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Blue really had love for shells.

She always brings them home whenever they go out.

This fateful day, Blue found a very unique shell.

It was sparkling and reflecting a light blue color.

Blue was so happy with it, she carried it everywhere and used it as a necklace.

Rainbow felt deserted because Blue had little time for her.

She was always taking care of the shell like it was a living thing.

Rainbow got fed up

Rainbow : Blue has no time for me anymore. She’s now replacing me with that useless shell. Just because it’s blue. I’ll just change my tail into blue too. Or I’ll deal with the shell myself

She swam to Blue’s room and took the shell on the special rock where Blue keeps it.

Blue came inside and didn’t see it.

She saw Rainbow swimming out and followed her.

But Rainbow had already thrown the shell on a rock and it was broken.

Blue didn’t know but Rainbow became very paranoid and guilty.

She felt that Blue would suspect her

Especially when she started to look for it.

Rainbow would start shivering and stammering when she was with Blue.

Blue : I really hate what is happening? My shell that is so important to me. Why is it missing?

Rainbow : what… Missing…. Wow… How can… how can it be missing? Gosh… well.. I really don’t… Uhmm… Well…. I have to go…. Bye

Then she swam away and hid behind a rock

Rainbow : oh no! Blue is going to find out. I’m so scared. I have to avoid her.

Then she began to avoid Blue carelessly.

Blue noticed and approached her

Blue : what’s up with you Rainbow? Why are you acting so weird?

Rainbow : no nothing. I’m not avoiding you, I’m…i didn’t… do anything at all

Blue : when you act this way, you’ve done something crazy. What did you do this time Rain?

She tried to swim away but Blue held her hand

Blue : tell me

Rainbow : I threw away your shell. I broke it deliberately

Blue : whaaaaat!

Blue was really angry with Rainbow

She yelled at her and swam away angrily

Rainbow began to cry

She went home and stayed there all day

Blue didn’t come to look for her and she was too scared to talk to her

It was their mothers who merged them back together after they noticed them being apart for one day.



After remembering what happened when we were 16 years, I got even more scared.

I cried and wished I wasn’t Gladys.

I heard from my informants that Blue and Adrian were in Edinburgh already

And that ma’am Nina is not present in Scotland yet.

I wondered where she went to

I really need to see her

She’s the only one that can help me

And I need to hear from mother too

I miss mother



What about Jace?

I sat up on my bed and began to think about Jace

I remember that he likes me too

He told me the day I fell into the grey ditch.

Oh my cutie

I miss you so much

And I was busy trying to kill people over Adrian while I have Jace

But what if he doesn’t like me again?

What if he hears about all what I’ve done and he begins to hate me?

Oh no

I began to cry again

I feel really miserable

I really need to see ma’am Nina.

I need to see her


Cindy: I love this room so much Blue. It’s so big. I could ride a bike here. It’s so biggggggg

She ran round the room then jumped on the bed

Me: sshh Cindy. This is a royal castle. Be honourable

She just laughed and pulled me .

I fell on the bed and she began to tickle me

I laughed and tickled her back and we fell on the floor

Cindy: I miss Audrey, so much. When is she coming?

Me: tomorrow

Cindy: okay, let’s wait for them then

I stood up

Blue : come on Cindy, let’s go out and check other things out

We got out and Prince Adrian was coming towards us

Adrian : baby

I hugged him

Cindy: his royal highness

She bowed and we laughed

Me: you’re all dressed up. Where to?

Adrian : there’s something I have to tackle

Me: won’t you rest? We just got here

I tugged on to his arms

Adrian : I know. But this is really important. I’ll be out for a few hours. But I’ll be back for dinner. My parents really want to talk with you, so look pretty as usual

Then he pecked my cheek but lingered for about two minutes, continuously sucking my flesh

I chuckled and held his waist

Me: okay baby, I love you

He pecked my lips

Adrian : I love you too. And we’re having a special dinner tomorrow. Just you and I, let’s spend some quality time together. Okay?

Me: sure sounds fun. Bye sweetheart

He kissed my forehead

Adrian : bye Cindy

He left and started making a phone call.

Immediately he was out of sight, Cindy jumped up and squealed that I had to cover my ears and close my eyes

Cindy : sooooooo coooooool……

She hugged me and was still jumping

I laughed and held her down

Cindy: this is so romantic. Awwn, so sweet

I chuckled

Me: come on, we have a royal dinner today. We have to get prepared you know, we have to be like decent and well mannered princesses

We chuckled and went into my own room

Neptune City

Jace: do you really have to go?

Ma’am Nina : I really have to. I’ve got this feeling like I need to do something important.

Jace: let me follow you. I have to see Blue

Ma’am Nina : oh Jace darling, you’re not so healthy. I’ll just send your regards to her

Jace: I really want to leave this place. It’s killing me slowly

Ma’am Nina : I understand, but everything will be okay soon don’t worry.

Jace: okay, tell Blue I miss her

Ma’am Nina nodded and went to Kyl’s bed

Nina : I have to go now Kyl. I’ve got a big deal to tackle back home

Kyl : I feel it too. It seems there’s someone who wants to see you desperately

Nina : yes, exactly. So I have to go

Kyl : take care of yourself. My regards to Blue and her friends. Please tell her to forgive me

Nina: it’s okay, she will Kyl

Kyl : and my regards to her prince

They laughed

Nina : no problem Kyl

She hugged her and left happily

Kyl was the only one who knew where they resided, that’s in the human world.

Ma’am Nina got to the surface and became human again.

She went to the house and felt like the person was already in town.

She waited for some time and a car drove in

She stood up and walked to the front door.

Some guards came out and opened the door for a pretty young lady

Gladys: good evening ma’am

Nina looked at the car and saw an inscription PRINCESS GLADYS

Nina: Princess Gladys? You’re the Princess Gladys?

Gladys was somehow scared, maybe she would hate her too

Gladys : well…. I.. Please hear me out first…. I…

Nina : wait!

She looked sternly into Gladys eyes

Then she gasped

Nina : Rainbow!

She screamed and hugged her tight

Gladys began to cry

Nina : this is good news. Oh sweet Neptune, please come inside

Then they went inside to talk


I’m so happy for Audrey

She looks really happy and so was Clint

They fit each other so much

I’m just glad

Now Cindy is next on line

Who’s gonna be the lucky guy?

It’s definitely not Derek

I chuckled as I put on my blue shoes.

Cindy: are you excited for tonight?

She was bringing my Blue purse

Me: yeah, this is my first official date with Adrian

Audrey : awesome, tell us everything that happened when you get back

Cindy : and tell us what you ate

Audrey: and tell us how handsome he looked

Cindy: and tell us how the place looked like. Romantic

I chuckled

Me: I’ll tell you guys everything

I stood up to go

I looked at the mirror and I knew I looked great in my shiny blue dress.

It was a body hug and flair below my knees

My shoes were blue heels and my purse was blue too.

My dress was actually sleeveless but the top was made of lace.

My hair thanks to Audrey was looking great despite the length.

Me: I’m looking so beautiful guys

I touched my cheek and they stood up to hug me

Cindy: we love you

Audrey : so much

I hugged them happily

Then there was a knock on the door.

It opened and it was Adrian’s Butler

Butler: are you ready miss?

Me: yes

I hugged them finally and gently followed the Butler together with two other guards.

I got into the limo and the driver drove off.

We arrived at a five star hotel

The Butler held my hand and walked me to the elevator.

Butler: miss, the prince is on the last floor

He bowed and I walked in

I pressed the keys and the elevator moved up.

It stopped and opened.

I got out but everywhere was dark.

I couldn’t see a single thing

I became scared

Where’s Adrian?

I moved a little bit but stopped when I heard a sound

My heart was really beating and I got my right hand ready.

If this is another kidnap, then they’re mistaken

Then a cool violin note began to play.

I didn’t know the direction of the music because it was all round.

Then a projector screen popped up right in front of me.

It made the room lighter but I was just seeing shadows around.

The light wasn’t so bright

And then some words that were in Blue curly italics, with love shapes showed up saying I’M HERE FOR YOU

Me: huh?

Then I felt a slight touch on my shoulders

I gasped

That touch was familiar

And the cologne too

He kissed my shoulder and my neck

Me: Adrian…

Then he whispered

Adrian : what’s on the screen?

He moved his hands from my shoulders to my waist

I looked at the screen

It was boldly written I LOVE YOU

I smiled


I smiled brightly


Me: oh my gosh

I was really loving this

So romantic

And the cool music playing was really touching my soul

The next was my name in capital letters BLUE

I smiled

This time, Adrian read the words out


My jaw dropped open and at that instance, a spotlight came over us

I quickly looked back at Adrian


He was already on one knee

His hair was so shiny and curly

He was wearing a white sleeve shirt and a blue bow tie

His trousers were white as well

He was facing down and my purse dropped when I saw what was in his hand

The most sparkling and reflecting object ever

A diamond ring in a blue sparkling box.

Me: oh my goodness…. Oh my goodness….

My hands covered my mouth

He looked up at me and smiled

The most beautiful being in my world

Adrian : Blue, when I become the King of Edinburgh, will you be my Queen?

My eyes welled up with tears

Me: yes… Yes Prince Adrian.. I will

He smiled so happily

Took my left hand, kissed it then slipped the ring on my third finger

Me: oh gosh.

He kissed my hand again

He was beaming with smiles

He got up and I swung my arms around his neck in a passionate hug

He wrapped his arms around my body and held me tight and sweet

I was already crying

Tears of joy

Then lights came up

Adrian : I love you so much

Me: I love you too





To be continued

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