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Clint and I talked over the phone and we decided to interrogate Prince Adrian.

I stepped out of the plane and hurried towards his car.

He was standing beside it

Me: hey man

Clint : get in, let’s move

I got inside and we drove off.

Me: so Blue finally has her Prince

Clint : not fully. That will happen when Gladys goes down

Me: why are you even helping them. They never paid you

Clint : I guess not everything is about money

Me: or you’re waiting for the Prince, maybe he’ll pay you

Clint : I’m not gonna collect a dime

Me: this is unlike you Clint. You don’t work except when you’re highly paid

Clint : that’s almost the same with you. So is Belinda paying you

Me: she once paid me. But recently, I do things for her out of charity

Clint : because you love her

I sighed and looked through the window

Me: do I love her?

Clint : maybe you do. And maybe it’s lust

I looked at him

Me: what do you know about love?

He smirked and looked at me then he looked away

Clint : I wasn’t born like this Cadio. I was once humane

I smirked

We were already there

He parked the car and we got out

Belinda came out to meet us

Belinda: welcome back Cad

She came close to me and I pulled her into a hug

Clint looked at us and smirked.

Then he went inside

Belinda: what’s with him?

I chuckled

Me: he understands something. Where’s the Prince?

Bel: they are inside

Me: let’s go in then.

I held her hand and we both walked into the house

I sat down and brought out my laptop

Clint sat beside me

Prince Adrian and Blue came inside.

He was carrying Blue in a piggyback ride

Me: nice to meet you Prince Adrian

Adrian : another assassin?

Belinda : he’s not an assassin. Just an agent.

Blue : well he’s not a government agent

Adrian : then he’s an assassin

Belinda : well Gladys once sent him to kill me. But he called me and informed me. He told me to run away. That’s why I came to Ireland

Clint : because he loves you

Bel: no he doesn’t

I chuckled

Me: you guys might wanna sit down and check this out

I played the video on the TV so they could all see

The prince and Blue sat together on the sofa and Belinda sat close to me

I smiled and laid my hand over her shoulder.

She didn’t object

The video began to play

Prince Adrian : that place looks like the palace in Birmingham

Me: it is. I kept a camera in Princess Gladys hair when we went to see her father. That’s the video

We watched it together

Prince Adrian, Blue and Belinda were damn surprised

Especially the Prince

Clint got up and took a cigarette pack.

He handed one to me and I lighted it.

Belinda looked at me and collected the cigarette.

I thought she was gonna smoke it

But she kept it in the ashtray and glared at me

I chuckled and watched the rest of the video

Prince Adrian stood up in anger

Blue : Adrian

Belinda : he’s angry

Clint : it’s worth getting angry. So, do you know anything about their deal

Me: yeah, any knowledge?

He sat down again

Prince Adrian : yes. I knew it was stupid right from the beginning. My father made a deal with her father. In order for them to be able to use each others resources, Gladys and I had to get married. They sealed it and said anyone who broke it will be penalized

Clint : how?

Prince Adrian : the deal will be taken to Queen Elizabeth II and the king who broke it, will loose his kingship forever. Including his lineage

Blue : so that’s why your parents insist you get married to her. Because of the kingship

Prince Adrian : yes

Me : and Gladys and her father have different plans

Clint : I wouldn’t be surprised if she kills you too you know. She’s capable of doing anything

Blue held him and placed her head on his shoulder

Bel: so what are we to do now?

Me: it seems her backbone is her father

Clint chuckled and I looked at him

I knew exactly what he was thinking

Clint : don’t worry guys. We’ll take care of it

Then he stood up and went out

Blue : what are you guys gonna do?

Me: we’ll just make plans first. We’ll get back to you

Then I stood up

Turned off the television and took my laptop and left too


My head ached badly

I needed rest

Blue : baby, your temperature is rising

I looked at her

Blue : let’s go inside

I stood up and we went inside together

I laid on the bed and she sat beside me

Blue : I should definitely get you something to eat

Me: I’m not hungry

Blue : yes you are. It’s already time for lunch. It was Belinda who cooked yesterday, but I’ll cook today

She smiled and tried to stand up

I pulled her down and laid on top of her

Blue : hey….

Me: shush…..

I lowered my face and kissed her tenderly

She bit my lips and I laughed

I got off her and she stood up

Blue : I’m going to prepare lunch. Get some sleep first

She pecked me and left

I laid down properly and slept off.

I stood up sluggishly and went to the kitchen.

When I got to the door, I overheard Blue chuckling and I heard Clint’s voice

I moved closer and watched them through the door but they didn’t see me

Clint : come on baby. Stop being stubborn

Blue laughed and faced him

He held her waist and pulled her to himself then kissed her neck

My eyes widened

Blue placed her hands on his chest and raised her leg up

He held it and rubbed it lustfully

Blue : I’m only letting you do this because you’ve done it before

Clint : it belongs to me Blue

They began to kiss and he unbuckled his belt

Blue was taking her hand there when I shouted and woke up

Me: stoppppp!!!!

I jerked off from the bed

I looked around me

It was just a dream

Gosh this is definitely a bad dream

I stood up and walked to the kitchen

I heard Blue chuckling and became scared.

I gently entered and saw her trying to move the plates to the dinning table with Belinda

I heaved a sigh of relief

Blue : baby, you’re awake

She got closer to me and kissed me

Blue : how do you feel now?

I smiled and kissed her cheek

Blue : come on, it’s time for lunch

We walked to the table and ate happily

I asked about Clint and Cadio

They said they haven’t returned yet

I sighed again

Thanking God it was just a dream.

The two guys didn’t return that day

Their numbers weren’t reachable either.

We all wondered what happened with them and where they went

Well, the evening of the next day answered our questions

We checked the news and it was all about the death of the King of Birmingham





To be continued

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