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Blue looked at me in awe.

Me: what are these guys? Seriously

Belinda: I trust my Cadio

Blue : your Cadio?

Belinda shrugged

Me: your Cadio and Clint are some bad ass assassins

Blue : we’re not even sure they’re responsible

Belinda : true, we’ll just wait for them then.

Belinda stood up and left.

Blue hugged my arm

Me: I feel the war will soon come to an end baby

I kissed her forehead and rubbed her cheek

She looked up at me and smiled

I kissed her slightly and carried her up

Blue: where are you taking me too?

Me: let’s go to the room. I wanna lie down

I carried to the room and laid her on the bed.

I laid my head on her lap and she played with my hair

Me: its a good thing I’m not Derek

Blue : why

Me: we won’t be talking right now

She put on a puzzled face

Blue : why

I laughed and took her left hand.

I began to play with her fingers.

Mostly the ring finger.

She doesn’t understand what I’m doing.

I looked at her face and she still didn’t notice.

I took the finger into my mouth and licked it

Blue: ieell. Stop that

I laughed and kissed the finger

I have plans for that finger.

Probably in the next two months

Her right hand raked my hair and I loved it.

I looked at her

I began to wonder what she’ll look like in a ball gown and a crown.

She’ll look just like Cinderella.

My Cinderella

Me: Blue

Blue : yes baby

Me: I don’t wanna ever loose you. I don’t wanna spend a day without seeing you

I sat up and drew her close

I lifted up her face and stared deep into those Blue eyes

Blue : Adrian

Me: yeah

She lowered her face and looked away

Me:Blue what’s wrong?

She buried her face in my chest

I lifted her face up again

Blue: if we go back to Scotland. How’s it gonna be

I smiled

I knew what she was thinking

She’s scared that I might still not want her

Me that is making plans of putting a ring on her finger

Me: would you like us to have a girl or a boy first?

Her face lit up

Blue : girl

Me: and what will we call her

She chuckled and I cuddled her

Me: how about Princess Claire or Princess Ciara

Blue: Princess Ciara

I kissed her forehead

Me: she’ll definitely have blue eyes too. Right?

Blue : and a blue tail

Me: oh, I totally forgot about that. My baby is also going to be a mermaid. A sparkling blue baby mermaid. More beautiful than her mother

She laughed and I turned her over to face me

I drew closer and softly placed my lips on hers.

I twisted them and fondled them up.

My hands went up and held her face

Smoothing it gently

Her hands were on my chest.

I kissed her cheek and sucked them

She chuckled and I smiled

I laid her down and got on top of her

She wrapped her legs around me and I smiled at her

I kissed her roughly this time like I was consuming my favorite dish within a limited time.

She couldn’t keep up with the pace and she started slowing down.

Blue: don’t make my lips become numb okay

Me: I will some day

Blue: I won’t let you.

Me: then you won’t have a say

I laid my lips on her neck and sucked on them

Blue: ahhh, stop it Adrian

She laughed as she was hitting me playfully.

There was a knock on the door.

Blue: who is it?

Bel: it’s me. The guys are back

We jumped off the bed and went to meet them

Clint : hey

Cadio : hi

They just acted as if they didn’t do anything

Clint was drinking a bottle of cold water

Me: where are you guys from?

Cadio : we went out, to chill

Clint : yeah

Blue : so where did you go out to. You know, to chill

Clint : somewhere in England

Belinda : where in England?

Cadio : somewhere like uhm, bir.. Bir… I think I’ve forgotten

Clint : me too. But I know it ends with ham and I love ham. It’s delicious

Cadio : yeah, uhm Belinda, do you mind preparing some ham for dinner. Ham and cheese

Belinda used both her hands to hit him on his shoulders and he drew her and grabbed her using her waist.

He just held her there, with her hands still on his shoulders

Cadio : what

Belinda :Cadio let go of me?

She tried to wriggle free

Cadio : kiss me

Belinda: what? You’re crazy. Let me go

Clint chuckled

Clint: let go of her. Haven’t you gotten enough kisses from the chick that spent the night in your room earlier?

Belinda’s eyes widened

Bel: what?

Cadio smirked and released her

Cadio : damn that blonde chick was hot. Sexy legs and boobs

Blue gasped and Belinda frowned

I drew Blue to myself

Me: you guys might wanna cut down on the profane words. Blue’s not familiar with them

Clint: okay

He winked at her

Belinda folded her arms and was still frowning

I guess what they said got to her.

I don’t even understand what’s between the two

It seems Belinda kinda likes him but she’s pretending

Cadio : ohh, you guys get ready. We’re attending his funeral together

Blue : so you guys did it

Cadio : yeah

He turned and was leaving with Clint

Cadio : I took that chick’s number. I’ll definitely call her again when we get back to England

Belinda scoffed and rolled her eyes

Blue and I laughed

Me: let’s take a walk round the house

Blue : okay baby. And I wanna call my mom

Me: okay baby

I held her waist and we went outside the house

We sat down on the deck.

Actually she was sitting on my leg

I took my phone out and she dialed her mother’s number.

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They began to talk

I guess she was happy to hear her voice today

She’s been using Belinda’s phone to call them for three days now

My hands were wrapped around her waist and I cuddled her

I began to feel uncomfortable

I began to have the weird feeling

Oh no

Blue has to stand up from my leg and my hand has to stop cuddling her waist before I do something silly

I’m not a fan of bed stuff outside marriage since I turned 20.

I decided to be different from Derek

But now, something bad is about to happen

And she’s even adjusting, thereby rubbing her butt against my lap.

Jeez Blue

You have no idea what you’re doing to me

But no

I must make you totally mine first

I closed my eyes and she finished the call

Blue : sweetie in done. Thanks

I opened my eyes and looked at her

She stood up and I stood up too

Me: hold the phone. I’m coming

Then I ran to take a cold shower and calm my nerves down


I don’t know why his funeral was arranged so soon.

Is it because he was assassinated?

Anyway it’s time for me to go down.

Adrian should be waiting for me

The deal between the two kings has been nullified already.

So Adrian won’t marry Gladys anymore.

I’m so happy no one is coming between us.

I wore my red dress and arranged my short hair.

I knew I looked okay though I know nothing about makeup.

We’re already in England.

Adrian has a big house here.

I carried my purse and moved out of the room.

I gently walked down the stairs.

Adrian was standing by the bar with a glass of wine.

He heard my footsteps and looked back

He dropped the glass immediately and smiled brightly

He was looking so handsome

He moved closer to me

Me: Prince Adrian

I called gently with a smile

Adrian : his princess..

He held my hand and hugged me

Then he kissed my neck and rubbed my back

I chuckled

Adrian : you look spectacular my cutie

I placed my hands on his shoulders and he held my waist.

Adrian : I can’t wait to have you one day

Me: huh, don’t you have me now?

He chuckled and kissed my cheek

Adrian : you’re so naive

It was then I understood what it means

I smiled shyly

Adrian : let’s go. The guys are already there

We got out and entered into the car with some of the guards

When we got to the castle, cameras began to flash lights at us

Adrian put on an expressionless face.

The guards didn’t let them come very close to us

We got to the hall and met up with lots of people

Even Adrian’s parents were there.

I could see Gladys from afar.

Receiving condolences from sympathizers.

She was dressed in black

Like a villain.

The funeral started and ended quickly.

It was then announced that Prince Peters, will be coronated the next king.

It was getting late already and Adrian was still meeting people.

I got tired and decided to get fresh air outside

Princess Gladys

No word can explain how I feel.

I don’t even know if it’s anger

Or sadness

I even wanted to commit suicide

I felt edgy and went out to the castle’s lake.

I needed air and a moment to think

Everything was just falling apart for me

I got to the lake and sat beside it.

It was already dark and I had the security lights turned off before coming

I heard something strange happening with the water.

I stood up and moved to the other side, where the trees were.

I saw someone moving the water without touching it.

I gasped and brought out my phone.

I began to video the person who was squatting

The lady stood up and controlled the water outside

She was giggling like she was enjoying what she was doing.

It’s like she was waterbending

She froze the water in the air and poured sand on it without using her hands

I suddenly became scared

She was a witch

She turned and saw me

All those things fell down behind her

I saw her face


I gasped in surprise .

I quickly saved the video and began to run

Blue: hey Gladys, stop

She began to pursue me

I was way ahead of her

I smiled evilly

I am so going to expose this witch

Suddenly I felt strong electricity like a rope tied around my ankle.

I screamed and fell down.

She levitated me and brought me to her feet

I couldn’t talk because I was awestruck and afraid

Blue : sorry, but I can’t let you ruin me. You’ve done enough

She grabbed the phone and raised her hand up

I covered my face

I’ve never been so scared in my life

Suddenly we heard a guards voice.

I guess he heard me scream

Immediately Blue swiftly threw me into the water

I don’t know what she did to herself, whether she was caught or not but all I remember was that I hit my head badly on a rock and blacked out





To be continued

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