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He bought few cloths for himself and a few other things for my mother.

I vividly remembered the things she used to like back then.

So we bought them and entered the car

Me: wait… Why did you buy clothes for yourself?

I asked when realization hit me

He chuckled and started the car.

I just stared at him wondering what exactly he was.

Was he going to stay there with me?

No way

He can’t

I looked at him again


He’s so handsome


I forgot myself and I began to smile

Clint: baby I love the way you look at me

Me: what? No! Gosh

I said and hit my palm on my forehead

Me: you’re so crazy

He chuckled

Clint: I hope your mom has enough rooms

Me: she’s residing in an apartment building

I looked away, hoping he was joking.

We got to the building and got out.

I took my bag and he came out with the things we got for my mom.

Clint: let’s go

He took the lead after I told him the room number

We entered the elevator and got to the fifth floor.

We knocked on the door and it opened after a while

Me: mom

I said and she smiled a bit

Mom: Audrey, you came

Me: yes mom, I’ve missed you

I said and hugged her

I truly missed her

Ma’am Nina took her place but I still wanted my real mom.

We unlocked and she looked me over

Mom: you’ve changed a lot Audrey

She smiled at me

Clint: good day ma’am

My mom looked at him and smiled

Mom : young man, how are you? Please come inside

We got inside and she closed the door

Mom: you’re welcome. Sit down

She said and led us to the couch

Mom: gentleman, what can I offer you?

She was smiling brightly

Clint: anything ma’am

She smiled and went to the fridge

I shifted and sat at the other end of the couch, trying to keep a distance from him.

My mom came back with three glasses of cold pineapple juice.

She served Clint first then me

She sat down on a stool and faced him

Clint: we brought this for you

He lifted up the bag and gave it to her

Mom: oh my God. That’s so sweet of you

She opened it and looked through it

Mom: wow, how do you know I like all this

Clint: well Audrey actually suggested we get them

Mom: wow, that’s really good dear

I was just watching them.

My mom was acting weird

She was extra nice

I’m sure she hasn’t changed from the way she talks to me on phone

Or is it because of Clint?

I never told them anything about me ever since I left

They don’t even know where I work cause they don’t care.

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If only they knew that I see, talk and even play with the Prince of Edinburgh.

If only they knew that my best friend is the Prince’s lover

I smiled

They wouldn’t think I’m a loser anymore


He looked at me

Me: what?

Mom : have you been listening?

So they’ve actually been saying something

I wasn’t concentrating

She frowned

Mom: you haven’t changed a bit Audrey. You’re still so clumsy and stupid

Clint’s face changed

Clint: excuse me ma’am, Audrey isn’t clumsy or stupid

He looked serious

I was surprised

Mom: I’m sorry dear, she’s not stupid. Never mind what I said

I was now angry

She was really faking that attitude

Clint sighed

Mom: so please answer my question. Are you friends or working in the same place?

Clint looked at me and smiled

I became irritated

Me: mom, I’m tired. I need to rest

I stood up and dropped the glass

Mom: you can stay in the second room opposite mine. I’ll stay with the young man for now

I raced upstairs and entered the room and screamed

Me : I hate you mom, I hate you so much

I threw my bag on the bed and began to cry

I hated the way my family made me feel

I wasn’t a loser anymore

But I still hate it when they call me that.

The only reason I came here was because I wanted to avoid Clint.

I shouldn’t have come here in the first place.

I sat on the floor and leaned on the bed.

The door opened and I looked up to see Clint.

He closed the door and looked at me

Clint: are you crying?

I looked away and he came closer to me

Me: just excuse me please

I yelled

He squatted and stared at me

Clint: I noticed that your mom doesn’t really like you. Why?

I stood up but he pulled me down

Me: leave me alone

Clint: okay

He stood up and turned to go

Me: where are you going?

He looked back

Clint: I’m leaving you alone

Then he went out and banged the door

I felt bad

I stood up and entered the bathroom and washed my face.

Then I got out and fell on the bed


I went to get my things from the car.

If she thinks I’m gonna let her be?

Then she’s mistaken

And I don’t like her mother

She’s a great pretender

Acting like a smily lady

But I think she really likes me

And the way she’s behaving, she doesn’t want to act harsh to Audrey in my presence

I went back to the apartment and dropped my bag on the couch.

Audrey’s mom: so what exactly are you to my daughter? You must be her boss right? But you really don’t have to follow her here. She’s really not worth it

I stared at her blankly

She was just trying to say that Audrey was a nobody

I was ready to shock her to her bone marrow

Me: oh no, I’m not her boss

I took a drink from the fridge

Audrey’s mom: then what are you?

Me: Audrey is my girlfriend. That’s why we came to see you together

The woman’s jaw dropped open and I smirked


I sat in my room crying bitterly

I was so filled with guilt

I felt like a monster

I couldn’t believe all what I did

Me: but I’m not like this

I mumbled in between sobs

Me: non of this would have happened if I was not Princess Gladys. None of this would have happened if the real princess didn’t die

I blew my nose and threw the napkin on the floor that was already littered with tissues and napkins

I was both full human and full mermaid

Everything I did as a mermaid was fully in my mind

And everything that happened and a human was pasted in my brain.

My greatest challenge now was how to stand before Blue

Right from time, I get paranoid easily and I really never had guts.

But Gladys is quite the opposite

But right now, I don’t even know what exactly I am

I don’t know if I’m fully Rainbow or Gladys

And I really have lots of questions

I’m living in total confusion

I’m so scared

Even though Blue finds out about my real identity, will she ever forgive me for wanting her dead?

I wanted to ruin her

I hated my own best friend

But wait

How did they come to the human world?

Is her mother here too?

I’m sure the grey ditch didn’t have any effect on them and it didn’t bring them here

They would have lost their memories too

And that night, she was using her powers.

There’s no way she would have them if she got into the grey ditch.

My head began to hurt because I was thinking too much

I needed to talk to someone

I braced myself up and decided to go and see Blue’s mother, though I don’t really know her

I mean

Gladys don’t really know her

I took my phone and called someone to help me bring her secretly.

I really needed answers to my questions


I woke up with a slight headache.

I showered and changed then went downstairs

I was really surprised to see Clint again

Me: what are you doing here?

Clint: you don’t wanna see me?

He said and smirked

I frowned

Clint: come and watch TV with me

He said and I sat down very far away from him

Clint: jeez, you’re too far

He beckoned on me to move closer

Me: no I’m good. Where’s my mom?

Clint: she went to her room to get her phone. She wants to order pizza for dinner

I sighed and looked away

He got closer to me and I immediately jerked

Me: hey, you’re too close

He held my hand and I struggled to remove it

Clint: your mom is really happy and proud of you

I still tried to free my hand but his grip was too strong and tight.

I got tired and stopped

Clint: she’s now proud of you

Me: no she’s not. She hates me, they all hate me. They think I’m a loser. I think I’m useless. That’s why they sent me away but I’m happy I met Blue and Cindy. They’re now my family and Blue’s mom is everything to me now. My real mom doesn’t want me

I began to sob.

He released my hand and pulled me to his chest

Clint: it’s okay baby. Pretty girls don’t cry okay?

I sniffed and stopped crying

I withdrew from the hug and wiped my tears.

But his hand was still over my waist.

Clint: you’re beautiful

Me: what?

Clint: I said you’re beautiful

I thought I didn’t hear well

But I guess I did

He said I was beautiful

I smiled shyly

Me: thanks

My mom got down and saw us sitting close to each other

She chuckled and went to open the door when the bell rang.

I tried to shift from him but he pulled me to himself again

Clint : feel free. I told your mom that you’re my girlfriend

My eyes widened

Me: what!!

I yelled

Clint: hey chill, she’s going to respect you from now on. She is now proud of you. You’re dating a high class security official here

He winked at me

My mouth was still wide open

Is this guy okay at all?






To be continued

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