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Finally they disengaged.

I walked over to Blue and she hugged me and started crying again

Blue : I found her, I finally found her. She’s not dead Adrian. Rainbow is alive

She tightened her hands on me

Me: yes Blue, I know. I saw it too. Yes she’s back

She disengaged and I gave her a tissue

Rainbow : I’m really sorry for the havoc I caused. I mean the havoc she caused. And by she, I mean Princess Gladys

I walked over to her and shook her hand

Me: I’m glad you’re not who we thought you were

She smiled

Blue : so what exactly happened Rain?

Ma’am Nina : I think we should sit down and hear everything out

We sat down and began to listen to her story

At the end of everything, we became confused as to how she’s going to be two people at a time

Should we announce that Princess Gladys is dead?

Or she should be both Rainbow and Gladys at the same time


Audrey and I are gonna spend the night together at my place.

Cadio and Belinda went out of town

I really don’t have plans of taking Audrey to bed yet. I need her to be free with me for the time being

We’re just gonna have decent fun

I went to the castle and picked her up

We chatted on our way to my place like we’ve known each other for ages

We got to my house and I carried her in my arms from the car to the house

I dropped her on the couch and kissed her cheek like it was her lips

She laughed happily cause it was ticklish.

I looked into her eyes and they were dreamy


Those eyes

Let it not be what I’m thinking

No way

I’m not going to fall for this

I’m not gonna have you yet so stop the dreamy eyes.

I left her alone to get some drinks from the fridge.

Non alcoholic though

Audrey: I heard you smoke

Me: nope, I don’t smoke anymore

I handed her the bottled soda

Audrey : since when

Me: since I fell in love with you

Audrey: what? You’re not serious. That’s not possible

I chuckled

Me: if that’s not possible, then I’m gonna start smoking again

Audrey: what, no. Don’t..

I laughed

Me: baby, I’m done with smoking. Also done with killing, and I’m done with being a bad guy. Though I’m still a bad guy but I’m a good bad guy

She laughed

Audrey: well it’s good. I’m happy. So how did you become so handsome?

I laughed

Me: maybe it’s because I’m like a half caste

Audrey: half caste?

Me: yeah, my dad’s Scottish. Mum’s Indian

Audrey: oh wow, that explains it

She climbed my laps and kissed me


Rainbow and I went upstairs to my room to talk

We began to talk about different things

About her life in the castle

How she was really rude and grudgy

We laughed and we were happy again

She didn’t change at all

She was just like the Rainbow I knew

Rainbow: oh my goodness!

She covered her cheeks with her palms.

Me: what?

Rainbow : we’re not virgins anymore. And it’s all my fault

I covered her mouth

Me: hey, keep it down

Rainbow : so I was pregnant? And I lost the baby?

Blue : well, literally

Rainbow : I was so bad. I’m sorry I slept with prince Adrian and Derek?

She yelled the ‘Derek’ and I covered her mouth again

Me: haha, you’re shouting

Rainbow : I’m glad I’m Rainbow again. Gladys was such a stupid lady

We laughed

Me: my engagement party is this Saturday. How are you going to come?

Rainbow : definitely as Rainbow. Jeez I miss my tail

Me: I have something that could turn you into a mermaid again

Rainbow : what? Tell me

Just then, the door opened

Adrian : ladies

Rain and I echoed : gentleman

Then we laughed at our own joke

Adrian : I see you too have actually covered up everything.

Me: yes we have.

Adrian : awesome. Dinner’s already ready, let’s have dinner together

Rainbow : OMG, food! And this time, I’ll eat well

She ran downstairs and I giggled and stood up.

Me: let’s go

I wanted to walk past Adrian but he pulled me back and began to kiss me.

Running his hand into my hair

Adrian : your hair is getting longer baby

Me: that’s the advantage of being a mermaid

Adrian : it could get lengthy before our wedding. Wouldn’t it?

Me: yeah, it would

He lowered his face to kiss me again but I pushed him away

Me: we’re supposed to be dining not kissing

He chuckled and held my hand as we went downstairs


Blue and her Prince Charming went to see mother and I’m spending the night at Clint’s place.

I hope it’s gonna be romantic.

We’ve already had dinner and we’re gonna play video games against each other.

But he went inside to change.

He was taking too long and I began to miss his company.

I stood up and went to his room.

He was still shirtless

Then I saw something that scared the living daylights out of me

A huge tattoo on his back

A skull

I shouted cause I was really terrified

Me: ahhhhhhh

He immediately turned and the same tattoo was on his chest to his tummy

I shouted even more

Me: aaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Then I ran out

He ran after me

Clint: Audrey wait.. Audrey….

I tried to open the door but I didn’t open it quickly and he caught up with me

Clint : hey, calm down sweetie

Audrey: leave me alone. Don’t touch me

I pushed him but he pinned me to the door

I began to scream and kick

Clint: sshhsh, you’re making a noise baby

Then he began to touch me in all the wrong places

Me: stop it, how dare you touch me that way?

I slapped him and he released me and looked down.

He looked so scary

Really scary

Me: I…. I… I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to slap…. Ahhh

I screamed because he carried me up abruptly and took me to his room, dropping me roughly on the bed.

He sat on top of me and his eyes were red.

Me: what.. What are you doing?

Clint: you’re taking me for granted, ain’t you?

Me: no… No.. I’m not

He pinned me to the bed

Clint: did my tattoo terrify you?

I nodded

He sighed and fell on me

I yelled

His head and hair was over my shoulder

We were silent

Awkwardly silent

Then he began to kiss my neck slowly

Me: Clint, what are you doing?

He raised his head and looked at me

Clint: sorry I terrified you.

Me : you’re an occultist

He laughed

Clint: I’m not. It’s just a temporary tattoo. I’ll have it taken care of.

He stood up and wore his shirt.

I sat up and hugged my legs

Me: I’m sorry for slapping you

Clint: felt like a mosquito bite

He smiled and pecked my lips

Clint: let’s go play that video game

Then he carried me up to the living room





To be continued

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