tess : pizza

She quickly opened it and took the pizza

Rainbow walked over to the door and wrote a cheque

Rainbow : I need you to always deliver pizzas here every morning till they’re tired of eating pizza every morning. But anytime they order pizza, they don’t need to pay. Cause there is enough money to pay for it

The delivery man was surprised and so was the landlady.

He nodded, Rainbow signed some papers and he left.

She handed her own copy to the landlady

Rainbow : that’s your proof of the deal.

LL: but… But… Why are you giving us so much?

Rainbow : because your kids are really cute and they deserve the best

She bent down and hugged Tess

Rainbow : so do you need toys

Tess: yes

She gave their mother a cheque

Rainbow : there’s enough money to buy anything for them. Make sure you buy enough things that you need

LL: oh my goodness. Thank you so much

She hugged her and I smiled.

Me: now let’s watch this video

We sat down and connected it to the television

The landlady served the pizzas and we made Tess go and play outside

In the video, three guys came to the cottage with guns.

They searched the whole rooms and tried to get a clue of the prince.

I saw the person I saw earlier, he was calling someone boss.

I zoomed the person’s face and paused it

I wasn’t with any phone.

But I got one immediately with my powers.

I brought it out and searched for Oliver Likes on the internet.

The man’s pictures appeared

Me: that’s him

Rainbow : yes, it’s him. It’s really him.

Me: great, we’ll take the video ma’am

LL : I’m glad you found the burglars

Me: thanks

Rainbow : we’re going now right

Me: yes

We stood up and made for the door

Me: thanks for all your help ma’am

LL: thank you too for helping us

We went outside and stopped a taxi

Rainbow : my regards to Tess, tell her I’ll come back and check on her

LL: okay, I will. Bye

We entered the taxi and drove to the bay.

We got down and hurried to a lonely place

Rainbow : we’re swimming to Edinburgh right?

I nodded

I arranged the cameras and filtered them.

That is, the part that I used my powers to heal Adrian up fully was erased.

I forwarded that part in the landlady’s house so she didn’t see it

I wanted to cover it with the protective jell but Rainbow snatched it out of my hand

Me: why did you do that?

Rainbow : cause I wanna cover it with the protective jell

She did it and jumped up and began to laugh happily

Then I remembered that we were 17 years when our mothers taught us how to use it and prevent something from being wet inside water

We entered into the water and said our rhymes

Then we dived in and began to swim

Rain : I really love your new look?

Me: but I really don’t know why it’s like this. I’m confused

Rain: I’m sure mother has an explanation

Stirling isn’t far from Edinburgh so we got there on time.

We changed and called Audrey.

She quickly picked us up

Audrey : how was the rescue mission?

Rain : sooooo fuuuunnn

I giggled

Audrey : Adrian has been brought back home, he’s under medical supervision now

Me: has the culprit been found?

She sighed

Audrey : it seems he’s someone with power. He denied ever having anything to do with it. He said the person who called his name is actually a framework. So there’s really no proof

Me: I’ve got enough proof

Audrey : you do?

Rainbow : yes, the last kidnap, Oliver is the schemer

Audrey : who’s Oliver?

Rainbow : my ex… No, Gladys ex

We laughed

Then Cadio called me

Cadio : hello Blue, where are you?

Me: I’m in Edinburgh now

Cadio : great, I need to see you because I can’t get to Adrian

Me: why

Cadio : my brother and I have something that can implicate Oliver Likes but I need to talk to you first

Me: great, I’ll meet you soon

Then he hung up

I smirked

Oliver is trying to vindicate himself, but it’s time to prove to him that two is better than one





To be continued

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